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Sean & Friends Show How to Decorate Your Dorm

While every dorm comes with a bed, dresser, desk, and chair, it is up to the residents to decide how they want to design their dorms! Students often bring a mini fridge, a microwave, and extra storage containers to their rooms when they move in. However, several take the opportunity to show their personality through string lights, artwork, unique study spaces, and even holiday decorations.

Video Location Campion Hall

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Sean Anderson
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So our room is pretty minimalist when it comes to the decorations. I'm going to show you on my friend's lives over in Campion and show you kind of have to make the most of decorating your room. Okay, so here we are in Lindsay and Fury's room. I'd say it's more than, like best decorated. If he's hanging up artwork, they make it feel very much at home. Like we've got a little Christmas treats Who for the holidays? Um, and yeah. Uh, yeah, but I really liked about their rooms. They each made, like, under their beds because they got theirs. They each meet under the best, have a little so like nook to study and just hang out at all. I mean, my mom was great, like all their desk Teo, foot of several, just time. Things about like, what they like about each other about their personalities. It feels very much like home rather than a dorm, you might say.