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Thinking about Northwestern University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Northwestern University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Northwestern University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Northwestern University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Northwestern University experience. These Northwestern University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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What's up? YouTube? It's pounds. And this is my roommate, Benjamin Yost. As you know, Christmas time is upon us, right? And I thought, you know, Ben, how can I give back to people since we have 400 subscribers? Wow, I thought it would be a great idea. Answer the question. All of you have been asking on this channel pretty much in every single video. The question I've been getting is is your roommate single? And I would like to say yes. Yes, he is. Real talk, though. We're here to answer the question that's been asked more than any other question. Which is how did you get into Northwestern? And, you know, everybody has their own story. And I thought it would be appropriate to not just do this myself, but with somebody else who has a different Northwestern experience than I do. So, um, putting this in perspective, I was like an A minus slash b plus student. I had a 4.6 with a weighted scale and the 3.76 unweighted, and I got 30 on the A C t. Definitely like above average. But for northwestern, like the lower half It was just a combination of, like good scores, freshman through senior year and being consistent with that. I'm like It's nothing like crazy. It was not phenomenal is not terribly difficult for me to get in a like my high school classes. I didn't have any like I took to AP classes got credit for neither of them. I took a dual credit English course that I didn't even bother to get the credit from. I mean, so yeah, that's pretty much the basics of, like, my like, hard core stats. Would you like to hear yours? Yes. Oh, my freshman sophomore year. I wasn't really will take many 18 courses except for took one honors English course my freshman year, and I took in honors math course and 80 history. Course I was a sophomore, and then when I was able to take the harder courses for Junior and senior, has really took the hardest courses I could find, especially like Madison scientists, just because that's what I like doing. And, uh, but I also took the hard English courses because I also like to write and read it stuff. So that was important to me and, uh so I want taking mice. My senior year, I had, uh I had a full Ap course load and which is in our schools. We don't like a got waited like a 5.0 scale. If you got always I I'm getting all use. Um, and basically I I, uh my unweighted g p a was a 3.97 and my weighted GPA was a 4.4. So my a C t was 34 and, um, which was evenly distributed with all four of the sub scores. And, uh, does your suit do this super score here? They don't super score here, but I know some schools superstore. So if you're wondering about, like what, like a super score would be I mean, my super scored 35 because my highest sciences of 36 35 34 math and 34 reading. Um, I think the important thing for a Western I found is that they really care about, like, how rigorous course it is, at least for, like, people like tax side of things that you're going to school like you're gonna meet your chemistry or physics or things like that you really need to be taking some courses. Um, And then, uh, one thing I really thought about was Northwestern has not like a holistic approach, which I didn't. A lot of times, people think maybe maybe that's just false. They're saying that you think like they care about you, but it is actually true. Yes. I really paid a lot of attention to writing essays, major. Like there's a difference between telling them who you are and showing them you are. It's important to show them who you are. Tell them So So I was able to really express who I wasthe my essays and, uh, something about it they liked. And, uh, I got accepted here, and I came here and didn't take my first final in a couple hours. Thanks. Good luck, buddy. Uh, another thing that a lot of people feel like Don't talk about when it comes to, like, admissions to any college in general, but especially Northwestern is your extracurricular activities or things that you might have been involved in that didn't have to do with school because it's kind of like a lot of the grace that I got were contingent upon what house was doing during that time. I feel like Northwestern really values the student. That could balance there, actually replete with their curricular activities, having a healthy lifestyle and just enjoying what they do. And so I feel like during my high school time, my academic to extracurricular ratio was probably like 30 to 40% academics and then, like 60 to 70% actual particulars, like basketball and soccer on the yearbook photography, you know, like a student council. I was like student body president my senior year. I didn't really mean anything in my school, but discreet put on resumes, Um, and like, there are a lot of other things that I did that I felt made like, validated, like how I felt about being a student and maybe not having the best grades, but also having other things that I could show for, like, what are you putting time into? Because if you're putting time into your academics, they better be, you know, top notch. And if you're if you're doing these other things, you have to