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Thinking about Furman and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Furman in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Furman’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Furman, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Furman experience. These Furman video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So just some closing remarks. I know when I was searching for colleges, I heard so much about, like, people always tell stories and they'd be like, Oh, I just knew immediately when I walked onto campus like that was it, and so I thought that that would happen to me and it didn't and I thought something was wrong because of that. So I just want to encourage you. If you don't feel that, then it's fine. I was so unsure about coming to Furman, but once I got here and they started making friends, I literally could not imagine myself anywhere else. And so it's really the people that make the place rather than the place itself. So really, just try to get to know people when you tour. If you come and stay over night, just try to get to know people, and then you can really get a sense of how the campus is and how people are there and how you might fit in and where you could see yourself. So I hope you guys enjoy the tour. I had a lot of fun giving it and come check out from in a real life. If you want, I'll be here. Hit me up. Firm. Yeah. Thank you. So to talk about the classroom experience a little bit, depending on what class you take, what level you're in. It will range from lecture to hello to discussion based so usually the higher levels. And, of course, they're more discussion. Based on lower levels, the intro levels are typically lectures. The student faculty ratio, I believe, is ten students toe one faculty member, which is really good I'm ratio to have. It makes it makes it feel easy to talk to your professors personally. My relationship with my professors is really good, especially the ones who are in my major department. And so once you declared your major, you'll get to sign an adviser in that department and you'll spend a lot of time with professors in that department. And so also, these professors in my German department are the ones that I spent the semester with last semester. So we've become really close, and it's nice to have someone who I can easily talk to. I don't have to worry about like not being as acquainted with somebody so since there, my advisors to I can go to him for basically anything, and it's really Okay, so I'm just going to give you guys a quick tour of our apartment. So here's the kitchen. Yeah, We got her stove, microwave refrigerator. We had to supply all our dishes and everything. The trashcan. Um, we have a pantry. Can't see anything. There's bodies in there. And then the kitchen just goes right into the living room. We have some barstools up here which are provided by Firmin. Um, and then this chair and this couch are both provided by Furman. But all the other furniture we brought ourselves my cats like to play with the food time. Um, yes, we got it. Will decorate in that kind of thing. Moving right along here is the foyer. Got a big mirror. Hello? Some art front door. Um, closet. Think we keep brooms and stuff in there? Another closet for my side of the room. So two people share one half and then to show the others going to go back further. You can see down the hall, and that's the bathroom in there. So we have a little sink area and keep all our stuff mirror cow painting, um, and in the bathroom, the shower, toilet and shells to keep everything on. So And that's basically Furman apartments. There's I don't know how many buildings a through A through K, how our money that is buildings, and they're all pretty close to each other. But so it's easy to walk to your friend's apartment, and it's kind of nice because you're not like super close to campus and you're close to Caymus by You're not like on campus, so you still feel that freedom of being an apartment while also being close to everything. Still, what's up? So here we are in Lakeside on one of the sorority holes where, at least lives on Chi Omega Hall. This is what a typical dorm room on authority hole looks like. It's a little smaller than most storms in lakeside. Um, very clean. Come on, there's a snake, but they will have their beds loft, and you can choose to do that or not to do that, but I think it makes and a lot easier if you do, because there's space. There's actually like space on the floor for a coffee table and all that kind of thing. What's up, everybody? I'm just here it is Midnight. Oh, eight. I'm just You're chilling in the economy lab jamming to some Heather's ceo ever while I work, but I just want to show you guys the econolodge BH This is an all Mac book lab. Um, and this one has, like Ari Con program stayed on it. And so all of us were in here earlier because we have a big project due on Friday. Just me, right? There's all the computers. Projector, and we have our E com class in here as well. It's accessible at all times. There's a swipe outside the door that you can swipe your card and I don't know, like you have to be in the class to make that work. Or if it is even a real thing, that you actually have two d'oh to get into the building. But all the academic building stay open. Um, all night, I think maybe at ten clock, you have to swipe into them to get in. But until then, you can just walk in marketing study late night, and then you can also go to the twenty four hour room in the library if you need to be up all night. Someone just told me that someone stayed in here working on his project until six. In the morning, which is crazy and ridiculous. I would never, ever do that in my life alone. So I'm curly in. Riley rightly is like where I live most of the time, because this is the e con and math building. So those are all my classes, basically. Except for German. This is like, definitely the weirdest designed building that there is a German. Just I don't understand. Like, I mean, look, it's it's wall. What? Who decided about that? I don't know. Anyway, for most here, it's comical. So here's the Egan department. Oh, look, it's me. Oh, my goodness. Wow. Here's the hallway. Such a weird design. Do you see what I was saying? Isn't it creepy? So here's a typical classroom in Riley. You know