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Thinking about Mansfield University of Pennsylvania and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Mansfield University of Pennsylvania’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania experience. These Mansfield University of Pennsylvania video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, so when you walk in the kitchen, it's a little dirty. So sorry about and we have okay view. You know, again. Mansfield is great for its hills, but you get some great pictures out of it. The sky's always suddenly at Mansfield. My roommate plays the violin. I think that's what it is. So she has her music out, so it is a little bit messy. We also implants in some character. I love pact. I couch the chair and that chair on the table and this table are provided with the room and that I have my saucer chair, and I remain brought her lamp. I just moved in here a few weeks ago, so I'm still kind of getting used to the atmosphere by. Other than that, it's like a really great. And Mansfield was also known for a lot of stairs. But don't let it be a con, because this campus is awesome. I love it here. It's great. You know, my roommate is great with her decorations. We also like to recycle. We get a full size phrase like this thing. This thing is huge. This thing is huge. Okay, anyway, uh, kitchen think I'm pretty sure the dishes and stuff are not provided. I'm not sure because again, I've only been here for a little bit, but my my Romany brought her toaster oven, which I love because I left he pop tarts. They provide the microwave, of course, to provide the thing. But we also have a purifier for the water, so it makes our water a little bit better. I'm not saying that Mia's filled water is bad, but and then we have this thing where I started my video off. So this is pretty nice, pretty girly. Pretty basic. Then the shared bathroom, which you probably don't want to see. My, ah, my roommate's room is in there, but I don't have permission to show her room yet. And you guys have already mostly seen my room. But what males field has their private bedrooms. They haven't a and they they have a bee on, You know, that light puts it out, like where the roommate stains like my roommate is in the be part. And then I'm in the A part and I'm not gonna lie. Her room is a little bit bigger, but that's OK. But again, this is my room. It's like a little messy. I'm getting ready for tomorrow because I have a busy day of classes. But that's the F unit. Okay, so then the other units have already talked to you about the B unit. That's like the double unit. I don't really have access to show you guys won, but I'll definitely try to because my other friend lived into my old dorm. So I can show you that one because she's pretty decorative. And I also have, like more removable sticker, is in that room because I, like, really tried to decorate Hey, guys. See are from Mansfield here again. So earlier I posted some videos of where I liked E and class from experience. This way. Guys. I hope you guys got to watch those now for dining here. Um, the meal plan is ten, fourteen and nineteen. Which ten meals a week, fourteen and all of that. And if you commute, then you just get flex. Now, with every meal plan, you do get two hundred fifty dollars of flax. If you don't use that like, say, fall semester. It does roll over to spring. But after sprint, it doesn't roll over to the next master. So just keep that in mind. A meal equivalency is five dollars and forty cents. So you add that up when you look, which would yet, and usually when I get breakfast, I use a meal because I normally just get a bagel, and it holds me over until lunchtime around one. So I have a fourteen meal plan. It really helps, especially if I stay on campus for the weekend instead of going home. Um, I know next semester I'm going to change into a ten meal plan because I've tend not to eat a lot. Since I have a bigger unit now I tend to make more in my room. So I'm going to get a ten meal plans like save a little bit of extra money. But the meal plans they're really accommodating to all students and how you eat. They go by like vegan and vegetarian and all your allergies. So there's nothing to worry Hey, guys. So following up with my library slash work and school video. I'm sorry. I'm just very sick. Very cold here at Mansfield, so I'm sorry. Um, I work in school balance. I have a work study job. So what that means is out like they go with my class schedule. So I worked. I mostly set up my own work schedule. I'm called a Mountie ambassador. Which the Mountie is our mascot. Just give me one second. I gotta blow my nose. Okay, I'm back. So, anyway, the Mountie is the Mansfield mascot or the mountain here? No. On just do not feel good. Um, that's our mascot and what Ideo is when we have is a day's like Saturday previews when schools come to visit. I hope our I give tours. We do student panels, so I do tours a virtually and in person. So I'm getting both the experience, which is really nice. My supervisor, like he lets us work whenever we can. Whenever we have the time and you don't get a lot of hours, you get as many as you can for having a little spending money as a college student. So I'm able to go to class and I'm able to do on the weekends like do a tour or something, So it works out really well, and I also got a job off camp. It's at the new, remodeled McDonald's. They don't open till the summer, but I have a child lined up for more money because as a college student you need as much money as possible and everybody should. I definitely know that. So work studies really help you balance work in school out its eye really suggested it's minimum wage, but you know, anything you can get. Take it because any money you can get is what you need to take because that's his good as you can get as a college student. Um, and again, there's so many jobs on campus to get from working at the fitness center from working at the library from being a Mountie ambassador. There's so many job opportunities, and that's that's what makes it the best because you, Khun, balance school and work out and still do both of what you need to Hey, guys. Sorry here from males field again. Now, as you can see, I'm smiling. That's pretty much a fake smile. And I don't mean to be negative here. I'm just going through a robot sickness in a real rough time. Call it. You gotta go through those rough times. We'll be prepared. Um, later on, I am going to a meeting, so I'm gonna take you on a tour of what they call Southall mall. That's where most of the quad is considered Where a lot of the students hey, now and where we have most of the events. It's also where some academic buildings are my favorite place to eat, which is Jasmine's at the cafe, and