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what is of you guys and welcome back to my channel. So today, as you guys concerned about the title, I'm going to be doing the long awaited it dorm rooms or Okay, so I've been a school about two weeks now, and it's taking me so long because, um I mean, I don't even know we had other things. We have to get an, um, Star room Could be complete it, but I think it's complete now. Well, we have one other thing that we're still China gets together, and then after that, it'll be completed. But I was like, I want to go ahead and get this dorm room up. I don't want to waste any more time, Saris, My parents, guys, you know, I'm not pumping out today were popping out, But I'm, like, pump it out with the natural phase lover period. But before we get into the video, actually, I like coming in subscribe to my channel cause you already know the motto I'm late, you're late. And we could just be together, Babe Perry. And that's on that. Okay. And coming down below. You guys, some more videos that I should do. Like for real for real coming because I don't know what the video shows do. But anyways, let's just go ahead and get straight into 70. So this is our door Super planes. So good, Basie. But when you walked in Hello. So, yes, this is the overthrow of our room. This is my site, Obviously. Claudius, Something from the start on my side. So when you first walk in, you have the mirror. There's they were you pull, huh? So yes, this is my mirror. I just fact it on some box. Israel real ghetto. I'm I have to, like, do what I could do to hop the mirror up. So, yes, this is my mehra. And then these air My, this is my kloppitt. And if you guys don't remember last year, I actually had curtains. We had curtains for a closet. But we got placed in the land issue that has closet doors. Hallelujah. Something over, Michael. Love it. Alex, this is it. I just have my closing up. And then that storage being I have personal hygiene stuff. That's my schoolbag, my dirty clothes. And then in the back, you guys can see it's my being has all my shoes in it and then coming over here, we have another mirror of me. What's that? What? Into my time on my lamp. Boom, baby. So, yeah, over here, I have my shades. Like, I always have my shades late out. Um, this is not all my shades. Okay? Some of my J started home. It's some of learned my car, like I have shaped scattered everywhere, Didn't have all my bracelets and some earrings. I had literally just threw them up. They're late doing here. I got this little fan for when I walk into class. I know how freaking extra in my life. And I just got it from the Walmart. It was $2 and then I have my perfume. So I have this perfume, some bath and body works that my boyfriend got for me. Another one for met The body works, which is saying a champagne toast with which are most out. And I have my bar. So Okay, so what I do for my shower is I keep my bar soap out in a rag, and I just take it because I don't have a shower caddy in honestly, that be too much I also have two of the glade sprays which are lavender in peach blossom. Y'all be still so frickin bomb they make out room smells so amazing. And I just had my lamp that I got for Warmer and my little Tom Better cut. That is so freaking. Q. And it's one Wal Mart as well. Some women go on over to my sleeping area. This is my bid. And if you guys don't know, this is like a pull out couch, whatever. But it's a pullout, bait or whatever, Because I know that last year some comings and people were like, Where do you late girl? You pull it out, we should go. You just okay? I'm sure you have the Incas. That's heavy. You just pull it out and it turns into a twin sides. Babe, I pulled out the, um, the baby for you guys. So now you'll see. It's like a fool Swin size bed and yeah, and then, if you want to just sit on it, obviously you're gonna have to pull your pillow, though. But they're gonna fall. You just pull it out, push it again and you can just sit on it. My comforter said It's from Burlington Burlison Thes Two big fluffy pillows are for Wal Mart that wants from Burr. Loosen this rug from Walmart and that other pillow. It's from warmer, too. And then over here on my wall, which is so cute, Um, this, uh, picture it's from Burlington and there's just a fashion drawings. And then it says down the runway. And this picture, says the little boss, Lady Kajal, are you know, in my sister have our own clothing business, period. And then I have my picture from last year. This is this girl ones on cupcakes and Jesus Hallelujah periods. And then I have this one from last year. That's just a chandelier