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AMR II also knowns as Alumni Memorial Residence is one of the freshmen housing options on campus, and it is one of the traditional housing styles on campus. It is located right next to the main dining hall, and it also offers a lot of different amenities. Check it out!

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Jack Yue
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Thiss Right here is the freshman blood where most of the freshman level cap is way. Am I which is basically the same set of us anymore too. This courtyard is where a lot of freshmen over the weather's nice. People can eat your tio tio, and then all the residential halls are divided between different houses. So you basically get place in your house with the residential device scans to go into a residence hall. It's There's a mail room in the residential office. Oh, Milton was pretty reliable and we can both send and receive mail at this. This's a bluesy lounge where a lot of my friends and I like to do with the other years was a pretty nice place with a lot of lights. Also assist hangout do more temples, lives, and then we also princess station for one of you puts anything out. We also have a self serve vending machine where basically combined whatever you want and then just scattered is automated cashier over there. Then going downstairs, you'll see a lot of more of the amenities that March has only ever laundry room there. Basically it's three dollars a load for both washing and drying them. It's it's okay, so bathroom's, a name or two, are divided between male, female and general mutual. They all come with stalls and showers so he can use whichever. Five Now Tio Tio Smokin Oh, can I give a tour of a more too? Yeah, but welcome to Gil's room. It's close to like everything on campus, like right in the middle. So you want to like climate for five minutes, going uphill every time That's true. Well, as a space too big or too small or just right? I was just writing. Then we have one of the smallest rooms because it's like the corner room, Like when you come up. It's like, how's the sound proof? It's terrible. What's your favorite part of living here? It's my favorite part of living here. I know just how close everyone are like, all my friends are e just goto like you with, like, the whole, uh, floor is connected. So you want to, like, walk out the door? They go cold here.