A tour of our main dining hall, lane!

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Hannah Bollacke

Tour Guide

Lane Student Center (commonly referred to as just Lane) has three different places to grab food, but the main dining hall is Lane Café—also usually just called Lane (confusing, I know!). Lane uses dining swipes (I explain our meal plan in another video!) and is all-you-can-eat. Our dining service at Gordon is Bon Appétit. Personally, I enjoy Gordon's food, but a common complaint is that there's not enough variety (I don't agree with this so much—I find enough variety between the daily deli specials, the daily-changing comforts, soup, vegan, and gluten-free stations, pizza specials, frequent grill specials, and the customizable nature of the stir-fry, salad, pasta, and deli stations). Gordon recently underwent major changes to our dining services, so a lot of students are still getting used to the renovated dining hall interior and updated meal plan!