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Knox College - Double Room Tour

Hey Guys, This is just a video explaining all there is to know about campus. I discuss dorms rooms, meal, plans, and much much more. If you have any questions about Knox College do not hesitate to log on our website at Knox.edu or contact our admission office at Office of Admission at: 309-341-7100 800-678-KNOX admission@​knox.edu. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you all enjoy!

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Hi. So this is my closet where almost flourish my coats. My shoe wrecked my extra shoes, you know, in my hand. Boy, all right, me And this is my fish aerator refrigerator broke. Then this Mom microwave, You know, all costumes got Keep the news of cereal in my toast maples at it, but you And then it's my this while beverages in next. What's next? My medicine and spice cabinet in this is Alma paperwork in Brother, it's important to have a criminal. You know, sometimes you want to have a printer in your room because it's coming in. Just case you run a late class, you want to press on Mountain about the bail request a little class instead of going to a library. You know that every time what was really going to do that, then I got a keyboard, but it don't work monkey lamps. I got it right here because, like, if I'm lending my bed in the morning time is that like having there right next to my this I'll just news it will be on it. So it's important for me to, like, lay there and wake up in the morning. Him all our plan get out of it, you know? So I actually give up this much about this home. She put it up with me and this my chiquita because this one that the school got for me is broke and it's my fan. Have extension cord tube Could know, Never know what you need A plug. No. Can you turn off the light? Because I'm just a little scary person. Then they'LL let you decorate your room however you want. I put up Ain't Cardin's in the pink room And then I got a little pig blanket, that whole bunch of pillows. There's my little miniature library and then I keep like Mom. My shot glasses and plates because so class with morning. Hair stuff and my perfume stuff because I'm such a girly girl and house very important. This will have adult would actually look because I have to everything Two dresses to this two chairs, this campus supplies. I treat as single when I get charged as single because I don't have a roommate.