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Taking a look at D Hall!

Located in Ponce, our dining hall is amazing, and the food isn't too far behind. There's a vast majority of options from a vegetarian station, hibachi station, and comfort food. All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. However, for upperclassmen who live in the FEC dorms which is a six minute walk, sometimes prefer to stick to cooking meals they're guaranteed to enjoy in the comfort of their own rooms.

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Daniella Bouzon
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If you already Flagler and you probably no where right now. So we just finished having dinner at six o'clock like a responsible adult, mainly because on weekends are dining, also known as D Hall closes at like seven. Honestly, our whole hours aren't the greatest, but it kind of makes you be responsible on focus on what your priorities are. Some of the best things about the hole is that a you are literally inside of Hello, Clarice can literally inside of what could probably be the great on everybody and also what flower there is known for, which is basically taking a step into the universe. Another good thing is that we have a variety of food way. Have vegetarian station, hibachi station, a group and what's called a home line, which is more like pasta and baked chicken and stuff. Like most colleges, probably food isn't the greatest. As freshman, you have to have the full meal plan, which is good because I have an unlimited swipe. He could walk from your dorms here with no problems. I have to walk all the way from the other upperclassmen buildings called PC, and it's more of a walk. So it's a lot easier and convenient to cook in your dorm. Cutting things like a crock pot frozen dinners are a lot more convenient than coming all the way over here, especially when there isn't a guarantee that you're gonna love the food every now. As a freshman around front first semester, I was like, OK, this isn't bad, you know, like I hear a precaution claim. It's the same, then you eventually over and over again after two and a half months. So a lot of fresh I do tend to get tired of it, but it's not that so right here is the interview. Your idea by swiping and next to continue out dining hall itself very other. This one actually says when translated into English from your hands here. Here's a closer look into the actual architecture er and and you're dining.