be able to show for that bad. Tell me a little bit about your exit. Yes. So I actually wasn't I thought that I was, like, severely lacking in the extracurricular category. But actually, there was one of those things I just didn't really care about, for the sake of being extra agree with that. Like, I know a lot of people in my grade just signed up for the National Honor Society just to have the financial. And I was like, That's crap, right? I'm doing what I do. And I think that actually really paid off for me here because they want to see you do things that are passionate for you and actually what I wrestle my whole life. And through high school I wrestled all four years and I rest around. I also lifted 12 hours a week. T get these games together tonight to get what I need it for rest of your achievements. And I ended up being a two time Ohio State qualifier. Division one and I was academic all Ohio two years in a row, and Justin, Justin, Jen and I was team captain just in general. The these things, you know, really built on themselves, and, uh so that's one thing. So I had that I had I was taking the hardest force of school it offer. And I also was working 30 hours a week throughout the year. So so I mean, they could see that I was balancing all my things well, and then that, combined with my expression of myself through my essays, really helped to get here. So Okay, tell me about do you remember what you wrote your wife with Western? Yeah. So I'm from the Midwest from Ohio, central Ohio, and, uh, I wrote my essay about wearing my dream to go to, like, an Ivy League school, Right? Northwestern. But they're better than better than some schools. Anyway, I So I as a I didn't really believe in myself much refreshing software that as they started, like taking on getting confidence, like doubling down, building on it, I realized, Wait, this is actually gonna reach. And I eventually applied more questions. I have a lot of people said I was gonna get in. I was like, No, e, I guess I don't know what I'm saying This but I'm saying, because a ce faras elite schools go that I wanted to stay in the Midwest. But the Midwest doesn't really have much to offer other than maybe you Chicago Washington University in St Louis, Western. And and so I basically wrote my essay about how I wanted to attend a really great school with opportunities. I didn't know West, So for me, it was definitely like in my application. Well, I quite like eight schools. So, like wide northwestern like the fifth, like wide this school essay that I wrote. So I was really trying hard not to, like, blaze over it and like, like, really focused on it. You know why my God, Northwestern won't like wise Northwestern school that I went and spend my $75 for this half a case it right And you know, that all kind of boiled down to like for me was reputation on that Northwestern has for cultivating well rounded people because I know I knew reading things about Northwestern that, like people go into theater, end upcoming journalism like late premed like I've met a couple of Peter and three med students and like the fact that they they appreciate that people are well rounded and it's not like it's not a conservatory program, which a lot of people think that if you're going into the arts like you have to do conservatory because it's like theater, theater, music, music, music all the time. And I felt like I needed something that was more well rounded because I know that I'm more well rounded as a person. And so that's kind of what I wrote about how those opportunities are given here. And they must have liked our essays. I hear that the essay is like a big part. Your application. So definitely. Have you been a blinder? Northwestern, like TV is coming out very soon. And, uh, I just encourage you to, like, really make sure you're boning up on nightshirt is You're right. Yeah. Don't get too much help because they'll know. I don't know. Do you have any clothes? I say, if you do get accepted, remember, this is is is more stress. And I was pretty stressed. Coppers. I was stressed out. I think this is This is really hard. So make sure that you remember that when you get accepted, that's the beginning. Relax. Yeah. So, um yeah, I hope I answered a lot of questions that you guys had with decisions coming out. Um, good luck. And don't be disappointed if you don't get it. And if you do get in congrats. I mean, everybody's gonna be happy for you, but inevitably, everyone's gonna get so just to be respectful of that and, uh, yeah, see you guys later. Also, if you want to follow us on social media, you know how that happened. It's still according to wait, go. Go ahead. Also, if you wanna follow some social media, we've got our instagram handles down below in the description way. Go also if you wanna live. Look at what the hell we got going on. Western follower Instagrams Uh, they were gonna be in the handle down below. Good. Oh, hi. I didn't see you there. Oh, I didn't see you there. Just wanna let you know that if you wanted more live look at what we got going on here in northwestern. You can follow instagram, uh, get the handles. Action. So I am absolutely in love with Northwestern campus. That was one of the that was also wide say, one of the biggest selling points of this school. It is so beautiful, having kind of grown up around the lake my entire life on Lake Michigan. It's been great that I'm actually kind of back on it. I think the fact that we're on the lake just makes the campus two hundred times better than any other college campus that I've been on the buildings such as the Kellogg