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The Plaza!

The plaza is the center of main campus and is easily accessible from all academic buildings. The benches by the fountain have a statue of George Pepperdine, our founder, reading a bible. Those benches are a favorite place to watch the sunset over the ocean.

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Erin Miller
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I'm here with you in the main quad, So it's actually called the Plaza, not the quad. I messed up. We got these awesome plaza classrooms that over here, that's Elkins where the major lecture hall classrooms happened. I'm so ready and was actually at the opening ceremony of property in campus here in Malibu. It's usually on, but California's in a drought, so we can't turn it on. That's a sandbar and has a job, but juice in it. Then that is the T a C. Thornton Administration center. We don't go that often, but the calf is beneath it.