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Convocation Requirement

At Pepperdine each student has to get 14 convocation credits in a semester. There are tons of creative ways to get this requirement done without having to go down to the gym on wednesday mornings! A crowd favorite is Celebration Chapel on fridays: students gather to sing worship songs and then hear a Pepperdine student speak. Students also have the option to sign up for mentorship. Each time you meet with your staff/faculty mentor you get a convo credit!

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Erin Miller
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Alright, So Pepper nine is a Christian school, as many of you know, So today we're going to talk to you about convocation of what that means. I'm basically while you're here every semester you have to get fourteen complication credits, which means you've to show up to fourteen events. Basically, in each one, you get a credit convocation events. There's, like a whole range of different things that you khun d'oh I don't know, Carmen, What combo did you go to on this morning? I went to your combo called meditation combo and basically way just hang out for about an hour. It's called emboldened, and it's based off a book for how to empower women in ministry positions. Yeah, there's also if you don't want to do those air called club conv o's and they go on for six weeks at a time. If you don't want to be involved in any of those. You, Khun Go, Tio, We call a regular combo, huh? It's down in the in the gyms every Wednesday morning. Just come in and talk about a current issue or whatever they're feeling passionate about. Condos last anywhere from a half hour to an hour and you'll have to go to one a week.