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Hey, guys, what is gold link on? My name is Sara, and welcome to my very YouTube video. So as you can probably tell by the title, I am here to give you more information on Meredith And I know as a person that was applying, looking for more information on schools, I knew it was definitely hard to like get the intel basically on the colleges. I wanted to just learn more and see, like what the student life or whatever else was like. And I feel like Meredith's misstep really lacking some of that. I don't know because, you know, there are people there who didn't want to do a YouTube video based on it or what. But I am gonna do my experience from September now, and w give you a little bit of information. What to expect when you applied in. You have possibly accepted. So hear me out. We're number one. I applied to Meredith and roughly early September. Um, it was definitely no later than that. I found out in November that I got accepted, and I can't acumen it can afford, like, this is actually used to be like, Wow, I know. I'm so attractive. What? This This is marriage. Caution aside, has the looks sealed right here. And when you open it, there be your acceptance letter in a scholarship that you may have gotten in here. So I found on November I put a deposit down in December and I got all the information and everything else done. And January, So definitely recommend knowing where you want to go to college. So they're in junior year, and that's it. Ford Merit. And I wasn't too sure about it. Um, I ended up falling in love and, you know, it's okay. If you don't know, I just probably wouldn't recommend doing early decision. I did. Early decision on a lot of my stuff. Probably shouldn't have. I regretted not gonna lie anyway. Go to experience, man. If it will be the best experience you have. So that will definitely the feel that you get for the college. Especially Meredith. Whether I've never Meredith, it's experienced murders. You see you. I don't know. Stay human. See, Duke, I don't know they have that. But I know for Mary that they have a day called Experience managed to where you spend a day on campus, you find out more information, everything. I actually got this cute little book has my name on it, and they just basically gives you a little bit of information. Yeah, stuff like that. You have opening sessions, information sessions, even get a map of the campus and everything else just after 11 information in here for you. I've actually kept mine and back in a roughly march. Um, definitely has some information on it. Definitely has e mails in it as well. Um, and I think I was around early April, maybe mid April, maybe even may. Let's just say April in May. That's when you'll get your study email and you'll get the log in for everything and a lot of information. Um, just a heads up. You do have to take a placement test. It is for foreign languages. And if you get an email from, I can't like, um, student advisor or somebody they should you take the Englishman that you have to take the English woman. Well, um, it is not like it is a count for anything At the same time, it does it. Please take it seriously. I hate the French one shooter was not the best in the world, so I already know I sucked on It also took it a little bit later. But like I said, I highly do not recommend waiting glass minute for stuff like that. So with that being said is, start strong. Star strong is in June or rust for me in June 13th and I absolutely adored it. I got to know other people in my class and definitely create relationships with other people. Then I didn't think I would, Um, when I get around people, I don't know, I kind of hide in this little box, And I just like by like, I don't talk to me, I'm gonna be myself And that's a very horrible way to really I put myself out there. But I definitely opened up at start strong and it was so cool. Um, so start showing you also get to learn about your shrinks. Besides, just other people there, you won't get to learn more about your shrinks, and you get to interact with other incoming students as well. With that being said, you also get, um, you have some student advisers and their student advisers guide you around And that's so cool, because you can ask him any questions that you need and everything. And I know one of them that I had talked to think her name was Madison. I talked to her. That's the group, that it was no trouble. Clubs that were the clubs to join and everything is just overall. It's a political experience. I highly recommend that when you talk to an adviser, tell them everything, not I'm not saying that you broke up with your boyfriend last week, but academically be like I struggled in. This class usually ends around three. So you will have time to go to the bookstore and adventure. And yes, overall, that was right experience. I highly recommend Meredith, but I know that a lot of girls do not want to go to an all girl school. Um, it's not as bad as what you think. Um, murder. This is such a wonderful and loving school in the next video of Holly do video