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Thinking about New Jersey Institute of Technology and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting New Jersey Institute of Technology in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet New Jersey Institute of Technology’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to New Jersey Institute of Technology, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the New Jersey Institute of Technology experience. These New Jersey Institute of Technology video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So today I'm gonna give you up more in depth. Well, court, so got a buffet style breakfast mill. That's about nine forty five right now. Thirty seven that cremate entrees over here, Bacon Fresh told Pinky's teletype in the early morning bakery every morning. One of the ships that were here make omelettes. I personally made, however, the way that you wanted on the afternoon and dinner time they make for heaters. Heat is R. The best thing that you can eat in here. They are so literally. Now over this way. This is kind of the make your own type of section, So come here. This is Delhi Central. You can make your own sandwich. I make the famous grilled chicken Sellers. Nobody's gonna make it better. Good chicken sandwich for me. Jeff is over here. Cereal plays, crispies, cornflakes, abject every need. That's a bagels over there. And over here. This also on my favorite stations. You can come. You could really make entrees and just whatever meal that you want. Having Tio dio with any type of pasta over here to be certain ingredients like festivals chicken, beef, tofu. Even if you wantto go vegetarian or vegan, what else is there? They're salami on. They really make sure that they put different seasonings like that song and a hobo out there for you. If you want to cook also oil, really? Whatever you need to cook and So if you want to get Okay, so as I leave the bookstore, we're going to take a little walk. So one of my personal favorite buildings here on campus, it is the College of Architecture and design. We'll start off just by showing you this couple of statues from I believe this is called the brick competition and that the architecture students had tto do as a senior project. But I think it came out really good. This is one example. And as he walked down, we see more. This one is really cool because it actually has a sliding door. Now see inside. It's pretty close. Amazing what they can do. This looks like one of those puzzle games I think alike. My John, something like that. That's everywhere. Little benches here. You could sit down and these are made by students right now. Keep moving. Answer the College of Architecture and Design. Hey, guy, I am back at you yet another day today I'm in the dorms is the fourth floor of Redwood Hall. And I'm gonna tell you guys a little secret about college had succeeded. You have to go to class. You have to eat. You have to study and drink water. And most importantly, take naps. And I'm not talking about the natural taking class. Why you teach? You're talking too much talking about the ones that in your room. Somebody save my room for fourteen. So j a living. Hey, guys. Great news, my friend Freddie, Say again. And also my roommate Cruise and fun Fact, this is Freddy Cruise. And this is Cruz de Nada. Kind of freaky, right? So this is the room in Red Rojo. Check it out. This is our room. My bed is a bed over there. This is not the traditional style of a room, but we decided that it is our room. We're gonna set it up the way that we wanted. Innovation. So we have all this basin between here. Sometimes we work out at night. We do push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges way. Didn't do burpees whom I had to do. All we do have a jump rope that's going to get crazy. I just got there. You can have a microwave in Iran under my bed. I have a fridge. Is behind this car. You get the point. What job? Strawberry jelly. Key to life. These are our TV. What you watch. We have to use theirs to chairs. And then there's one more chair. There's three chairs right now because a man bar one from my friend What is clutch? Because we could set it up right here. It wass movies all night nor day. Well, not really, because we kind of studies sometimes and do homework, but Yeah. Yes, we do. It comes with one desk for him. One destiny. So we could actually be students. And a friend. Freddie. Freddie, Come on, Ange. I teeth your freshman year. You get a free Freddie, but only up until twenty. Twenty one because he might Good evening, guys. How you guys doing today? Great. Okay, so I would just like you, and I introduce yourself. Get my name was Mustafa. I'm a thirty year mechanical in Julian Engineering major. Um, one thing I like about this school is the diversity. There's a lot of people here when I go out. Yeah, it's just a lot of diversity. Lovett. One thing I dislike is the weather. I just like the weather currently, it's too cold was recently say, from now on. Better too great again, I thought, And we hope you stay healthy. Yeah, I'm trying. Now, however, when my name