Building. You have such a variety of like older buildings with University Hall versus the brand new Keller building that literally looks right over the lake and is literally one of the most stunning buildings you could possibly imagine. Evanston itself. I think it's just kind of hits. It's not a crazy college town like maybe an armory for University of Michigan. However, it's still really nice because even go downtown and you'll feel safe. And if you ever kind of want the big city feel, of course, you literally just a train right down to Chicago. So regardless of whether or not you really like Evanston, literally, probably goingto like Chicago. Hello, YouTube. My name is Townes, and I am a freshman at Northwestern University. Today is my first day of classes, which means that I have skipped to the entirety of Wildcat. Welcome. Um, but if you want to know what, that's it? Pretty much. Pretty much. You just lose your voice if you're not careful. So watch out for that of a huh? First day? Yeah. Yeah, everybody's friendly. Usually. So I'm a theater major. So my class schedules and not nearly as intense as a lot of other people. But I still decided to be cool to do a kind of video like this so you could see what it's like around campus. So I'm Alison Hall right now about to get some food. My voice is gonna be gone by the end of this. You got my food? They didn't have any courts. Find it up. Getting my mate you're probably gonna have one of these things is what college does to you. I'm gonna ride my bike to North campus, and I have no way to put this on my bike. So here we go. Let me ask this random person sitting on this bench. Hello? What's your Natalya? Natalya? That's nice. And what's your major? I'm history, and I'm pre med history in premed. Wow. Look at you. Yes, smarty pants. Interesting combination. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So I'm what is your class schedule look like? Um, today I have my first chemistry lecture, and then I have an art history class. Wow, that's cool. So how do you How do you think, Overall, like with your whole schedule, you're gonna, like balance. Do you think it'll be, like, reasonable? You think you can do it? I think it'll be okay. It'll be reasonable. Be tough at first, but everything get used to it eventually. Yeah, that's the spirit. Thanks to Italian for your time. I'll see you later. Okay. So living on South campus has its perks for me because I'm a theater major. So a lot of the classes that are for arts and language and that kind of things, things in the school of communication, they're like, down here a lot of the classes that are like more science and industry based medicine. All that stuff, all the athletic facilities, they're up north. So that's like the difference between where I live and where a lot of the other people live. I know some theater kids in North, and I know some engineering people like my roommate living South, and they're both doable. So it's really up to you. So behind me is what they call the Rock, and there's a bunch of history on that that you can look up. If you really want to know. I don't really know anything about it, but I know that people paying it if you want to paint, you have to like, wait for 24 hours with your group. You have to have people going through a cycle and you can paint it and you can put whatever you want on it. So if that's worth it for you, you can do that. But, uh, I don't know. It's been painted like a lot of times, and there's a lot of layers, so I wonder how big the wrong. Actually, it's kinda hard to tell, but yeah, maybe I'll do that sometime. If you do happen to want to take classes or live on a certain part of campus, no matter where your classes are, a smart decision for you would be to get a bike because you can go way faster in the smallest amount of time. And pretty much every building has bike racks, if not every single building. And so that would be really convenient for you if you really, really want to get to the other side of campus. But I'm actually deciding that I'm gonna go back to my dorm right now, just in case I don't have time to come back, because after you get like in the swing of things with your classes, you're not really gonna wanna go back and forth, back and forth, actually out. We have one class today linguistics, which apparently satisfies a math credit. That's a great cause. I hate math, So I wasn't really gonna ask heading into my dorm. Andi, I live in 18 38. Chicago, which is South campus, is right across from the arch. If you've ever seen that, I know what that is. And so apparently they keep the floor plans from really secretive. So I'm just gonna go back to my room on DDE. I talk to you again. There's one thing I will say, though, is that 18 38 has an elevator that only goes down to the gym. It goes from the first floor to the gym. And at first I thought it was because it's out of order, and they're gonna fix it. But no, I went in there yesterday just to check it out. And it literally only has two buttons, one with floor like first floor and the one for the basement. So just say no, you're gonna be walking up a lot of stairs. You're on the fourth floor, like me. The beds aren't that bouncy. Ah, lot of people get worried when they think about Northwestern's acceptance rate, which keeps dropping every year, and now it's below 10% on dhe, they think about themselves like, Oh, like I'm not good enough. Like I shouldn't even try. Um, Yes, Yes, you should. Okay. I thought I didn't belong here. Okay, They do a really good job of making you feel like you really deserve to be here, but, um, we