based off my five top five straights, but you guys will find out about it starts strong. I'll give a little bit of intel on it, and yeah, so thank you guys. So much for turning in and watching. I greatly appreciate it. And I hope this was like you had a couple of information on some stuff that she definitely now know about that She probably didn't have before. And I'll probably coming back with another video one definitely talking about my top box strings. And I didn't even a move in vlog for you guys. So they said, Thank you guys for coming. I appreciate it. I hope you guys have a wonderful who? Hey, guys, what is going on? I am back with another video. As you can tell, I know what's going on between you know what's going on. So with that, Big said, I'm gonna give you guys the two topics up. You're coming today. So once I got an idea, why was idolatry? And I was like, nose go through with it. And with that idea, I am gonna tell you guys my class schedule number two will be recovering is a little sit down. Talk to like what? Mine. But review Going into college is like, um, basically, um, I really ready to call it. So with that being said, we're gonna jump right into the video. But here is a video from our sponsors. Okay, I'm just joking. I got the sponsors, but into video. So that being said, we are doing the number one topic and so long, Short, short. I forget things quite easily. So if you'll tell me to do something or you like Sarah, have all this idea I'm gonna forget about in the next day or two. More than likely. Listen, you say I don't know, have breakfast. That's a literally me because either I don't have breakfast or B, I just don't care. And I don't remember it. It's different things. Bullets with that being said, I am not going around. The dollar tree came this idea and I went down the aisle and I picked it up. So I reached down here will grab it for you. I got a little notebook. So look, I told you guys, I don't forget things often. I got the spiral, obviously. So whenever I like opening up, like, unjustly open on my desk, Uh, so one of the things that I did I have written in here is my class schedule. Because I know within the first week, I'll be like, I don't know what I'm doing. Until I get into the routine of things, then I will actually know what I'm doing. Um, but we're going right into my class schedule, and I honestly love my schedule. I am not a morning person. Um, RV like night bug. But you know something? She's happy change just saying. And within the next couple of days, starting, I believe August 1st for me. I have planned on trying to get up at eight o'clock every day, just gettinto motor over things. Honey, you haven't been doing that. But knowing me, I probably won't pull through with that. But on Mondays, Wednesdays on and I was gonna say Friday's. But there's one class on here that I don't take on Fridays. I have. So I have three classes on Monday and Wednesday and Friday. I only have two, and I get out 12. 50 on Fridays. Thank God. And I'm out of class at 4 50 on Mondays and Fridays. I'm excited, like literally actual for two hours for two hours. I just sit there, noodle and draw Love that for me. So on Tuesdays, I have two classes and I get out at 12. 20. But on Thursdays, Meredith has this thing for incoming freshmen or freshman called the first Year Experience. And I actually have about 30 states. So I get out of class of life. Yeah. 3 20 almost 3 50 Been not 20. So it's not too bad, but, you know, it's okay on. I definitely love. How have a lot of the afternoon flash evening basically to myself, You know, they asked me when you go cute. Start strong in June. Then they will sit down and asking, You know, 18 a. M I personnel said I didn't care. At least I knew if I had an A t m class, I would be up and going for that day. And it could definitely be a life changer just saying. But the second topic that I wanted to talk to you guys about Waas Am I really truly ready for college? So one of the things I feel like I'm the hardest might be for me is schedule wise. You know, I'm going to a public school. I never went to a private or whatever school, and I personally feel like the alternate schedule will be a little weird for me. I know I would have been should get in the hang of it. But as a like incoming freshmen, I knew personally it would probably hard for me. Oh, no, I I have a lot of things. I am so excited born. I can't wait, and that's a lot of traditions up married. And this year our scene is Alison with Dylan, so that's basically waiter on this staff goes and puts on a show for the students and it's always out of some wonderland. And I cannot wait. Not just for that before all the other traditions that minute uphold. And, you know, overall, I believe that I am ready for college. I'm starting to get mentally ready. I'm starting to Billy. Okay, well, maybe we should look into this. You should look this and, you know, I feel like I am ready. Personally, I can't wait to get the college. And one of those things that, like I didn't notice about high school, is that I didn't know, like, high school like I don't