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Hello on. Welcome to my room. This is my dorm. It's in cheap print, which is one of the residential colleges, which basically dormitories based vaguely around a certain interest shape. It is the humanities a share. It is the double most. The rooms here are doubles, but for shaping is one of the biggest ones on campus. There's now a two year living requirement for the school, so freshman and sophomore year, you will have to be on campus. The rooms are pretty nice. You could decorate themselves. And this was special because a few years ago one of the kids painted a blackboard S Oh, yeah, There's a lot of different ways to have a social life on North West campus, and I've experienced a lot of them with the theater community. Specifically, there is a very sort of tight knit group, and people will have parties at their apartment very often, especially early in the quarter. There's these things called fund Ease, which our fundraisers for shows there's parties. And it's basically to get freshman toe freshman who don't know how to go to a party, will pay to go to these parties, and they're fun and you should go to them. And you should support shows so fun. These air, actually, like super important for the community here. But outside of that most I would say most of social life is Andi outside of fall quarter At most of social life, I would say it's creek life. And there's a lot of like Greek organizations who hold on. It's mainly events like mixture is where they interact with one sorority and fraternity. But a lot of people get a majority of their social interaction through three Clays I like. Also, though, if you do join clubs like, for instance, I mean a cappella group and we very frequently have parties s Oh, there's a lot of little There's like clubs, and there's organizations like P. Wilde and Sailing P. Wilde is a pre orientation program, and the sailing team are sort of. Both of those are mainly social groups on DH, so they hold big events if you're involved in either of those like those will give you a social life. But there's also a large majority people who, well, sort of. I know a lot of kids will, like pre game on campus, will let go to parties on campus for early in the night. And then we'll go on to Chicago and go to bars. And I don't know, I have to do that very often last year, and I haven't really done that this year, but it does seem really fun, and I kind of wish I had, Um, so that's sort of end. There's definitely like a lot of people like you can. If you're interested in smoking, we there's a lot of people this campus who do, and you can have that sort of more chill five instead of the heavy drinking like there is a lot of sort of people who are just kind of hanging out in their houses at night and smoking hangout, which is, I think, a nice, So I'm currently studying economics in psychology, trying to pursue the minor and pipe. I'd say the academic environment is pretty mixed for me just because I'm kind of trying to take a variety of different classes just to meet my distribution requirements. However, when it comes to my core classes in my major like E Con, I'd say they're they're pretty difficult. But they're also I really enjoyed them because they're challenging me, and I know that they're going to give me skills that will really help me in the future. So, for example, my heart is class that ever took so far has been he come three, ten one. Last spring kind of destroyed me, but at the same time, I feel like it challenged me like no other class. And ultimately I was able to get a good grade. Really, because I had to work so hard, some cool classes that have taking right now I'm actually taking archaeology, unearthing history, which is not a class that I expected to take me in an e con major. But I think what's so cool is that you get to take these classes purely because of the quarter system. On DH also have been taking some really cool classes Such asleep. So I really literally studied sleep for an Suction. So I'm a theater major and something that a lot of the majors on this campus say is that like our work really happens outside of the classroom. But honestly, it just like is we have a very light. Of course, load is cool. We're taking, really. They're really cool. Class is the actual in class time is really valuable. We have a lot of really talented professors who come from really like respected areas in Theatre like I'm taking right now. I'm taking dialects for Shakespeare class from Linda Gates, who like top Meryl Streep at Yale and like, is a very talented voice coach. So that's been super helpful. But, yeah, no, my, uh, my I have very little homework, which has been nice, but it's also it's interesting because as a theater major, as I said that you can take a lot of other classes. You're able to take classes in Weinberger McCormick. And so that's been an interesting thing for me to navigate as a theater major in that a majority of my classes or super low workload, and that everyone said, Well, I'll have to take a Weinberg class and Weinberg classes actually do have homework. Do you have really work that you have to do? And so I've been dealing with that personally. But that's just I have a pretty lousy work ethic, and I'm getting better about that. Hey, So this is where I started. Oh, it extends. Over there. If you go even further, you can see the like, uh, you can see the Chicago skyline, which is just awesome. Um, also goes further that way. Um, and usually I'll just come here when just to, like, study, read books or or or just chill. Usually a lot of people just come here and just relax. There's also like the running trail right here. Uh, and that's, you know, you'll find people just running, working out, um it's I mean, uh, awesome, awesome view. Action s O. The student body is great for when I've really liked a lot of the Northwestern students I've met. I really do think that like we have a lot of really intelligent students, and I think intelligent people have better conversations are waiting here. I like really, like, enjoy interacting with just like that. The whole campus is like on on another level is compared to my high school and stuff. I came from a high school in New Hampshire, so like and I think a lot of kids came from sort of not really diverse areas, so you'll hear a lot, But it's a pretty diverse campus, But honestly, it's like, pretty whitewashed. But like also there is opportunities for students of color. And there's a lot of really strong like I would say like organizations to give support groups and like places for students of different identities, different, different, like creates and from different locations. But I would say that like it's a very it's a very rich campus. It's very white campus, Um, but like I still like everyone is still very accepting. It's very liberal. Eso all of those. It's just it's an interesting dynamic honestly, because I think that everyone is like everyone is for diversity, and everyone is like and like believes in diversity, but also just like the way like the way our society works out when you have to. When you go to a private school that costs a lot. It like, really sort of prevents people from do that. And I think Northwestern is trying to change that. So yeah, that's what I would say about soon, buddy. There's a lot of like There's a lot of like, bigger social groups, especially if you are like as a freshman, like having the North Campus. North Campus is a really intense social life. Like there's the dorms on North Campus are also have structured as social dorms. There's a lot of like Elder and Bob are both have communities, and those people all go out together and sort of There's a very, like partying in, like social environment there. I, like, lived on South campus, and there's also kind of a little bit of a weaker but definitely South Campus sort of community that you sort of get to know which is the The theater gives the RTBF kids the middle students. There's a lot of like interaction there, so there's sort of that little bit of that divide. But honestly, you can really just form like they're whatever group there's. There's any group that you would want to find it on this campus, and you can like you could make it. You can make your friend report you wanted to be because there's so many students here that I've really found that's really easy. What till like only hang out with people that I wanna hang out with and really build a strong group of friends that I actually like you want to see. This's Lisa's Cafe. It's one of the on campus restaurants. A lot of upperclassmen drop off the meal plan because the dining hall food is an amazing. So there's a lot of places like this on campus when you combine food. Uh, this place stays open till three a. M. So really good for late night studying. Action. So I am absolutely in love with Northwestern campus. That was one of the that was also wide say, one of the biggest selling points of this school. It is so beautiful, having kind of grown up around the lake my entire life on Lake Michigan. It's been great that I'm actually kind of back on it. I think the fact that we're on the lake just makes the campus two hundred times better than any other college campus that I've been on the buildings such as the Kellogg Building. You have such a variety of like older buildings with University Hall versus the brand new Keller building that literally looks right over the lake and is literally one of the most stunning buildings you could possibly imagine. Evanston itself. I think it's just kind of hits. It's not a crazy college town like maybe an armory for University of Michigan. However, it's still really nice because even go downtown and you'll feel safe. And if you ever kind of want the big city feel, of course, you literally just a train right down to Chicago. So regardless of whether or not you really like Evanston, literally, probably goingto like Chicago. These are sort of. Healthy stuff out. Yeah, that's always a plus. Yes. So yeah, This is pretty much what all those president. Tiny fight. If you have a meal plan, you basically have access to all of us, right? Yes, pretty much.