know accidents happen, right? So you just You never know if you really want to go for it, go for it because I didn't think I was gonna get in yet. Here I am. And there's a lot of other people here who questionably, um, were on the line. But I literally met somebody who didn't know what the word dialogue meant. Uh, if you And if you don't know what the word dialogue means, then, uh, good luck, Charlie. If you don't know what the word dialogue means, then, uh, you better get your uchicago application ready. So I've just been the last 30 minutes going over my calendar and color coding. You see, I, uh, have just put all my classes to repeat, so I don't know what's going on. Have you suggest using Google Calendar? It's really efficient. And you can use it on all of your devices. So, yeah, I highly recommend 10 out of 10 pro tip. If there's nobody coming on both sides of the road, you can walk. I guess a lot of people who don't come from like like city areas are really uncomfortable jaywalking. But like if there's no cars coming, you can walk across the street. That's where you gotta go, man. Like you got your own stuff to do, So don't worry about it. Hi. I'm Lucas, Assistant Dean and director Shin Jai Lucas. So Can you Do you have any advice for me for like the time? Because I have a lot more time on my hands now that I used to have. So, like, what should I be doing with that extra time? Like, what could I be doing that's, like, actually profitable and not sleeping in or like, you know, just watching YouTube or something like that. Take care of yourself. Get sleep when you feel like you need it. Actually, you'll do better academically. If you do sleep in occasionally. Don't sleep through your classes, but get more sleep and then decide things you want to do. Don't just do things because they build your resume. You think because you really care about it So I would encourage you to do that, So not as much. Get things down A checklist. I'm a big list checkered. Don't Don't. Don't think about productivity. Think about taking care of yourself. That's the most important thing. You'll be successful. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it from the man. Pro tip. Learn how to say no. They give out a crap ton of free stuff here that you will probably never use this is hand sanitizer. So I guess that'll be useful thistles. The pom poms. I can take it to the games. Right? And then the here is like, I don't know, something else. Here. Say something. Stay safe. Uh, whatever. Um, all these things are great, but, like in reality, probably gonna use them, but I take him anyway, so I've got a bunch of random purple stuff in my dorm, but you don't have room in your dorm, so you don't want to get all the free stuff. I put it in my bag anyway, because he's just You never know. Pro tip. Get close that you can wear with your other clothes. A lot of people just buy clothes for, like, one outfit, but if you wanna have, like, a comprehensive outfit like this man right here, like we're not 28 all right, getting anything Rose. But like, you want to buy stuff that you can actually use with your other clothes so you don't just buy, like, one outfit, and then you don't have anything else to wear. You know what I mean? Like, most of my clothes are black and white. I just like where? Like black and white so that I can wear almost any of my clothes with almost any of my clothes, you know, black and white all the way down. So this is my friend here. What's your name? My name is Riley Jackson. Okay, Riley. And so what's your major? I'm majoring in biological science in the pre med track. So what classes have you taken today, Flash, are you? I've taken Kim won 51 already, which is actually not that bad so far. And then I have my seminar, which is biological thought and action later today. So overall, for your schedule, how do you I think you're gonna manage. Well, I'm taking chemistry, math, Spanish, and then a pretty hard seminar. So I'm very nervous that it's gonna be really, really hard. But I've always been super organizes that so I hope I can keep up cats. Thing is like so think what you're taking. What? You're making history. But I'm majoring in biology. Don't do whatever she's doing. It's not worth that promised. Riley and I are your talking, and we're just like you, like you look at college culture and you think, like Oh, yeah, that's like when I'm older, but literally. Here I am. And I'm still 12 1st class room. Pretty standard. Every it's pretty accurate, but, uh, yeah, linguistics. Well, you know how it goes. Wow. Okay. Linguistics was a lot. It was like, cool, but it was a lot. And I don't know how to leave the building, but, uh, there was like, I it was just a lot like a lot of information. A lot of it was a lot of cool stuff. It's pretty much what I wanted to get out of the class, but it's just like there's so much information. I was typing and I couldn't even fastest. She was changing the slides like so fast. It was it was different, but I think it's doable. Hey, guys. So I just got I walked by thunk and they grabbed me and they invited me in on. They were like, Hey, you should audition. And I was like, Yeah, I was thinking about it. So here I am, and we're at the booth. Let's get it. Let's go get him. Come on. You love eating. I was totally like So I've heard about thunk before, but like never before, like being on this campus. Okay, well, I heard about thunk, like from my friends, like my friends, because, you know, the theater kids. So they get around a cappella, that kind of thing. So, like, I did like my high school sounds