where the walls are like. Why are they not? What does this color scheme? I don't get it. I don't understand that's cool isn't actually where I have my my math cause. A semester vector calculus. I sit right here in the back. Is this something last year to my math class? But it's still easy to see. I think there's, like, twenty years people in our cause, and that's pretty normal for a class as that. Firmin. Yeah, So here's the Econolodge BH in Riley. It's a Mac book lab. Um, and with that, that's like all that Firman has. Sorry, that's all really has to offer pretty much just classrooms, this kind of stuff So I'm out here in SoHo, I'm South housing, which are is where all the freshmen dorms are. This is the closest thing we have to squat on campus, and it's not even really a quote because people don't really hang out out here. There's not like places to sit really or anything. But yeah, freshened dorms are together. Here. Blackwell McLaughlin protein, which is where I live my freshman year. I love that building is super fun. It has a kitchen in the basement called Petithory where we would go and make food sometimes big cookies during the holidays. Out here we have you feel this is right by black girl. I'm right outside of Blackwell. Just think. Recreational field with volleyball court basketball courts and then just a big green space. You can come out here, look at the stars and home. Nice outside. And, yeah, they have events like for orientation and stuff here too. So here we have the bookstore. It's a Barnes and noble's Inside. We have all sorts of cool things like Starbucks. Hey, what's up? We're in Starbucks right now. Doing work has been researching the breakfast. Get that? I'm doing your way, My box. But it's so cold up front. So cold. So cold. Skipped fall. I skipped class this morning. Yeah, Anyway. So at the bookstore, Deacon get all sorts of things. Like books and firm and merch. Christmas stuff, stuff for family. It's really fun. You're also welcome to the D h the dining hall. I'm gonna show you guys around. So basically, the D H is divided up into different sections. We have your home style and gluten free sections. Good food, quality food. Over here, we have pizza and pasta. This is the grill. They have burgers, chicken breasts, french fries, all that kind of thing. Here is the fermentation station, um, salad. And they have probiotic foods and soup stuff to make sandwiches. They have all the fixings. Except for today. They don't have that much. And then there's panini presses. Here's the salad bar. I don't need sound at all because it makes me depressed. But I've heard it's really delicious. There's also yogurt and fruits and different things. Granola back here, there is everything to make waffles. You got chocolate chips, whipped cream, all that kind of stuff. You got bagels. You can get that. Brag it. Some toast. Make some waffles. Yep. She dropped her cookies puts him back on the play, of course. Ready? And you are friend Hannah. Eat them later. So this is my favorite part of a D. H. This is the Mongolian Grill. You can load your food up with rice noodles, peppers, and they put it on the grill for you. And then you can put your soy sauce on it and everything. No. How delicious and healthy looking, anyway, The actual best part of the D H R. These cookies, this dessert bar back here, we got ice cream. You got brownies, Custer's and stuff. Load your plate up with cookies because they're so good. Okay, Storytime. So once upon a time, um, you could go to the D h and you did that. They're worried about the super long lines, but this year firm and decided to do this thing where no one has class at twelve thirty on Monday. Wednesday, Friday. So that means everybody comes to the dining hall at twelve thirty on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And the lines are super long and it's really sad and hopefully they'll change it next semester. I think I sound really sarcastic in these, but I really do love the D. H. It's such a good option for students when it's so It's raining, but it's beautiful. Yeah, you can come out and feed the turtles and give them bread, which probably not bread. Don't give them. Don't give the turtles bread. But, yeah, this is definitely a fun place that people like to come and hang out, especially when it's warm outside. Where is the bell tower? It's back there, really small. It rings. They play songs. There's a guy who yeah, they choose songs that they play like Harry Potter. Um, they do parts of Caribbean. It's really fun to listen, Tio. Okay, so we're here at the Rose Garden. This is a cute little place at Furman. Yeah. So many proposals you walk by and just see a bride in her wedding dress. Like taking pictures. The rose garden. Really cool. Because they, like, Cut the cut the roses every so often and you can take the clippings that they have. You can take him home with you and give them to your friends. This is one of the fountains we found hopping. There's the dining hall. So beautiful. I'm here at the Rose Garden. Elise told me to meet her here. I think it's something important, but I'm not really sure I'm kind of nervous. What's gonna happen? Oh, my God. Happiest girl in the world. Oh, I'm crying a thousand times. Yes, has. So here we are, outside of the dining hall. Um, here you can see the belltower pretty well. You can't least see what all the leaves are starting to change, though It's really pretty around the lake this time of year. And there's lots of geese and ducks. And in the lake also live. I'm evil. Swan's. There's a black swan who's evil. So don't go near the Black Swan. Oh, my gosh. A star. A celebrity sighting. This is rare. We're gonna go. We're going to take a few steps closer. It's kind of dangerous, though. There they are. I think that's one of her babies. They had babies last year, but they're kind of mean Hello. What's up? So me and Charlie and Elise can't see her are going Teo Tr Oriental, which is one of the best Chinese places. In my opinion, isn't traveler's rest and yeah, far from campus, About five minutes drive. She is very cheap. Very delicious. Yeah, definitely good for college students who don't make any money. I know in my class. So it is midnight, Tony. I'm walking back to my apartment from Riley. It's about a ten minute walk back. Um, one of the best things I think about Furman is how close together the campuses