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Skye Interviews his friend Jordan!

Skye Interviews friend Jordan about here experiences on campus and her experience in the Corcoran School of the Arts.

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Eh? Oh, um, So I'm here with my best friend, Jordan. She's gonna tell you guys about her major and what she thinks about the academic climb here. I came to G w to study political science. I was told, um, at my c I to try something new. So I decide to take an art history class for the first time, and I absolutely fell in love with the subject. The professors here are really passionate about what they're teaching. So during one of my classes, I was sitting and I realized I want to study this for the next four years, and I decided on being an art history major. Now, when it comes to the academic climate, it is a very challenging class. Um, surprisingly, we don't really use textbooks. My professor now she has a CD with a lot of pictures of art that are extremely hard to get like. When you go to museum, sometimes you can't take pictures. She has photocopies of the original paintings and tapestries that you can't get anywhere else. If there's ever a problem or ever have any questions about the class, she helps me. By the way, see Isaac Lowe Colonial inaugurations. You'll probably go that over the summer and you learn about to W and school everything about that registered class and social.