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Thinking about Oklahoma State University-Main Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Oklahoma State University-Main Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Oklahoma State University-Main Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Oklahoma State University-Main Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Oklahoma State University-Main Campus experience. These Oklahoma State University-Main Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hi, guys. My name's. I am your campus. Really Tour guide slash rep for Oklahoma State. Um, through this week, I'm gonna just take you through my schedule. Post videos about Oklahoma State has the offer in hope that you decide to go here. Um, but again, my name is nausea, and I will be taking you on a journey. So let's get this tour started, guys. Okay, guys. So I have a little time to kill before class, but that these are my classes, classroom building. And then this is the student union. I'll show you all that tomorrow, but I have time to kill. So guess I'll take all through the garden botanical garden thing that's on campus and then show you fate upon. But look at him and well, Memphis is the lovely garden. It's so pretty. A lot of people take their graduate photos here or they just come here to walk through it like, who wouldn't want to walk through this beauty? But this is the student union that is one of backsides of it. It is connected to a hotel and a restaurant. This week. It tease our meal Plan that four star restaurant. It's easier than you playing, girl. I'll be there, Wing I'm fancy. So I'm gonna just take all of it upon Lots of people go there to feed the ducks. And it's right on Greek row, which is a pathway from campus to the Greek houses. Specifically, the Palin IQ house is so I can show you a Greek row and basically a list all the fraternities and sororities campus. Like a long list, like a long list, but there for their state upon. You're building him, Mrs Student Union, I'll show you that. Hey, don't Parker. Really? Now we're gonna walk with you. No. You like it? Check. Yeah. We have. Oh line is special long at once. John the Jumping Jews, This is George. Yeah. Staircases lead at second floor so houses several places. First, it's lunch also houses the office. Oh, diversity college advising financial aid. First our office and other, like important things on campus should come here for This is just a place where you can always coming, eat and mingle and it's closer. They're fun. It's close to regroup. This is where the majority of students and George have their meetings here. This. Thank you, but and also this this right here is the a hand. Multi Greek. Um, not well, tengri my multicultural office. And, yeah, like there's so much to explore here. Wait till I take you to the fourth floor. It's so beautiful up there. It's called Starlight Terrace. It's a good place to take a nap. Be by yourself. You don't want to study. Library got to the fourth floor and yeah, there for four. I just wanted to show you court. Hi guys into campus road tour guide, and I'm here to explain meal plan. So in a previous video, I was explaining how important your badges for your batch is important when it comes to your plan because your mill planned goes on your badge. Now we have four meal plans. We have a bronze, gold, silver and platinum ranges from a low amount of money for your plan to Ojai money on your plan. And so that comes with when you sign up for your rooms here and the higher you go higher going for tuition. And so do you really just go to any dining hall, swiper idea and you get your food and at the end, at the end or at the end of every receipt. Good thing that Oklahoma State's will tell you how much money you have left are your real plans. And then, at the end of the year, that's when it gets crucial. Guys like you've been on ly roll over two hundred dollars on your meal plan. So if you have more than that, people are usually giving up their meal plans going out Tio, eat with their milk plants. So I suggest you use your mill plan wifely. Don't let anybody and everybody uses it. You know, you could be generous here in there, but make sure you use your real plan for you. Use it wise. We don't use it all up in one sitting because then you won't have anything. E. And then what you gonna do, then? You gotta be hungry. You don't wanna be hungry already. He's grumpy. In Hungary. You don't be grumpy and hungry. You want to be want to be fed and nourished. So I just just use your real plan wisely. And then, you know, if you ever feel like mean dinners at the end of the year, then you could give up some money for your mill plan. But until then, just just use it wisely. And when you're using your meal plan, try to eat healthy. Because freshman fifteen is really a thing. It's really a thing. So again, Bye, guys. Hi guy. Your campus really flashed your guy. You're probably wondering where I am currently, and I am at my on campus job. I work for Red Light. I am a desk clerk, so that means I give your packages. I check you out keys. You lock yourself out, give you your key. I charge you I do Small little job that makes a big difference on campus. I know that if you are a student here, you can work here. This's my work. Study job. Still a word, says work, study job, a regular job, something that take up your time when you're bored. It's great and you get paid for it, especially your work. Study. Student government gives you money to work, which is great. You make your own money. We're hoping your tuition and I am out of state students. I need all the money that I could get. But on another new I'm gonna give you some facts about Oklahoma stay. Kind of a Q and A. I'm gonna be like reading off laptop slash my little no card because I'm still soft warning. I don't know everything, so I want to make sure I give you the facts. Details. No state. So where is Oklahoma State? Stillwater, Oklahoma? Basically known a central Oklahoma. We are an hour away from Tulsa and are away from