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Thinking about MCPHS University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting MCPHS University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet MCPHS University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to MCPHS University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the MCPHS University experience. These MCPHS University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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he guys will affect to another one of my videos in this video. I want to show you my favorite academic building at M C. P. And that's Magic Aria building. So what's located in the main building of our school? And I'm I hope you guys enjoy. So this is the match of Korea lobby and over where the security guard is saying, That's where you checking your ID on. And this is where people study on a pier is the admissions building, and on the left is the rest of Magic Aria. And so we have some labs over there. It's dark, though, because no one's using its and it's finals week. But we'LL go on a tour of the rest of the building now, So here we are, on the second floor, and this is the library right now. There's lots of people inside studying for their final, so I'm not gonna walk through and disturb them. But usually it's not someone study that's on the third floor, so you can still converse with your friends in here right now. And last little bleeders. Magic Aria isn't usually actually really slow, so I use the other elevators I go through the dorms and Magic Korea. Just a little tip for you guys. So this is a tax center. That's where people go. Teo print out their stuff. As you can see, all the computers in my hair is one of the clients study areas, and here you can focus by yourself in a little cubical and all disturb you. Here we have the new renovated student lounge, and this is on the fourth floor. I like sitting here with friends, too. So those are all my favorite places and a general tour of Magic aria. And before I called up this video, I just want to talk a little bit about the workload that you're going to experience a. M C. P. So it is a health related school, and I think that most people are very hardworking and our class level are pretty substantial compared to other health related programs. A tip that I have for people coming to the school is definitely to keep on top of your work, because if you fall behind, it's very hard to catch back up, and you have so many classes that are related chemistry, bio organic chemistry, microbiome All these are related, and it's hard to keep track of what happens in each class, especially when everyone's taking the same thing. And they're all focused on doing their own projects. So I would say, Definitely do work for each class every day or have designated days. Who do you work for? Each class? Monday might be chemistry. Tuesday might be bio. That's what I did during my freshman year, and I worked out very well this year. I tried a different approach this year. I tried a different approach, and I was basically doing work for all the causes every single day. I did find it a little bit hard to do that because it was hard to differentiate what was happening in each class. Thanks for watching this video and the next video we're going to be focusing on what a typical classroom and one of these buildings look like. There are a lot of students who attend M C. P, and we have a lot of classes that have up to two hundred fifty kids in one classroom. So with one professor, it is kind of hard to build a relationship. But if you go to office hours, if you ask questions during class and are all disrespectful, there are ways. So where the professor to get to know you were the bigger costumes. My tip for building a relationship with your professor. It is definitely going to their office hours because office hours is meant to be one on one. You can ask what questions you have about the class, but sometimes it's nice to just talk and go talk about different things about your professor. This is one of our main lecture halls. This is stock Lohse, and this is where the professor would stand so high. Professor Yoo. And so this is like typical and where Esther standing. That's where the professor usually writes his notes on that board, and it projects onto that big one. Wow. So in this large lecture hall, this is where they have classes like Origo, Gen Kim uh Jen Bio like all the ones that everyone ends up taking, so they need to fit like two hundred plus students in here. So this is where you're gonna have your big classes like that Classroom style really depends on type of teacher that you have. Some of them will have lecture style that have power points and other one's ham or interacted. So they'll have practice problems for you to try with them, and that's personally my favorite style. This is a typical classroom. This is on a third floor was like traditional lecture style, but with a smaller classroom. So this is where you would have your math classes, your physics classes, your elective classes. Oh, yeah, you're humanity's all that. So I'm on the fourth floor right now, and I'm just going to show you what the new renovated classrooms looks like. He's just got renovated this past year, actually, So this is what the new classrooms look like. So instead of the classic, you know, desk and chairs, we have these long benches, and we have them raised in sort of a lecture hall style, so this still fits the same amount of students as a small classroom one, but the set up is a little bit different, and it's easier for the people in the back to see what's happening in the front. There are a few professors that I really enjoy working with, and that's because I went to their office hours or if they're