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Knox College - Quad Tour (Part 3)

Hey Guys, This is just a video explaining all there is to know about campus. I discuss dorms rooms, meal, plans, and much much more. If you have any questions about Knox College do not hesitate to log on our website at Knox.edu or contact our admission office at Office of Admission at: 309-341-7100 800-678-KNOX admission@​knox.edu. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you all enjoy!

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You know, if you got a little cut, you have the gym track field right here, just going straight for it. So si FAA is where people that is like music and theater. Um, I have not had a musical theater class, and I'm a junior. Doesn't feel, you know, I haven't really, you know, took any classes or thought about taking any and then right there, if we're looking at it. If you go all around this, it is a lot of windows. Well, yeah, it's a lot of windows around it to give people just a scenery of cat, This stuff like that. It's a very, very well, I would be like being in there. Oh, so we're heading to our opening and basically an old man you have. This is whether Dean is, um, the student of associate Dean. You have the bases office in here, and there are some classes in here. I had a black philosophy classic here, as well as a black woman in the civil rights movement class, and they were great. They're somewhat uneven because this is a much older beauty, and they haven't modernizing, So just gotta be careful with that. Like if you're looking to look at landmarks, which I will show you. So So right now we're in told me only has a lot of different artifacts. This is my room and just just full of so much like so much information around the walls. When we tell you who's been here, what they do, why they were important to us and make it a very important part of our school. He was the Lincoln Douglas debate here, you see? Not college you came here to talk about, You know, like what he could do for little noise. What do you do for slavery, Stuff like that? Today's a very apartness, a very big part of our campus. Right here is where we have the life masks with labor handling. A community of individuals from diverse backgrounds challenges.