that I got from the dollar general alone. I'm not happy Lobby Berlitz in Burlington. And these lights, they actually are on you guys. You can tell right now because it's, you know, daytime outside, so it's a little bright. The moon is not dark, but I'll show you guys tonight. When it gets dark, I'll put a clipping. They're actually from Burlington. It's well, and they're so stinking cute. Okay, so Oh, in my letters are from Hobby Lobby and I have season. Freshman year. So yeah, and then my keys. I just have them hanging up here. So So moving on over here to my little desk area slash makeup area slash hair area slash food area. You know, this is a multipurpose area, So I have my suit makeup bag so that one time you should get me has my makeup brushes the name for this When my boyfriend gave me kind of Victoria's secret. I have just a few palettes there. Some earrings, um, hold hearings, mon mirror of that camera. TJ Maxx, I believe just my computer laptop chemistry. Where my binder from water. Honey, Drink that. A shoot and some hair products for me to do my hair. And then I have my limp. That's from warmer. So at the top, I have my snack. So I have sunny D. I love Sonny Thief, in fact, and it has to be the tang g kind. And I have some corn. Okay? Yeah, I am so obsessed with horn. Everybody who knows me knows I love corn like that morning and I want a plumber. And I think they had him in the cup. I said, Oh, yes, they? I'm getting a perfect for college and their the sweet corn. So, you know, just pop it in the microwave and the half some cereal, my two favorite cereals and a little bit of sugar. And then I have me some, um, vanilla caramel lattes, a cappuccino, nothing on normally drink. I always drink the French vanilla, but they were out for trying something new. Some chips, some cups and bowls in my water bottle. And over here, I have Ah, some plates and some chicken ramen noodles. Sorry. And then I have my good Nolan chewy bars back there in the back, which I love, baby. And I love my yahoos. And so coming up top, um, me and my bestie have these lights. She ordered these lights from Amazon for her side, actually. So let me tell you about this. Damn it, Mom, She got us some pink lights that go your curtains off Amazon. And they were so cute. But only once I was working, so we had to send those back. And so she just hung these up. So they're cute. You came on the scene right now soon because so bright outside, But I'll put a clipping. And now I just have my TV from home, some water that tres and then her salute, calm snacks and stuff. And then this is her side. And that road capable woman, too. I don't really I'm just showing our overview her still cause I really know what she got it from. Oh, but I think that that picture for her y'all this is good. Bad from me? Yeah. So, yes, that's literally our room. There's another overview. And then those balls we had last year, they came from hobby Lobby. So that is it you guys for this roots were out that you guys enjoyed its. Um, Like I said, we're still trying to get the light situation speaks. We're trying to get a set that works, so Yeah, but I hope you guys enjoyed this room. Sword. Don't forget the light coming and subscribe to my channel. And make sure you guys comment down the low some video Should Justin should just suggestions should such Justin's so just stunned, Period that I should d'oh and yeah, we'll see you guys in my next video. uh uh uh uh, Yeah. Um No way. So you got to go pick up my text books from my classes. Hopefully, they're ready and just get out of chemistry at the re quizzes, like one free. I think I passed to know about the 3rd 1 Could you know that little horns heart? I changed out of my heels to my cover since in the head to get my classes put back on my blackboard And I had to tell them about a wife. I have this terrible babe. You're looking for my boots. They're supposed to be in here. You heard? What are these? So yeah, those were the books for when I was in black literature. I'm not even in flight literature anymore. I got second of those classes. So she said that my chemistry and anatomy book could have come in with the second ship meat. I was flying. When is that what she said sometime this week? So it's cool. I just have to do my I have my chemistry. We're true. Forget packet does do have a test or queen. Next week, we'll test coming up. Hey, say you get your homework pecking before the tests graded and corrected. But if not get points period path of a beer, eh? Just saying my friend is gone Looking good. You are my African queen. A the girl. Imagine. Okay. Also, I am back in my room. We must any