in a smaller class. I participated in class as major to be respectful and engaging in the class, and that's great for professors to see that you're interested in what they're teaching. This is the Emanuel Kwan, so that's where it connects two dining hall and the gym in this building. There's Esther, and there should be in front of us. This is the Simmons Cloud, which is right next to our school, and it's also one of the college of the Fenway's Fenway's colleges. Eleven way. I meant to say Thanks for watching this video and Hi, everybody. I'm Tiffany, and I'm from Waltham, Massachusetts. I currently attend M. C P HS, which stands for Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and it's located in the Fenway area of Boston, Massachusetts. The total enrollment off our school is about seven thousand kids, but we are broken up until three different campuses. We have one in Boston, which is what we won that I attend. And it's about four thousand kids now. We have Manchester, New Hampshire was, which is about five hundred kids, and we have Western Massachusetts, which is about two thousand kids. Our student body is super diverse, has seventy four different countries represented at our school, as well as fifty three different US states and territories. They acted on my culture. I'm C P HS is very hardworking, So if you are dedicated to the health care major that you decide to do, this is the place to go because everyone's hardworking, they all are driven tto achieve different goals, and everyone's willing to help each other as well. So don't feel like you're dumb or Teo scared to talk to other people because everyone will help you. If you need help, you have lots of different clubs at our school, which encompass interest as well as academic clubs. So for that hobby interest clubs, we have clothes like photography, which I go to some of their meetings. We go Teo, they have dance teams. We have a cappella we have like we're talking about starting a park or a club, actually, by one, my friends, we do have a Greek life on campus, but it's mostly considered academic Greek life. So we have sororities and frats, Um, but they're all either pharmacy based P a base premed based all those things. So if you are willing to dedicate time and meet new people, it's really great for networking. I'm thinking about joining ah pharmacy related one because my major is farm deep. My favorite thing about our campuses. That scent is located in the Fenway area. There's so much things to do. Fenway Park is about like a twenty minute law, not even. There's so many good places to eat. There's Boba. There's Indian food, the pizza. So much different cultures are represented around this area, and we're also located on long one medical lab. So there's break a woman's hospital, children's Hospital and Damon far are so many of these medical institutions that are great for getting internships or volunteer work while you're at school. So it's super convenient between classes, you can just walk down over to one of these institutions and about a few hours helping other people. My least Eric part of this school is probably that we don't really have a big campus because we're located right in the city. So we don't have Big Claude's and we don't have big stadiums for sports games. We don't have sports teams. So that's also another thing that I wish we had. But we do have intramural sports with the other colleges, Fenway and the colleges. The Fenway is basically an organization of six colleges now, um, that include Emmanuel Simmons, mass art uh, Wentworth and M. C. P. J S. And we all share dining halls libraries. So even though you're going M. C P. H s, you're terribly able to attend six other colleges because we're allowed to cross register classes, therefore free. It's part of your tuition. As always, you're underneath the max creds and we get Teo play sports, and it's great for meeting new people. But something. You don't have a campus. It's hard to connect with people if you don't, especially if you don't live on campus like me. I can't sit there in the common room or anything like that to bond with other people, but it's great. That's why you need to go to clubs and just get yourself out there and you can meet plenty of new people. So I'm excited for us to see the rest of my campus. Really? Um, I hope you enjoy and I'LL see you at the next city is. OK, so today we're touring another one of my friend's dorm room. She lives in the new Emmanuel dorm, and it looks really nice. And we saw Should peaks in the other video. So now we're gonna see my keys. Hello there. Welcome back through. Oh, yeah. So remember Maggie, my beautiful friend. She goes something with me So that this her kitchen area, she lives on the fifth floor say floor of Emmanuel building. And she lives in a sweet style. So we got the living room dining room area with a couch study area chill area. She also has a pretty nice view over there is a manual campus like rotunda thinking. And then that's their other building with dorms. And then over here, they have more dorms. That menu alone's. So this is the only building that we actually share with them. Here, down this Holly are the two better? There's one in there and we also have two bathrooms. I'll go into this bathroom over here, Theo, Here's the bathroom. Gotta shower little in it. And some reminders if you forget what to do in the bathroom, you got a watch, brush, loss and flush. Think fast. And now we're going into Maggie's room. Yeah. So in this room similar to Shafiq, it has two beds of the view from her room. We got the ceiling down there. This's Maggie side of the room. So this is her bed. But they're nice, you know, color coded. So that over here and then the desk of a pharmacy student study snacks, your diet of a college