like new people. And I didn't mind the people that friends Is there anything inches overall, the environment? Because he had a goody two shoes. You know, I want people to like basis. I don't want to be one, but I hate him. Other people picked on other people a set her off, and I feel like a Meredith is the place that I will truly love. And I might actually be very successful there, and I hope I am, So I definitely cannot wait for that. And I'm just so excited and I can't wait to bring you guys a move in date, off log, definitely, definitely excited for that one, and I'll give you guys a little room. Torching is I'm done with it. But overall, thank you guys. So much for turning it. I hope that, like my point of view, kind of understood. Overall, I plan on doing a another sittin on video, which will probably the next video, and I probably the same attire because I looked to film videos in the same day you edit nous and everything and then get him sent. None. So then I'll have to wait for the upload date and I'm good to go. But I really hope that this is helping us out so much in different ways and being tuned for the next video. But I hope you guys have had a wonderful day, and now you all know what is going on in with the tea and, yeah, make sure you guys trouble like make sure you subscribe and I'll see Hey, guys, what is going on? And welcome back to another video. So before I show you guys on this is the beginning of my, um, move in dialogue on Yeah. So for sure, start out there is nothing here any more. It is all out is all fun inside. Okay? Cars are packed and everything. And at the end of this video, I'm not in a drink. A little bit of a room on tour to see what I can get a hand for you guys. But with that being said, enjoy the video. Hey, guys, what has gone on? So is yes, concealer. That money is done. Um, so a little bit quick, Um, little saying for moving. So have a map, and so we find it. Okay. So for moving day, they had its park behind the library and walk all the way to Faircloth. So we basically loaded off, like, right here. And we had a walk all the way. They were worried. So 11 fair. I did not all moving day just because, as you saw in the hello Mac part of this, we really had to move from one side of campus to the other. So there was no I couldn't really evolved, really? For even doing time lapse. Just because of the amount of walking in time that we had a take up going from one side to the other, just saying so I'm sorry about that. You will get the report. So, yeah, that was the moving stuff. But I'm gonna give us quickly from tour, so that slight room tour will be a celebration. So I can talk to you guys a little bit, but when you get the Meredith you already signed in S A they were like a million stuff, but they decorated our door underneath. One of the posters is from our big sis class, but anyway, so to the right, that you kind of seem the luggage. Is that the part of my bed? Um, I didn't really do a full room tour, but I could get one if you want me to. So right here is the closet. So closet is pretty spacious. I actually like my closet, but it's more like haIf wise that it is very spacious. It has about two shelves in it, with hooks on the side and a place to hang up close, and as you can see on the bottom, you have to go shelves on the bottom. I have so many shoes, so I can't even put him on the rack. Sort through some of the bottom. Um, but there is that you can kind of see here. I'll get more to tell of it later, but the water, a little coffee. There's a white board for us to put stuff on. That is my roomies side. And right here we're going to my desk into my bed where that lamp is be actually have new stuff around. So I haven't nightstand there now. And so my desk is an ash junkie. Um, but besides, that there is. Here is my wall of stuff that I have put on there. It's not a lot, but it's enough to make me happy. Um, but besides that, there's a little bit of my desk. The desk does have some storage stuff in it, but I would recommend getting something to put a little bit more stuff on. So here I'm going into more detail with the wall just to let you guys know that is a coffee material, so you will have to put nails in the wall. Command strips or even other stickies do not work. So you have to put nails in the wall. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. Um, so I actually have a hammer here, just in case we need to put something back up, But, um, I don't want me to. I can I can. No more detail with this stuff. I'm always willing to. You'll just have to let me know. Oh, yeah. Here is an overview of the room and our person Be that we have a very nice and cute room. That's just me personally, but put a calm down. Put a comment down below if you wanna have a more in depth torque. So I could definitely do that. So with that being said, I'll see you guys on Hey, guys, what has gone on? My name is Sarah, and thank you for coming back to my YouTube video. But I am back with my top five streets for minute college. So as you guys know, on start strong, you will be taking experience test, but for it to