Old Dominion University Dining & Food

Wei have now made it to the newest building on campus hybrid. Are you liking? Yeah, kind of. Yeah. Twenty five four. Every time I get swiping is minus one. That's how us why we're here. Uh, you can also play for India sex points, which is like your campus, my weights, but stuff like campus doors for you. Just buy a ticket. Teo, go. It's here. I can't. Welcome to Roger. Welcome to Brij. This is the newest dining facility on campus isn't open from seventy years to nine. Time wise is better than all the other competitive user can piece, such as twelve or one, which has a full time. So from here, this is where the male plants come into play. I walked with my brings tea and play like, you know, he told me from day one English the way Spike's work. You're given a certain amount of, uh, at the beginning of the semester or years, depending on your point. Most freshmen do all access, so they swiping two dining facility. Such this's many if they came or if you don't have enough, even use flex point. Which is the currency on campus? Uh, like the corner stores we have on campus. The university responses one and So she don't get there. Hey, like Cotton Night eight still. I don't want to get actual food. You got this? Luggage. What? No problem. What? And for the debate. Yes, I am a catch up on the side of a person. No, Get out. Pizza like always. No. I think you're a couple happy. Well, besides Taco Bar, that's all the way down here.