is Mohammed, I'm a second year computer science major. I commute. So one thing I can tell you that I just like about n. J. T. Is because your servant setting up there, we have a lot of commuters. And despite the fact that we have, like, to apartment next, which can hold more than thousand cars each. If you come around twelve or one o'clock, you're not going to find parking. You're gonna have difficulty. Then you're gonna have to go a lot. From what you have to let walk about five ten minutes so that's the one thing I dislike about my cause. And but there are a lot of good things about my car. We have a really good carrier development center over here. What they do is like there. What the students together with with the career, with the with the businesses and the clear that they want to be in they and about two weeks we're gonna have a career fair and that a lot of companies like Johnson, Johnson, eighty and T, Verizon and other companies come in. So the students get the opportunity to to find turn ships while their own college. That's something really good about this college, and that's right Hey, guys. Rob, I got you guys one more time. And today I'm going for some facts, which you guys are frequently asked questions What? I wanted to get a little personal. So I'm gonna suggest questions that I had when I was a senior Coming in the college here goes My main priority was tuition and and I tease anyone. Tuition is around thirty six thousand dollars. Biggest financial aid package that give a lifesaver thirty nine. So I think I did that. Refund check, Lois, the five thousand, which is great. Great numbers, great numbers. Anyways, uh, there's also programmed over summer like a puppy educational opportunity program similar to us. But it's not. State funding is actually school fund, and I am an LP graduate class of twenty seventeen. And I personally account a lot of my current success to therapy because they really kicks out of Mecause career. You goto you goto you come here. That's cool. You don't for five to six weeks and you are con student. You go to class the light, go back to class tutoring, you learn how to be a student and it really kicked my butt. Tto be honest. But if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have been committed to the cause of it. So that's that. And at the other program, they gave me seven thousand dollars per semester. Which is beauty moving on. What does that want to know? Well, I have fun. Yes, You have these parties every weekend, Every week. If they're not. And I'd say that our work is nowhere tonight. A lot of work is knowing somebody from this kind of college put together party. If it's not there, kids, I'm seeing Hall, which is like ten minutes away, they're going down. And no work itself is honestly a place for parties because there's a lot of places to rent. So there's people. There's people from unclear that host parties in North people from after you, the host parties in North people from I was one more one more. Oh, it's actually to have a few campuses. One isn't enough. The other campus. They also host parties north. So that's that's that you will have fun. I promise. Like you're gonna have fun next. I was I'm a boy, obviously. So I'm like, I want to see Cem. Nice females when I go to school. And And he has a seventy six percent male ratio, twenty four percent female and like that's scary at first. But I accept that I was going to school for education, not females. It was all of you should too. I'm talking to you. You school first. Anyways, after I put that to decide, I can't school and I realized that like it wasn't issue because I'm looking around on a really nice day. I'm like, I see a lot of females and they come from other schools. They come from other campuses, Every party that we have people have on trains from Montclair State because Michael State cannot throw parties, so they always come to our parties. That's not true and honestly, like on the flip side for females. I feel like some females don't want to be harassed by the amount of overwhelming males here because it is a seventy seems and ratio the guys who are not of warming at all what I've seen, everybody's respectful from all my female friends. They don't have anybody coming too irrational, completely safe environment because I want to know. What happens when they get there? What happens when it gets hard? But he talked to What do you do, where you go if you have any mostly issues and just he has a department cost see caps, which is like it's like a therapist that our paid my tuition to help you. Whatever you need. You make an appointment to talk to them and they listen to you and they make you feel better about your problems. So that's that's got to be loaded. Matt Sony Center is dope. Show you guys that apart with the matter to the Senate, is the camps in a sentence. The physics Tutoring Center. They have a writing center. They have a pretty much any classes you need. You can find it for you. And there's also learning things, things called learning Communities that you could be a part of. You get your grades up again. What else? Who How easy would it be to