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Gianna Explains the Relationships with Professors

The relationships with the professors at NCC are very close-knit and worth it. Professors want to see you succeed from day one until you graduate; from flexible office hours, campus resources, department events and overall approachability, you will have no trouble building a strong relationship with any professor.

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So for professor to student relationships at North Central, I would say they're very connected. So I've had really good experiences with almost all of the professors I've had at North Central for any classes, whether it's for my major or just a general education course, professors are really good about communicating assignments and just changes to the syllabus. Um, I guess the best way I would recommend reaching out to your professor is going into their office hours or emailing them. So expect a response within a day or two, and they kind of keep you on top and make you feel like connect us to the classroom. They also want to see you succeed in their class and beyond In North Central, So northcentral literally sets you up for academic success the minute you come here, I think so in terms of academic success, if you do bad in a class or we'll not bad in a class. If you do bad on an assignment or you need some extra help in the class and you feel like you're falling behind with something or you have a quick question. Reach out to your professor because they will, like, go to the ends of the year to help you? I think so. Um, don't be afraid to go to their office hours as well. It's really nice because when they give you the syllabus at the beginning of the semester or trimester, they will list their office hours on their availability. Even if they don't have availability for when you're available, you can still reach out to them through their phone number or email, depending on what they give you. Then they'll do their best to, like, reach out to you as soon as they can and like, figure something out. So my professors in my department are really chill because we're like a small little family, like the broadcast communication department at North Central is small like It's good, but it's small. So there's only like ten to fifteen professors in the communication media studies department. I've had Maybe I want to stay five to ten of them, and I'm a junior. Also learning more about activities at North Central so professors will connect you to resource is on campus, and then sometimes certain departments will put on events for prospect of students or prospect of majors to come, explore and just enjoys and free.