like, obviously like a cappella. Guys like, what should I do? And that somebody was like, Funk. And I was like, What does that mean? They're like, Oh, they're, like, the best on the campus. I don't know if that's your not so I'm not gonna say anything, But you guys were, like, the first group to actually, like, reach out, you know, signing off. Yeah. Okay. This'll has been j X bunk collaboration, and we'll see where this leads. Okay, catch a later. So there are an abundance of clubs and poolside on like student organizations. Like, just look at this like so many people. No. First of all, I know I don't have enough time to do everything, but I don't even have enough time. Polito, commit to one, so I don't know what I want to do. So pretty much I needed a little bit of local help. What? Welcome to Northwestern cats. All Oh, yeah. My voice is really bad. I met the other photographer or one of the other photographers for for work studies. So Hope alone? That's good. He seems like a nice guy walking like a fool. I because I, uh did the leg work out a couple days ago? I can't really walk. Okay. Like, don't speak like that. Okay, so out here in Evanston, they're a bunch of local restaurants that have their own trademark. I guess we're here on, uh, we've got some cool drinks on. What, you getting better? Start off. Reverend Greene hasn't time. Probably going to get crispy chicken, chicken way assaulted Chris Boothe way finished dinner, and it was good. And so we're headed back, and we're gonna just have a night on the town. So that was a different videos. The video siris on Northwestern. If you like this video, let me know it. Maybe I'll do some more of them because they're kind of fun to make on communities really interactive. So there was always gonna be something to do way. Have any closing closing statements. You're gonna meet all types. Good luck, Charlie. No. So a typical night life in Northwestern as a sophomore and say is consistent me. They're hanging out my friends and usually having some drinks or something like that, whether that be at a friend's house at the fraternity house. Or it could just be at a house party. But especially either our fraternity's events or other fraternities events or just clubs that are throwing parties ever What I'd say is like how it changes from freshman and sophomore year. So freshman year, I'd say the majority of people that are going out guys, that is their focus is to meet new brothers and to ultimately kind of kind of secure bits of these fraternities. I honestly would say Greek life has pretty big role in our campus. We are about forty percent Greek and therefore there a lot of people rushing and want to rush. And so that's a big part of your freshman year, especially when the winner you're pledging if you do get a bit on and then the rest of the time, you're spending your trying to get close with your brothers and you're going out with them. But overall, I'd say there's no pressure to Russia, Greek fraternity or anything like that. And there's definitely a social life outside of Greek life. Drug culture on campus, I'd say, is it's kind of all over the place. There are definitely a lot of people that smoke and do drugs like that. However, they're also good. A lot of people who don't just like people who drink versus don't drink here but everyone's, I'd say it's So I'm currently studying economics in psychology, trying to pursue the minor and pipe. I'd say the academic environment is pretty mixed for me just because I'm kind of trying to take a variety of different classes just to meet my distribution requirements. However, when it comes to my core classes in my major like E Con, I'd say they're they're pretty difficult. But they're also I really enjoyed them because they're challenging me, and I know that they're going to give me skills that will really help me in the future. So, for example, my heart is class that ever took so far has been he come three, ten one. Last spring kind of destroyed me, but at the same time, I feel like it challenged me like no other class. And ultimately I was able to get a good grade. Really, because I had to work so hard, some cool classes that have taking right now I'm actually taking archaeology, unearthing history, which is not a class that I expected to take me in an e con major. But I think what's so cool is that you get to take these classes purely because of the quarter system. On DH also have been taking some really cool classes Such asleep. So I really literally studied sleep for an Action s O. The student body is great for when I've really liked a lot of the Northwestern students I've met. I really do think that like we have a lot of really intelligent students, and I think intelligent people have better conversations are waiting here. I like really, like, enjoy interacting with just like that. The whole campus is like on on another level is compared to my high school and stuff. I came from a high school in New Hampshire, so like and I think a lot of kids came from sort of not really diverse areas, so you'll hear a lot, But it's a pretty diverse campus, But honestly, it's like, pretty whitewashed. But like also there is opportunities for students of color. And there's a lot of really strong like I would say like organizations to give support groups and like places for students of different identities, different, different, like creates and from different locations. But I would say that like it's a very it's a very rich campus. It's very white campus, Um, but like I still like everyone is still very accepting. It's very liberal. Eso all of