Dean I actually have to. Sonny, He's over here because they were frozen sometimes like living soil so I can drink them. These are the bone like these air the truth to save ditches and Sonny D's and freeze them. Really, Bob, they think like a orange flushing. There's a second ever the free or whatever, but anyway, I'm gone for class today. I just wanted to do it. I could get ready with me in College Edition plus a little mini vlog. So you don't have one class today? I couldn't record in my chemistry class because I had to re quiz. It's and yeah, I think that's hit, though, So just chill in my room. My friend gets back from meeting with Professor and I. Oh, I was able to go hey and do my Roman certifications for my three classes. There weren't a bloated onto my blackboard. I got everything taken care of So now when we kicked out of that class, Perry, get my nails are just like you. Like this one that's about to break. That's why I had to put a Band Aid on it. Because I see I got to keep it on there for as long as possible. And so I go get my feeling. Okay? I need in my field work week, but anyway, yeah, so that would be the cap of faux lit today. Fried chicken Wednesday always live, but it was, like, literally, like lead leads, like girls causing the clip. You have seen the clip, period. So yeah, that's that stays. And I'm sorry for my hands lie. I go home this week and I'm so ready, but best t yelling checked on my most recent videos which was my college moving in My true glory Hair of you and my Donald's were Check him out, check him out. Link will be down in a description periods because you don't need to check him out because I'm buck. Okay, period, babe, Like, come on, please. So, um, I should get a drink of water. H 20 my God, That's it for this little log. You got about six pics of my friend Gets out of her meeting, Herr professor. And, um, yeah, it's actually I like, coming and subscribe to the Channel Bay because I'm late Your lids way could live together, baby. Very. I think I don't see Liggett. Him healthy teeth are pretty, period. Okay, What's up, guys? So it's like I'm almost double what? I already had two places today, so I just got out of my second class. Which booze? Oh, abnormal psychology. And I'm just so you know, like I was I was washing like I was almost like that close. And my teacher don't play like if you're late, she not letting you in the room periods I was rushing, and I'm having some outfit malfunction function like So I had to come to the second floor, and this teacher is gonna give me a the safety pain because I need it from right out. Once I get my safety pin, I'll be cute. But I hate this lip color. I might go to the bathroom changing my edges. Ey're looking a mess length. What? I have to go to the caf, my friend. And then I have my class of the day with chemistry. I'm just like, what? Shoes, though, are they not cuties? I should've got the black red too, so Yeah. Okay. Well, let go. So I am back in my room. New. Okay, so let me just tell you to be happy, because the hair thank you. Okay, so anyways, so, like, So I didn't record this morning. I didn't record my sin o'clock class because, like, I was rushing things like, let me just say I gotta see you right now, okay? So get your drink or whatever, but I got mine periods anyways. So, like, Babe, I was rushing my classes at 10. 50. Okay, I was rushing. I was in my room still trying like Pat makes up to do that. Do I don't like about phone and his a 10 34. I'm like, Oh, my God, I have to hurry up. Because my class is that it's 50 and I need to leave my room. It's him. 45. Okay, so what if I come on mush? Sure. Is Mao functioning like doo doo doo doo doo. My functioning. Okay, so I'm like, I'm asking my roommate basically please. Schemes on my shirt up in the back. Come on. Like maybe if we make it tighter, You know, I don't know what I was expecting. So we go, I go. I'm running a class by this time is like 10 47 year old, and it's a good little mini. Probably five million watts class from my dorm storm like to do? I'm trying, like, run, but not run because I got these heels are owned, and I'm not trying to, you know, do do, you know, hit ground. It was a little love. A lot of people out there and they want to be like, No, she failed because, you know, that's what I want. So I'm like, So I get inside the elevator. Yeah, I hear the door when it's about supposed when I tell you, I spring it for that, but in because it was not going to take off without me. I said it opens. It was packed to the max. I said school over. Meg Room for one more. Okay, I'm getting on. Ivan stepped on my friend's plea. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry. Like I'm sorry. I know he got the flash. Oh, and I got these heels are so sorry. So I'm gonna Here we stop on the second floor. I'm like, Oh, my freaking God, It's already 10 48. So everybody get off. You know, pretty much everybody. You know, I'm not trying to move out the way, so nobody get off. I'm bumping into people because I'm just like, freaking out and keep looking at my phone. I'm panicking at this point, like I'm panicking, like having a mental breakdown. So I got a guide, because this teacher you are Dr. Williams, you don't play, Okay? You if you're one minute late for class, you're not getting in, Harry, you're not getting in. And we have this new rule. You only have to excuse absences, Anything After that, you're getting penalized for We have to sign a contract. And I'm like, this is not going to be excused absence like, Oh, my God. Like no. So I'm like freaking out, so everybody get off. So I'm telling this girl on the on the elevator like girl, I'm about to be late for my class. It's 10. 49 I'm I'm gonna be late for my class. Grocery. Not gonna be the class. So she like who? Your teacher. I see her. I'm like, I got my job. My shirts do malfunction. Okay, My shirt is all over. Open brawl out exposed. And I'm over here trying to rush to get to class because it's 10. 49. We stopped on a dirt floor. I said, Why? Why are we stopping on the third floor? My classes on the Ford. She said, For what? Why are we stopping on the third? So she like trying to help me? How? You know, she presently, you know? Come on, close it up. This lady on the bus, I'm not opposed. Elevators so slow in her handing. I'm like, Get on the freaking elevator, cam. But to be late for class, I'll probably get up there. I'm still in My phone was 10. 49 studio. Any meaning did Think you hit 50. Okay, Any minute. Someone's got. Got got the door's over. Yeah, I'm at the doors on the door. That opened it. All I see is a little crack. But what about the bush student thing? Birthstone. They opened, I bust through and I started running for class. Still looking. My phone is still to steal 10. 49. That was God was looking out for me and I got in the room and I made a young exactly At 10. 50 I was so happy I was sweaty, but I was happy, and I made it. Everybody was like, What's he just like you? Okay, you be running. And I was like, Yeah, I was running back. Let's around like we heard you clocking it in the hallway because, you know, I got heels on, but I made it. I made its and I got a sexy for my shirt. Um, I thought I was gonna miss the calves, so I was like, I'm just gonna go to caf. But then I was like, No, I won't be late from 12. 30 because I really need to go because chemistry So and I'm just going to chemistry and I got there. Y'all guy was looking out for me again and what it said on the door, swell started class pants Hallelujah, Glory. So I was in a caf because I was like, I'm just gonna go by myself. But I was like, No, they have big chicken look like about fly off to play and that we discussed. I mean, you're not doing it. So I just came in my room and some leftover hibachi, and I'm just chilling Tell you my story, I'm That's a clean my big about because I didn't have time to do it this morning in the amateur. You fit. Come to my next class is Aunt Sue. So I recorded a block yesterday, but I think I'm opposed to spot before that block. So, uh, yeah, I like reporting my blocks. Well, yeah, but I don't want to do weekly logs because I'm in my second. Let's let's of the dame in the bathroom come so early. You got a shooting star? If it's okay. Crab? Yeah, like a plan to get me real true. Friends come get you in his Lainey. Just saying you have a liberal. Hello, Wiley. Okay, also, that's the end of this. Log it night, times late at night. Now I went to my 5 30 class and it was algebra. You are really, really like this teacher. Like she has a new professor. I really like her chasing so genuine down to earth in a way, she breaks down this freaking unbelievable. I really feel like I'm gonna be doing so good in this class because, like, I literally was answering everything today. That was math class. You're like, Oh, I don't never be doing especially math, but yes. So that's the end of this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed. It was just like a little get ready with me. And then it was supposed to be like a mini block. But I added today's log in with it to make it longer. So don't think it's a like coming into Skype of the Channel Bay because I already know the motto. I'm lit here lit and we could be together, baby, period, and that's it.