become a costume? How is the change from high school to Kyle's? In my honest opinion, I think the sweat on my suit of college The biggest issue that you need to attack is a time in is because in high school, hear therefore eight to three, roughly eighty three, eighty three thirty. You go home, get me to say I was a homework when I was in high school. I hated doing homework on home, so I did most of it in school, in between classes or doing a class, I didn't really need to pay attention. College. You can't do that had the business and my other classes. But when you get to college, you might have two classes a day, three classes. Maybe there's one day that I have. I have four classes, and I'm pretty packed the whole day. But like a day like Wednesday, I have class for hour and a half, and then I have the rest of the day to myself, and it's really, really, really easy to at the time away from you. But with all the time that you do have a new time machine game, you should try to manage it and try to attack your priorities right away. That's your best bet, because you never know when, like and event my papa. But you want to goto and that math homework that math is something that she wanted to do later. You don't wanna do it anymore because now you want to go to this event in the atrium is stuff like that happens, and I prep for that just by attacking what I have to do. Yeah. If you guys have any more questions, I will gladly put my family in the description. You come contact me, tell me whatever you need, and I'll help you. Now answer your questions. Uh, trust me, anything and I mean anything. Like anything at all. Wink, wink, anything at all. Just let me know. It was nice talking to you, Hey, guys. My name is Robert John Stevens and I am a student here at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, otherwise known as Angie. I take I'm a first year student here. My major is concrete and er see management and I also have a business minor Major concrete image management, also known as C. I am pertains to really anything having to do with the construction management many factory and concrete and also the concrete industry. My end goal is to eventually become a parting mansion. I'll be until God today. Okay. Hello, guys. Help, everybody. Having a good day's today today how much dough you guys howie where we meet this is judy s also known as the highland of commons also known as continuous dining also gourmet dining service whatever you want to call it all of us called judy esto you come in you take your i d card which is right here and when you rest of your classes everything beginning a semester by mill plan and depending on the meal plan that determines whether you could come in and meet his main times you want to know i have an eleven move plan on my car so i come in here and stop whenever i want you coming here as a buffet you could cook food you have cooked for you literally right in front you and is also pre made food dinner mills practices lunch all that and this is opportunity i'm seven and ten So this is an example of one breakout rooms, and as you can see their students in here, there's three of them at a time, and they're studying on it. Looks like they're working on. Calculus sounds great. And there's three in the room this certain time right now, however, the only need a minimum of two people to get a room. And that could be so. I believe eight people. They look like they are working Okay, so we are still in C K P and only just because I wanted to give you guys a little bit more inside. There's a lot of nice friends from here. His couch. This specific couch is my favorite. Come here. Sit down like this. Close my eyes. Contact right now. Let my insight CK B has was called The Writing Center writing center is in here where there are English graduate majors who pretty much have a well run that idea of what it means. Have a good essay. And they're also professors in there that you can go on make appointments with online. Come in. Come in. Paper edited for you that revise it. You bring it to your real professor. You got a sounds great right now we're gonna take a little walk down the way a little bit, go to my favorite spot in this building, which is that math tutoring center. But before, though, I'm going to show you something that I'm actually seeing for the first time. Right now, that's the art we have in here. I think this idea's a good example of the fact that and guys his different from a lot of schools because that student, this is our school, so I'm I'm just gonna assume that that are made by students in art and design program. Moving on to the mad sorting center. I'm goingto stay outside and talk to you guys because there's a lot of people in here right now because clearly it's not just my favorite, Please, and enjoy tea. The math here is taking very, very seriously, a very rigorous program. So you're going to see a lot of this, have whiteboards. They're also tutor's here throughout today, for I believe eight hours of the day that her hair and they're paid to tutor us. Make sure that we get your grades over here more people. That's the math suiting center.