for me, anyway, I like having everything so close the other, especially if you have friends in lots of different grades. Then you can go to like their housing and see them, and it's really easy. Everything's like a five minute walk at the most. Safety is really good. I never feel unsafe it from, and I think part of that is because everything so closed in Ojai never like you can walk back to my dorm at two in the morning and not feel so I'm not feel unsafe. And then there's lots of options like to get you home. If you do feel uncomfortable, like, actually point it right now, it's a fraud, which is a little van. That consistence headlights right now. Day, um, we'll come and pick you up at night. And that runs till, like, maybe one of them. Thank you. And it can pick you up from almost anywhere campus, and it'll take you anywhere. And so that's a nice little service. Tohave. They also have a shuttle in the mornings. Two classes from North Village and just around if you're running late, get up on this so I don't get to class on time, but yes. One of the Superfund Fermin traditions that I just remembered because I saw Fountain is fountain hopping and seniors get to do this. It's like a senior privilege that on El Doc last year classes. Um, if you're a senior who gets to go on like, swim in the fountain, obviously that second semester because it's freezing at the end of first semester, sometimes people will fountain hop on their own. Um, it's a fun little game trying not to get caught by the police who, po. I forget how many there are in campus. There's a lot, but we try to do some. Our freshman year we did a couple who even get caught or anything. It was more of like spur of the moment thing. But it's very fun. A nice tradition, another tradition. Another fun little tradition that Firman has is that on your birthday that you get thrown in the lake on your birthday, which is actually like, I feel like when it was originated, that was cool because the lake was probably clean. Now it's not so clean, but it's still a fun I'm police. I'm a sophomore. I'm a politics and international affairs and history. Double major. What are you involved in on campus? Uh, mostly mock trial. Uh, that takes up a good deal of my time. Um, I'm a chi omega. It's a sorority on campus. We have seven sororities and each of great and lovely. And, uh, I really think there's a good spirit of community between the sororities. And I think the Pan help Pan Hellenic committee does a lot, Teo Foster. That and also just the fact that there's it's not a competition between the sororities and especially when you're rushing sororities are going to try and, like, pull one girl from another sorority because it's all about It's all about where the potential new member would fit best. And so it's It's definitely up to the PM to choose whichever sorority they want to be in. So Furman's mock trial program is nationally ranked. We went to nationals last year, Um, and I actually got to go and compete, uh, in Minnesota, and they paid for everything. It was awesome. But basically we get a case and we prepare it and their witnesses and attorneys and So you use, use the law and you use previous case laws and you put it together into a trial and you compete against different schools all over the country. I'm a witness. And so this year, the case is a civil case. It's about negligence. And I play a, uh, expert in primatologist E and also a grieving widow. I'm coming into some and knowing that you wanted to do my trial. How is that once you got to firm and how you use it, too? Get connected with my trial on the team. It was It was really easy. Uh, at the activities fair, I found mock trials. Booth. I put my email down and they sent me all of the instructions for what to do to audition and where to go When, when. And so all I had to do was give a five minute speech and most people memorized theirs. But I didn't know that. So I just came in with a piece of paper. But I with the speech that I found off of the Internet, and I just read it, um, and it worked out fine. I got placed on a team and from there just did nothing, this bullet booing. So the policy department is in John's hole, and yesterday we got new furniture, which has been probably the highlight of my year, which is stupid. But the French was so ratty with, like, tears in it. Now it's like fresh and modern. And after that, there's a triple the amount of people that hang out in the building. And every single professor who's walked by today has just, like, marveled hi, the way the space is being used now, with all kinds of people just coming in and doing homework and talking about things that are going on a couple of professors, they were like, uh, this is it looks like a dorm room. This looks like a dorm lounge now, because everybody's stuff was just spread out. People were eating and talking and laughing. And it's just a really good climate. And the professor's know your names and they, like, actually care about you in that professors will walk by. And if they had had a conversation with the student earlier, they could be like, Oh, how did that situation? And, uh, are you okay now, that sort of thing it's. I just love it. I think it's the best department on campus, but maybe I'm biased this. I had toured a lot of schools before, toward Furman and at each one of those. As soon as I stepped on campus, I felt out of place or weird or like everybody on campus would see me and know that I was in high school and I didn't belong there. Um, but when I came to campus, like, sure, it's beautiful and there's a lot of good things about the school, and they'll tell you all of the good things in the info session. But I just felt like nobody saw me. It's just some other high school high school. Can't that's touring school like that? I could come here and be a part of it, Sorry that I ke come to ferment and fit in and that I was welcome and ten and I really do believe that like being here on campus, whenever I see a tour group come in, I'm not thinking Look, att Those high schoolers Look at what they're wearing or what they're doing over there. Parents are so embarrassing or anything. I am just thinking Oh, look, they're touring firm and I really hope they like it. And I really hope they want to come here because I think there's a lot of good things here and a lot of good things for every type of person.