A tour of fulton hall

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Hannah Bollacke

Tour Guide

A short tour of Fulton Hall! Fulton is the largest residence hall on campus and is one of two halls with suite-style bathrooms. Each suite consists of two rooms connected by a bathroom. Depending on the combination of doubles and triples, there are usually 4-6 students sharing a bathroom. Fulton is on what we call "the hill." There are three halls on the hill: Tavilla (apartments for juniors and seniors), Fulton, and Nyland. The best part about being on the hill is being able to participate in hill-exclusive events, my personal favorite being King of the Hill (basically a giant water balloon fight between the three halls, complete with cardboard box forts!). Fulton houses both males and females and is organized by floor: the basement and first floors are male floors, and second and third floors are female floors.