our other two dining halls are located there. The other place to He is in another academic building and I'll take you there Thursday. I I'm not feeling the best, but hopefully I can take you on the tour of the quad today. And I'm very sorry and I hope you're enjoying Mansfield Hey, guys, just psychology class. I'm gonna post a video up class in session we were talking about, like, personality and psychology and all that. We were talking about mental illness, which, personally, I have a lot of them. Um, for one, I have anxiety so talking about that, like, I can really do it. So it's kind of really using me. Come on. The faculty student ratio is usually forty one. But even if you tend to have a big class, you still get like a great relationship with the because they're like, well, my professors, my name. And they always check on me too, because I was, like, under her time. So they always likeem alien hand like make sure I'm okay. Their office. I was a really flexible for us. They do it around everybody's schedules, probably. But they like Good Friday like everybody had the same kind of time. Interval. So they're really accommodating to all the students. That man through the university looks like one At Mansfield University. It is a small town, so there's not much places many places to go to. Andi, I normally don't go into town a lot because there's a lot to do on campus and the dorm halls on at our student center and everywhere on campus. So not a lot requires you to even leave the campus. But anyway, we are right in town anyway, so you don't really need to drive, either. Um, there's a few places see like arby's there will be rebuilding the McDonald's. There's a pizza, huh? And there's also apologies, which is like in Tyre County that's like the famous pizza place. That's also pop Avi's, which is pizza. We have a Chinese restaurant. We have a cafe in town and we have Wal Mart, Lowe's and Dollar Tree. And we have a Dunkin Donuts. So again, we don't have much. But we do have a variety of the typical normal stuff that a town would have. But we are really small town. We're right on the border of New York, too, so if you leave town, you see a lot more. But if you stay in town, you don't, but and we do get nice fall weather, but we do get a lot of snow. I know there's an ice cream place and we also have a sheets which everybody loves. She I mean, I do personally, but that's like our only gas station other than a Sunoco. But again, we are close to New York and we're like a half hour away from Williamsport, so we don't have much to go to. So not a lot of kids do leave campus, and if they do, it's just kind of hang out at the cafe and do homework if they do want to get off campus. But normally a lot of students don't. So that's about it, about getting off campus. It kind of thinks that we don't have March. But I mean, I kind of like the small town vibe because I'm from a small town. I'm from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, so I'm used to the small town. I'm used to not having much unless you leave the town anyway. So if you're already living in a small town, it's nice. But if you want to get away with it away from it, it's not. I have some friends here that they come from a big city and they want the small town vibe. So they come here for that. But everybody is different. Every student is different, so it all depends on what you want. When I first worked, walked on Mansfield University. So at the gym center. It's what the students call KFC, but it's definitely not the restaurant. And that's one thing that I can say My person a person tour. It's a really funny joke. Everybody loved it, but it's also three. It's called the Culture Fitness Center I seen in the video before this, um, we have treadmills, ellipticals, everything that you could ever expect to have in a fitness room. We also have a big jam with basketball and volleyball and soccer, and then we have a rock wall that they open on daily. We also have little studio classes that yoga uses Zumba, our cheerleading squad, and then we also have intramural sports there as well. And then you can run out bikes as well. So all this is used with your Mansfield Rd. And if you ever ever guessed, I'm sorry, that was my Mansfield email. You also get one of those here. You get free Microsoft with that. Anyway, I'm sorry. I am sorry tracking. If you bring a guest here, it'll be five dollars to use, like the gym with you, so that's really nice. All the ellipticals and stuff have TVs, headphone jacks well, that fun stuff, and that's about it, about the culture of fitness center. I don't go there often, but I try to go there at least two to three times a week because but even so, like walking around Mansfield is definitely an exercise because we're known for our hills, but that's about it about KFC. Yours. Here. Yeah. By the way. Okay, So on the last part, you just saw my about your room. It's pretty cool. I recommend buying a bunch of command strips and hook because they're convenient and contained about literally anything with, um, do you work a man like, if you're gonna be part of it, either brain like a lot or in rest and eat like even like a small TV like theatre is really good here. It just depends on what you have. You are a lot of fish, but that's about it. Mansfield really follows like its health and safety rules. So they really just, like, allow youto really look, Show your individuality like my blackout curtain, half that big, thick tension rod because of how wide the window is. But it really works. It holds it up and then it lets it be dark when I want to go to sleep. If I want to take a nap before class, I also have, like, little Gary Ottomans. I put, like like Blake, attain and like extra polos and stuff. If I have a friend, stay over. Definitely a printer if you don't want to walk to the library. But you do get some print cash, which is nice in a little. I'm going to go get a late lunch with a friend, so I'll probably record that. But today was pretty simple. I only had one class with my Internet education class, which is a great class, but it's big. Oh, well, probably records got on Thursday when I have that class again. It does get pretty cold here. So when her clothing is a mosque and having here early with you because it comes and goes, I also recommend, like the woollen storage cards for your lake medicine and stuff like really organized my kind of stuff, like I like having a place for everything. So it's really nice to learn that now. And definitely a rolling a laundry hamper. Sandra Graham is like two doors down from my room, so it's really convenient. But I don't really want is just really easy. Look, if we're going to go home for a day or two, just put your clothes in there. Get on your way. So until my next videos