those. It's just it's an interesting dynamic honestly, because I think that everyone is like everyone is for diversity, and everyone is like and like believes in diversity, but also just like the way like the way our society works out when you have to. When you go to a private school that costs a lot. It like, really sort of prevents people from do that. And I think Northwestern is trying to change that. So yeah, that's what I would say about soon, buddy. There's a lot of like There's a lot of like, bigger social groups, especially if you are like as a freshman, like having the North Campus. North Campus is a really intense social life. Like there's the dorms on North Campus are also have structured as social dorms. There's a lot of like Elder and Bob are both have communities, and those people all go out together and sort of There's a very, like partying in, like social environment there. I, like, lived on South campus, and there's also kind of a little bit of a weaker but definitely South Campus sort of community that you sort of get to know which is the The theater gives the RTBF kids the middle students. There's a lot of like interaction there, so there's sort of that little bit of that divide. But honestly, you can really just form like they're whatever group there's. There's any group that you would want to find it on this campus, and you can like you could make it. You can make your friend report you wanted to be because there's so many students here that I've really found that's really easy. What till like only hang out with people that I wanna hang out with and really build a strong group of friends that I actually like you want to see. I'm Jake Pounds. Today. We're going to be evaluating Alison Hall and Shepherd Hall. Let's get right into it. So, as you know, we evaluate dorms. We evaluate them very specifically according to the balls. Algorithm. Balls, of course. Being bedrooms, amenities, lavatories, location and social life. Let's get ready with the bedroom. Oh, hey. This'll is a standard shepherd hall room. We've got some rooms. I have one better. We have some bets. It comes with amazing diffuser and a pretty large window. Um, there are, you know, it's pretty spacious. You could probably do some, uh, yoga gets a You know, there is a gym in here, so we owe way. Have yoga room. Do you have any quirks about, like the route that you like you like Share with anything You don't like her that you like? Fine, especially helpful or useful about the rooms Windows open when they want thio, which is like exciting. I don't know. There's like a lot of closet space and space underneath the beds, which is nice, and you can choose whether to laugh. Yeah, lofting is actually not for the 18 38 rounds the same way west. That's too so consider that. Thanks, Yama. We're gonna evaluate the room I was See now since we did 83 a day, I feel like wave 18 30 50 like a solid solid size. Let mine was, like a little bit smaller. Kind of ends, like the size of the room with quality. No, I'm thinking I'm thinking that this especially just with very next drugs and one of those really nice wooden floors and the windows on that and the diffuser, it's gotta go up a little bit above 15. Sure, somewhere like around 80 18 1818. Sounds good. Shepherd home 18. I just want to say that the aesthetic of the staircases, it's a amazing Hey, guys, what's up? This is a staircase log because that is the deciding factor as to what the quality of a dorm is. Look at this window. So in addition to nice bedrooms that we have here, Shepherd Paul, there's also allowed area. So if you decide that you are done with class and you die, mostly, you just have right on over here to the lab area. You have a nice rest. Also, there is a fireplace that's right. A whole fire, real fire and get this Santa comes every single year. I know there's a Well, our Santa is because we care. It's an amazing chance to beat kitchen. Sure. A full kitchen parsed pool table over French Traitor. There are study rooms for the studious. We have a meditation space and an evolution room. What? What solution? Well, they're heated. Showers. Pretty spot. Really, really close. My spirit actors say any more time for next category. The bathrooms, bathrooms, lot of laboratories size. Yes. Let's get going. All right, so we'll start with showers. Let's do it. All right. There is a lot of space in here. There's you want. I mean, you just sit down and read a book. You know that, right? You could be. You want me? Oh, you gonna bring all your buddies into? Yeah, it is. You can't. You could work out great. Everybody that I know Shepard is swole. I mean, did you see Yama stalls separate People leave their pee in the toilet. Yeah, Thanks. Wait, So yeah, light. Okay. I really like the light. It's like a log. Ready. Right? And windows here. So this is one thing bathrooms. I would automatically give 20 but pee in the toilet. I gotta give it a 19. Yeah, let's take it down a notch. If you got a pee in the toilet, that's a minus one automatically. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is. Lavatory is 19 for Shepherd. Yeah. All right, let's move on to our next category. Social life here is highly dependent on made bythe faculty faculty members that live in this place. And so they organized a lot of events that people go to very frequently numbers upwards of 200 usually every Sunday. So there are lots of things. Unfortunately, you could not interview anybody leaves here about. But I have been here for the social wins. And personally, I love. I think it's a very social. Probably more than 18 38 not much. One of the bigger dorms I give a pretty high gave 18. 