New Jersey Institute of Technology Dining & Food

All right, guys. So tonight is especially we can enjoy it. See, It is Student Appreciation Week. So I had campus center right now way. Have potential financial year working on mock interviews Teach students how to do any of you an outsider get internships are possible jobs over here way have the resume works up suit. It's also online and their representatives of different companies And also absent from this school here to make these people's resume shines. And my favorite part of soon appreciation week is free smoothies. Hey, Sam, what's up? What's up? That sure doesn't have a green one and brown ones taste better. So of course I like this school because they present the students. Oh, my God. One thing I miss for massages, Secondo. So today is obviously a pretty good day here. And the Giants were in the campus center. Eleven Life eleven Bold eleven Golden. Hi, people. Thank you very much. Okay, guys. Now I'm back at you, woman Tom. Right now we are right outside and gaiety campus. See that store right there? This I want That is the end of the boundary of them, Josie, into technology. And now that I'm on this side, I'm in Brooklyn north. Like I said, working camp is right across the mendacity. Today. I'm here with Dina Garcia. What year are you? First year, major. Okay, cool that. We're here. We came to get some grub, so we're gonna walk to Rutgers and they know that Rutgers and enjoys tunes tend a flock between campus to campus. So they Charlie, the door is open for us now. Words hi. Rocking your campus. And I'm not a rocket snowing student, but it's okay now we're going to eat. Let the twenty four hour easy mark. We'll be there in about five minutes. And I'm sure you guys want some inside.