Oklahoma City. We're pretty much an hour from everything. Maybe thirty minutes. Cities that surround us. We are a land grant university. We are a roll whole area. So when you come here, you will see lots of land on the dry period. See lots of land. You'll see lots of cows and horses because this is a land grant. We are a zoology and pre vet school. So that means that our students, I work with livestock and all kinds of other animals. Wait. Our acceptance is moderately difficult. We usually take students with, You know, three point are higher, but you have a two point five. You are most likely to get in. Is it a public or private school? This is a public school. Um, how much is it for me? As a out of state students? It's Yeah, out of state soon. It is thirty seven thousand five hundred thirty six dollars. Help! It's expensive for in state student. It is twenty two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars. And for the base I'm gonna give you right now. Our student body is twenty one thousand nine hundred students for undergraduates and four thousand five hundred one students Sport graduate. So if you think about going here, you're information. Hey, guys. This is my roommate, Caitlin. Me asking her is going to be answering them and just fuel. They weren't timid. So can I. Thank you. I am a current four. What's your major Clyde? Exercise science. In what? Accused? Because I want to be a physician's assistant. And what exercise science has a lot of the same right? Few, which I'll be able to use selective and the school's being so I can't have other jobs that I could do what I'm trying to get in, so not wasting a degree. Why Golden State? I always loved it. And I've been to Stillwater wait thirty times. And every time I came, it just felt like it was gonna be a good fit for me. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would go to any other universities. What? St, Um everyone to family. It's easy to make friends here so many good things and opportunities that come from attending. And my life. Last question is what was given. Don't be afraid that you won't make friends because it is so easy for my friends here that really being so friendly, someone in say hello. Make it into your restaurant the rest of the years of period. Look, guys, that's me in. Hi guys. It's game day today and today we usually like, dress up and like put on our orange attire. We do our makeup in our hair. It was kind of a big thing. So today I will be taking you into the stadium you will get to pick and stadium. Looks like just connected to Gallagher, I believe is the basketball state owned. But you're about to see what goes on. Hey, I have special day, guys, so I will meet you guys in the stadium living. Okay, guys. Yeah, like it's gonna be. Hi, guys. It's me again. Your campus really tour guy. I'm about to give you a tour of my apartment. I am a soft more this year, so that means I can move into an apartment. But you're a freshman. You can also movinto apartment sweet style. In traditional Um, it's a good thing that Oklahoma State lets you choose and let you have several options. And then, um, I found my roommate, Caitlin, through a roommate matching system that you go through when you sign up to check your rooms. And then Oklahoma State also does their rooms by time slot. So as soon as like it's time to choose your room and it opens up, you get on there like fast because apartments and sweets fill up really, really quickly. And then after that, you get a time slot. And then when that day comes in, the time comes for your time sought. That's when you choose your apartment, your room. You're sweet, whatever you wanna call it. But I got the opportunity to get an apartment somewhere, ready to show you what it looks like. It's very spacious, and it does cost a little more toe live in an apartment, but I think it's totally worth it. But if it's not in your budget order, tuition don't do it. Because there are there is a nice traditional commons that I stayed in. It was nice. It was just nice. It was nicer out of all the other ones. So let's turn around and you see my living room. So this is my living room. Um, it's pretty big. It's like a normal size apartment, and I love it. This is unfurnished. So you get an unfurnished and a furnished. But, um, your girl also got her room kind of late, sir. She had to get a furnished. I couldn't get up. I couldn't get a furnished one. I had to get an unfurnished one. But look at it unfurnished, I It looks so good. So you basically just get all the fridge, aerator, the microwave, the microwave, and then washer and dryer. But you're not ready to show you, but you get the washer and dryer and then this is my roommate's room. So this is Room A and then you get about honey, I'm on the second floor. It's the balcony. You have like one little cheer you also, I'm If you live in this area, you also get a volleyball court. And then there's the Griffith Center. I know the tree's in the way, but that's where you pick up your mail. And it's kind of like a lounge where you can just chill and relax and not worry, so we're gonna go back inside. And so you also get a room key for your room and the front door. And so this is a kitchen traitor. Dishwasher in stove. And this is our little set up. And so then this isn't my room. And then this is the washer and dryer is the real college life when you're doing laundry today and that's what we're doing. And so you get this and this and all this other stuff you have to bring, and then this is my room. And it's it's pretty big. You can fit a full in here or queen and Yeah. Welcome to my room, guys. And up the bathroom, Judge, Because my bathroom? Not really, but it's the bathroom, and this is the mirror, and I have another mirror. Uh, you didn't know that? And then this is a closet area. Um, hey, here I am again, huh? This's a closet area that we're not going to look in there for too long because, you know, I got stuff in there, but yeah. So that's my room. I will take you on a traditional to room, but this is just in apartments. Also hope you liked it.