student, Duccio and Omi. Like what's called from in yet. But it's very good. Jury in Nigeria represent. Gonna think, Maggie for showing us her room and letting us intrude on her privacy. Anytime. Yeah. So if you guys go here, this will be one of the new dorm's that you might have a chance to live in. Sweet style. So I commute to school so I can't show you my dorm room. But I'm about to show you some of the dorm rooms in the new building that just got build this year, and we share it with the manual college. Well, it's really, really nice. I'Ll show you the outside right now. This is the outside very tall, and we're about to walk inside and on the inside they actually have a Dunkin Donuts and convenience store pushes a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is more of a blessings. Is the view from the new door Have the view and of you outside Beautiful. So we're in Show Peaks room right now. We're just going to give a short tour is a desk. It's right next to the window where you can see all the other buildings of the city. And then we have the bed right here and a closet to keep. Wow, so neat. Got his shirts over there. All right. And then there's two people in this group's tube. It's in this room and that's what Two bedrooms in here? Two bedrooms. There's one over there. His roommates? No. Okay, this is the bathroom. This is the bathroom. Here's the living room and this is the view outside. So we just finished filming Should seek storm room. And I just want to give a big shout to him for letting us come in and tour everything. So he loves the new Emmanuel building, which is super nice. Um has great views and he lives in a sweet style. So there is two bedrooms in there, and I think he has three other roommates and they have a kitchen, a living room. And we weren't able to put him there because he had his remains were in the room, and they were using it for their own project. But you'LL see that in another video that I have a Maggie and she lives in a similar style. So you will see that in the next video. Sometimes CP has two main buildings and one's griffin and one's magic aria slash white slash fennel building. I just want to show you guys my some of my favorite places to go on campus. There are few places that I go to frequently, and I think they're underrated, to be honest, because everyone knows about the library in the quiet city. But there are some places that I loved to study, and I love to just hang out with friends. So here we go. So this is an admissions building. It's inside the main building and actually looks really nice. This is Esther. Hello, Esther. This is the atrium. They have flags of all our students hanging up. And this is one of my favorite places to go. Everyone to studies here. And if you ever need help, you Khun, Lily, just yellow. I need help with Yorgo. And then someone will come over and help you with your struggles. Look at all the flags. They're so cool. They also have a pride flag. Another one wife replaces. To go is the quiet city. You could get some work done, but if you want to do quite work in company of others. You can go to one of these little study rooms, which is right here. There's Esther, closing very heroically as we prepared to get our work done. And there's a white board, if you would like to use it, and out there is the actual quiet city. So when they pretty much silent and do you work here, you can do some quite work. But with your friends in the study room, these are all my friends say, Hi friends, my friend, my friend. This is one of my favorite views of the school. I'm on the fourth floor right now and looking down on the mattress Correa lobby and you can see White building right there. Looks like a building inside another building. And we even have our own in school pharmacy. And this is where all the professional labs happened. If you are in the Farm D program and you enter the professional years, this is where your lab is going to me. So we have two main buildings and we have the main building, which has white magic aria and fennel building. Within way have the Griffin building, which is a newer building and they have, like P A programme was the pastor here, and my favorite spot to study here is the sixth floor, which I'm about to show you. So we're on the sixth floor right now and I love this spot because of this. This view in particular, you can see everything. The top is Harvard Medical School right there. That's their building and this is the study room. They also have events here, like speeches and interviews. I was pretty empty right now because everyone went home for the long weekend. This is the lobby of the Emanuel dorm building and that she's a very nice place to study. No one's here now because it's the last Right now, we're walking in one of our main dining hall, which is in mass our share, and they're, like, right across the street from us. Here's the set up we got so chicken tenders way got Curtis. Oh, yeah, Curtis should be. Oh, yeah, Should be way. Got hot lunch over here. Salad bar and sandwich bar and obviously some drinks right here to be. Show us what you got for lunch today. So he got his double cheeseburger and curly fries. That's his usual order. Get those every single time we come here. Right now, we're walking Teo, the manual dining hall, which is one of our other main dining calls that we could eat at and is actually my favorite one. Because I think firstly, they have the best food. So if you end up going here, this is definitely a dying All the checkout looking. Now we're in the manual dining hall, and so this style is like more of a buffet. So you basically ten k ten dollars or so, eight dollars If you have a plan and you can get anything you want here is like all you could eat. This's the bar making some fresh pasta right there.