38. I give this one No. 16. How are they? They're great. Solid. The lamps that really make a costume wet floor location. Aly Shepherd Hall is right next to Alison Hall, which is consequently right next 18 32. Beautiful little section. All right, so here at Alison. Amenity definitely is nights. We have fun, but the biggest hole course. Dining hall, Right? Alison. So here in Alison, we have a nice, spacious group. Fact, actually, every Allison room is the exact same size. They're all just so there's a triple, except if you want to live in the way. But that's true. The triple are different. All of the double outside, the exact. So that's actually not like a lot of other dorms that especially ones in South. With that in mind, there's bases very yoga friendly. No more so than that. Sheppard. Definitely more yoga rooms. Yoga. Plus, I know things that you notice that you wish for there. Are you there? Oh, there's no way. Neither West has. Great. Here's your no medal. What in by that? They have doors. My, my friends and Bob doesn't have one. Oh, Bob. People finding genes in mice where my sister will be. Oh, aesthetically, I feel like Alison status. But I think actually, I mean, the room is bigger and it's better in a lot of ways. Yeah, space better. Just more room, which is what you want in a So I mean I don't know what you think. I mean, I don't think it looks as but that's like the nature. Yeah, I would say it's probably, like 17 for House, and that's it. This room is so big. I know this is really good. Yeah. This is one person living here. Yeah, I mean, nobody's too, but still still, Yeah. They're still like you've been here and you can also lost. Yeah. And you So get out. 17. So, Alison Bathrooms Servan Amazing function. There are great sings. There are the suspicious, so much space. But aesthetically, it doesn't quite match. Let's dig a little bit. So first we're gonna do how many people to this like that? Just a little. You know, this is you three. You're taller. But, you know, I'm sure. I think actually, before a show way, Shepherd 19 17 standards are like, I mean, it's okay for my standards, like, 20 years, and it's still better than most. Dorm. Yeah. Let's give it a 16 next category. Shelly. Wow. It's like I'm dying. So this is pretty much like a large shower in the sense that you feel like uncomfortably close toe walls, rug. This'll wait. We're not even going. Oh, okay. This is not good. Really slow. They have elevators, but I don't even know if I want to use this. Does not seem to say. Also lighting noticed. Yeah, this is just really ominous. Also the camera With what? The epitome of Alison Social life comes from this hub of life known as the dining hall. So we decided to come down to the dining hall to see what it was all about. Let's go. So for amenities, we looked at some of the game tables. This is pretty much all there is. There's a gym here. So overall, we decided to give it a 13. So for location for Alison, we're going to give it a 17 17 because has a dining hall. And because it's right by the arch are just over there. It's over bits. And South campus, which is like a lot of the arts and whatnot downtown have instant is right over this way. And then also for Sheppard, we're gonna give Shepherd a 16 just slightly below because it doesn't have a dining hall. Well, moving that. Yeah, she's great team. All right. So the totals for Shepherd were bed. Bedrooms were 18 a mad genius were 21 laboratories were 19 location was 16 and social life was 16 for a grand total of 90 out of definitely higher than 18 30. And Alison Alison, for bedrooms was 17. Fran Amenities was 13. Laboratories was 16.5. Location, 17 Social life, 15 for a total of 78.5 out of 100. Still great Hope you guys enjoyed that video. I had to leave to go to a meeting. And so Alex and Claire finish up that video Huge shadow to Alex for hosting with me. Hopefully, we'll have him on for most of the videos and huge shadow out to Claire for filming these videos. She's amazing, and I appreciate them both. Hope you like the video See in the next one. My name is John. I'm a private contractor in the Evanston area. And today we're gonna be evaluating 18. 38 Chicago. Quite a masterpiece of architecture. We're going to be diving deep inside the balls algorithm to to help you find out if 18 38 is for you. Let's get started. Welcome to dorm toward video number one. I'm J towns today. We're gonna take a look inside what makes Northwestern institution that it is. Now I know what you're A lot of units have asked me what I think about the dorms, and they're good. And so I started this series so that we could get in depth. Look at all the dorms at Northwestern. First up, 18 38 secure. You can only get into the dorms with your wild card. There's no other way to get Wait. I believe that If you could just imagine very strong caring, uh, security guards were sitting in this chair waiting to check you in. That's what happens. Let's go upstairs. 