generate your top five street. So my top five streets were Number one was learning. Number two was re laters. Number three was include, er, number four was a ranger and more fat is individual is, um so starting off with a number. Lerner is a strategic thinking. Andi, I'm just Honestly, I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I am literally get off my computer. Okay, So should a vehicle owners people especially talented in the learning same have a great desire to learn and want to consider continuously improve the process of learning rather than the outcome excites them. So I'm not gonna lie Astrodome noticing it. That's a little bit more. When I was here, it was during training and I've never heard of learning this. When I was at Work Way had training for a week and you're in that week. That's when we did start strong and sure they're asking lots of questions. Definitely started to show how much of a learner I actually was. I had re later, which is a relationship building care to trade. So people, exceptionally talented in the re later theme, enjoyed close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction and working hard with friends to achieve a goal. I honestly agree with this one summer in high school, I basically had a lot of friends, but I said related to everyone only get a certain level. And I never really realized that until, like I took this test, like, you know, realized what your strengths are until you take the test, you sit back and he started to realize, like what is actually like your shrinks. What was that include? Er it was relationship building. So Number three um, it's people exceptionally talented and the included theme accept others. They show awareness of those who feel left out and make an effort to include them. I haven't started noticing this man. I was at start strong. There was one girl. She was actually sitting by herself, and I was like, Come on, like Come June, Wayne have tried to include her. And I thought I was pretty cool. And this is like even before I took the test, like I was like, Come on. Like we can have a conversation and we talked a little bit, like is in a Ranger. I'm built executing things people exceptionally talented in the arranger team can organize. But they also have a flexibility that complements disability. They let you determine how all of the pieces and resource this could be enraged from maximum productivity. So I honestly never released notice this one. I didn't notice how I do. Let's have, like, a certain schedule. So I'm not saying that when I get up, But I have this, this and this and this, But I'd like to know when things were done when we're going definitely putting those things. And it's some type of warder. It never really took notice of it. Really. I just knew I like to have a scheduler set plan for things. Individual is, um, and people, exceptionally counted in the individual to individual them are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how different people can work together productively. I was anything but that word, are you? I'm not even sure if I'm going to college. So number five individual is, um I've had to say that word so many times to the point. I just been a big stuff at this point. So if I take a break, figure it out. Don't judge me. So people exceptionally talented in the individual is, um, same are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gig or figuring out how different people can work together productively. Be your own person. Don't let anyone judge then after, like, I don't want to be researching it. But going into more debt with it was definitely kind of cool because I was like, Oh, I like to do that. And if I was pretty cool. I know, definitely finding out your strength is really cool, is not You see, Like, you know what makes Julie. You guys gotta start strong. You actually learn about what? Your top five screen star You are a student looking at Meredith and I'm coming freshman or anything. You guys, it'll be okay. I promise. The only difference is is that this computer? So we used have not been turned on for like weeks, and they were very slow. That's the only thing you don't even have to worry about that either bust. The only thing that's the only downfall is that the computers were kind of slow. But with that being said, I think you guys so much for tuning in. I am greatly appreciated. I really hope I can help you out today. But those were my top five strengths, and I think he has so much for turning in. I greatly appreciate it and I shall see you guys on the flip side guy. I wish I could enter fire a big like poof Feedem saying I'm not that I believe my room stuff came in today. So Hey, guys, what is going on? Probably like Oh, my God. What's this? In the beginning, I I'm going thio Hide it. Get I got my rooming stuff today My chest is pounding. I'm nervous for some godawful reason. I know him in college, in huei issues, I feel like I'm this way because I know the difference between the dorm rooms. It's there's a huge difference between each and everyone. So I am going to open it up. I might cry. Okay, I'm being extremely dramatic. And I can't open up this letter because I sealed it. They didn't want anyone to know. They're like not today. Says about not to notice. Yeah, it's open. What kind of nervous inside it. I don't know how to feel. Okay. Hey. Hey. Who So when you open up your thing, it talks about what? Heck, come way down. It talks about your resident's life and stuff. Oh, hang on. I don't even sweat it. So I'm going to close my eyes and then I opened it up and letter is off. Oh, no, I got a bear claw. That's so wonderful. My God. Okay, Okay. They said both of these girls are from Raleigh. Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I'm going. I got fair called. Okay, if you guys don't realize Faircloth is probably one of the nicest dorm rooms as a freshman can get. Okay, So, as you guys know in the college, my college dorm hall, which I will probably uploading before this month, I have edited yet gone not gonna lie to you all. But I thought I would let you guys know that I did not buy a lot of other things just because I didn't know what dorm room I was going to get. And now knowing that I'm is there coffee? That means I think, the rest of the stuff I need an owner of shaking. We got I got Faircloth like, Oh, my God. Okay, okay, way. We're in the 1st 4 Yes. Oh, my God. Okay, so So Toby, stop. Look, I'm sorry. I'm really excited. I got too excited. I'm sorry. Um, so just intellectual know when you are on a secular, even 1/3 floor, it can suck. Especially if there's not an elevator. I know that because when my sister was in college, she was on 1/3 floor without an elevator. Y'all without an elevator. So we literally had to climb upstairs. 33 flights of stairs were Oh, my God. We're on the first floor. That's even better. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You don't understand how excited I am at this point. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Okay, so I'm not gonna show it just because there's, like, a lot of personal information on here. Um, considering it's like the my roommates stuff. So I had showed you guys the back part of the paper. There's no you get a letter talking about your residence. I'm going to. This is this upcoming paper I'm going to show you guys is, um has a lot of information on it, Has my information in my roommates and sweetmeats information. So I'm going to show you guys the back piece of it, But I will describe to you right now, so I'm so I'm so exactly okay. So it has your name, your address, your email, whatever. And it says you have been assigned to the following room such rooms if you were there. Any problems? So it's questions regarding your assignment. You should immediately contact the residents of life. Bennett says, um, where you're at the room number and the residence hall that you were at, Um and then it says the suite room. I'm not going to disclose any of that. Um, just because that is private information has my roommate, which is Carly. My girl on that has my two suitemates. What? You guys want my in that meeting soon or eventually, But that is what is on the paper. Someone just Okay, So So I'm shaking. Okay. And then here comes the other pieces of paper. Uh huh. Oh, okay. So on a resident life newspaper and this corner it is tells you, like when they want you to kind of move. Uh, what kind of cool like that? Okay. Hey, I'm still your heart's racing. It's just a residence. Like information. Get some information that you and your parents should both go over. And then, lastly, issues Talking about Newsted, student orientation, talking about how they would love you to decorate your chorus from moving day. And but thank you so much for tuning it. I am so excited. Oh, my God. I can finish my college dorm room. Okay. Oh, thank you so much for turning it. I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll catch you all on the flip side. Hey, guys, what is going on? I am so sorry for his terrible lighting. So as you guys comptel closet and you're supposing the back of videos how messy it is. But so I wanted to kick this off a little. Hey, guys, what's going on? Welcome back to another video. I know what's going on, but, you know, So last time I told you about my little no look idea, so I'm more stuff in it, and so she thinks so. Highly recommended. Um, besides, I am gonna jump cut into this when I jumped. But so as you guys could probably tell my cause, that's looking a little dry. Okay, that's that's because it's all on my bed. Yeah, okay. About out. I have to change here. So I did a good a little bit smart. I did it the wrong way. I probably could have done this way easier, but I decided to take the hard route. Apparently blood. I think up a lot of my T shirts. So on the little hanger, I put a piece of Washington, put it on it. So I know that for the day of movies, I I know which one I am not. It doesn't know about it trumps back trick. I'm using that for a lot of money. I thought I am a good chunk here because I live in North Carolina. Fall starts in, like, literally so I once it's gonna be a short video, but thank you now stand by does, he said.