8 38 has no elevator, but we have one basically useless. I developed the optimal out with to make sure that each door miss rated fare the algorithm. Balls That's right. Balls all, of course, being bedrooms, amenities, laboratories, location and social life that every door b great on equal scale. Each category's 20 points and dorm has created based on a variety of factors. So without further ado, let's get going with bedrooms. Bedrooms are also secured by your wild card. So, uh, it's pretty small, I'd say, Uh, maybe two or three days individualistic. But the important thing is that I'm we've got a really nice force going on floors. You get desk, your standard cabinets, clothes, food whenever I don't know. Yeah, this is the living space. It's a it's a decent size. But personally, for my for my uses, it's just right. However, there are bigger and better things for those of you who are lucky enough to get a large let's go see with again because they're so secure, you just can't get it. Can't get around that. Let's see what our neighbors are up to. Morning. Oh, good morning, guys. Introduce yourselves. Is there a freakin room? I mean, just look around and thistles what you could have if you're lucky, they're all randomly assigned, so it's kind of, you know, I don't know why risk it, but this is the largest size room and it's quite quite large. I mean, just take a quick play ball. Wait. The rooms are very plentifully 21 in this room is very, very close. However, my pretty small, however, I never really ready to problems with having not enough space. I wish there was a little bit more space on the floor on my dresser on. That would not be a problem here Overall. Haven't my lifestyle that way? Probably give it like a 12.5. All right, let's keep moving. Thank God you're leaving so soon, but duty calls. We're in the basement. Baby basement is home to the vending machines and ironically, let's check it out. You see, people are hard at work grinding their booties off. But as you can see over here, there is quite a bit of application way. Have cardio machines people used very frequently. Also, there is a water bottle about mean board. I mean, come on, check out those means, guys, we've got studio. If you're into that, we've got more lose weight. I mean, come on. Great. You know, you It doesn't mean you're gonna be good at what you can do it. So that is 18 38 thing 18 38. Chicago is part of what you would call a residential community that features 18 38 Chicago, Alison Hall and Shepherd Hall. So anyone who lives in any three of these halls actually have access to the amenities at all of the other holes. So we have to keep those in mind. That being said 18 38 by itself has this gym as its main attraction. Amenities and essential ingredients into college experience is the bathrooms, and that's why we're here in the 18 38 4th floor bathroom to see what's going on. Laboratories are sexual, so the first thing you do is so you're not gonna use your friends. And the next thing you know, you're in a dump on the street shower. I don't know yourself. Sometimes the pressures don't think this has your pressure friendly. So, uh, get used to this boy's airspeed, which they have really fast way stalls. That's just over. Although I believe anything else better so, uh, 20 laboratories, Let's talk. Okay. All right. The fact of the matter is it matters a lot more than you might think to be in a great location for your door. There are a lot of storms that are really nice really far. People don't like him. Kid gets where they're going, especially in winter quarter at Northwestern University. That could be a huge problem To consider. 18 38 is very, very close to the arch and a lot of Maine South campus areas. Alison dining halls right there place, which is where we pick up all over packages. Right thing Beach is right down the street. This is crucial to the experience. Now, the only way that I can really judge location based on other Paul. I put 18 38 somewhere. Hires is really close to a lot of the building you're gonna use if you live south and you do sound things. If you are engineered a message, some kind of that kind of major, you might have a harder time living down. It's not impossible that happens all the time, but it might not be ideal for your situation, so location, TV a somewhere around somewhere above 15. It's really good. It's really good. So we're gonna interview some of the person behind the 18 38 social experience. Would you like to introduce yourself? Freshman? Yeah, that's great. That's great. How would you say that way? Not here. Whenever you go over for social life, it really depends on what you need, what you look for him and also the floor that you live on. Honestly. So it's It's hard to determine what will make a good door. I'm gonna put 18 38 honestly on average, like I mean, that's the worst score that we have. But it's not. It's not bad. I would hit the quality of the interactions that I've had. A very, very good I think. For these I have to quantitative. There's no way to actually victor out. You know how good experiences and how you So we're gonna go strictly by one. And I would say in general 18 38 probably left social. Most dorms that being said, I love you. But a final all so balls again. Got bathrooms. Let's see how 18 38 does So 18 30 eights. Official balls rating. 73 Great amenities. We gotta kick in location. Bathrooms are exquisite. We've got a little lacking in social life, but that should be made up work with quality. Thanks for watching. That's what we have for this video. You have any additional questions about 18 38? Warner, Webster, General, Make sure you hit me upside the money. This's Lisa's Cafe. It's one of the on campus restaurants. A lot of upperclassmen drop off the meal plan because the dining hall food is an amazing. So there's a lot of places like this on campus when you combine food. Uh, this place stays open till three a. M. So really good for late night studying. These are sort of. Healthy stuff out. Yeah, that's always a plus. Yes. So yeah, This is pretty much what all those president. Tiny fight. If you have a meal plan, you basically have access to all of us, right? Yes, pretty much.