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Hello There

Manav Nahar

India, Management, Class of 2021


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Professional Flight, Class of 2021



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One more thing. I must warn you all way. Have the bus system that there. But you have to have to have to walk all the time. Every time. I always get a comfortable shoes Throw away those fancy shoes. Get comfortable, Shoes. You have to walk. Walk. You might always be walking at least two miles a day that every other regular day. And like after the first, we get the habit of it. So remember, you have to or produce a huge campus. Beautiful campus. Look at this. That is the bell tower you see over there right now with overdrive. This is one of the famous squads we have over here. It's almost green all the time there. But since it's nowhere today, this is the Stewarts end up behind us. Or that he had the Matthew spending the bearing the recitation building and that is good ending. Is that okay? And that is a C l fifty. The class of nine fifty, which has a use lecture all. And I have a math lecture that connection there on our own. Just overdrive over here, which is called the Memorial Mall. Almost everybody comes over here, takes a loop and picks up students. Or the bell tower just rang. We're going to the bell tower, which has walk the Wilmette Active Learning center right in front of that. It's still ringing. Let's try to cure that. Yeah, if you heard that anyways. And there's a myth about the bell tower that you should not cross the bell tower or you won't graduate in four years. There's also under the middle of that. If you take your partner and kiss under the belt over, you guys will probably get married. So up to you. Now let's have you walk. So right now we are top of the union parking garage. We're kind of not close to the dorms right now, and as a matter of fact, we can close for the town. So that's the town over there. Uh, West Lafayette, which is where produce actually located, is separated from the town right next door, Lafayette by the Wabash River. So let's walk over there and see if we can actually see the river. But the towns are very close there, all within walking distance, if you want it. Like if you want to walk down the name of the nickname of, like the town areas called Chauncey, that's where like, all the bars are all the good restaurants and stuff. It's where you go if you're twenty one, but unfortunately, I'm nineteen. So really good on there that much. But a lot of off campus housing over there, too. So if you're an upperclassman looking for a place to live, Chauncey Village is definitely the place to check out. Uh, Yep. So the town is right over there. Unfortunately, you can't see the river, but all those buildings down there, they're all apartments. Me and some friends are looking to get an apartment, but way didn't really act on it. We acted on a last minute, so way unfortunately could not get it. So that kind of sucks. But, you know, dorm life is not too bad at all. There's some dorms that have a cease. Um, dorms that don't have a C. But since I'm gonna be a sophomore next year, I kind of got seniority, so I was able to pick the dorm that I wanted. So I'll be living in Wylie Hall, which it has some really good location right next to them recreation. We'll check the records. For now, let's continue to look around the campus. Yeah. That's right. I'm outside Windsor dining. Gord, I'm gonna go to on the go and show you how the system works. So it's like for one meat fight I won on the sweep. You get four items, three entrees, I think. One Andre and three sides something of that sort. You can figure that out later. I'll show you how On the gois somethings, you wanna grab food or assignment on this case? Chocolates on the gore coffee, hot chocolate, all kind of candies chips. You got everything over there? The only other sandwiches, Everything chips, pick them up. You have this. No. You got the cereals or real chicken? You also have ice cream in there. And the street show. Yeah. Vegetables, eggs, yogurt. You have? All of these videos are peanuts. Then you also have a vending machine over there. Haven't you want? You saw the chips. Get Biggles! Yah! I love these beggars. Coffee? What? Coffee? Iced coffee. And my favorite is chocolate. You ready to go? Dinner packets? So that's one side of the law. You can stay four items, but I think in a way, there's some yogurt. What? You got coffee? Damn, I think I'll take a bag of chips. That is on the go for you. Now we're entering the correct? It is humongous. You want this? Let's get in there, guys. The correct begin with the rock climbing wall. Yes, you can do it for free. Then you have just one ofthe many basketball cards. Multi flows off museum stuff. With boxing room. You have the multipurpose room. Never entering the main floor. The basement of the correct. We have all the gymnasium equipments or the runnings cleaning Bates all equipment for everything. What? Firstly, where you can borrow some sport equipments are some. Yeah, some off your requirements for any game that you want to play at the racquets over here. Some balls, waters, whatever you have for porches. In the basement of PM you have Donald places to eat under the Starbucks, where your your your use your means types In some of the restaurants of Europe I can use your dining dollars are just money. This is it. My favorite place to eat in PMU beautiful sandwiches. You can also use a mere size to get bread sandwich students and started over here. Lemongrass. We have all that prison because produced such a diverse campus. We have students from all over the world. On the website, it says student from one thirty countries. You literally have every single cuisine over. You're on campus and you rest is to solve the off campus. Let's have a look at what we have other than this Wei have L. A p ds over here just on the pizza place. Also PMU market. Just like Rusty's market. You have something to get over your groceries or in food items for drinks Yeah. Let's have another picture story on demolition away. Oh, look at this huge line. No thiss line is to get into Pappy's the barbershop. Yes, that's about it. Everybody wants a looker, the producer for something. You're much too nice. Hello, Auntie Vi. Welcome to my crib. You see, I don't have a major right now, but I do have some company. Hey, friends, it's Laure. Um, I'm going to be giving you a little dorm tour today. I thought I would start off with a little life hack. Um, I got this bracelet at the Purdue bookstore, and it's really Andy Dandy so that you don't have to hold your key. So pretty much wherever you go to school. Hopefully they have something like this. Um, makes your life so much easier if you don't have to hold your key all the time and then for the back of my phone, I got this packet to hold my school I d. And like, a credit card because you need your I d and your key pretty much wherever you go. So just some quick little life hacks for you all and something you should know is that I do not have a roommate right now, So I thought now would be a good time to show you so that I can show you like an empty side of the room and a full side. So without further ado, I'll give you a quick overview of my side, and then I'll go in depth. So let's get this video. We're really doing okay. That was awkward. What else? So here we are. You walk into a door, me thus hooks going on less of storage here. As you can see, we have my desk area. Ah, some random shin eyes that I should probably find a place for my rug, The ottoman and decorations. Fun stuff. So, yeah, that's my side of the room. And now I will be giving an in depth, too. So we got these hooks. Other like, command hooks. So they're very worth it, As you can see, the whole purses. Jackets, robe. Forgot what? This is called rain poncho. There we go. Um, I don't want you to see my room number, but that's like a doorstop. It turns out I don't need one, because that thing right there is magnetic. So yeah, um, not gonna tell anybody which residents hole I'm in until the end of the year. Unless I know you, but yeah, uh, we don't need a doorstop here. So then you come over to this little sheltie thing that I love a lot. Um, it's so cute. I've never done my makeup here because I just do it in the bathroom. Like you gotta what? The beauty blunder. But up here, we've got some hidden snacks going on. Shout out to my friend Caitlyn for that. A spare blanket. Um, then you come down. We've just got all of these drawers for clothes, and I'll show you the inside space on the empty you side of the room. So that's really nice, you know, handy dandy. You can also shut the light off. Then we have the closet. I thought this would be a nice place for my calendar. And you can flip that switch, turn the light on in the closet, which I will show you over here. You've got a towel back. Um, I put my shower caddy on this so much closet space. My mom kept telling me I wouldn't have enough room. Surprised. I have more than enough room this late. And then so, you know, I put my towels up here cleaning supplies, you know, out of season clothes like sweaters here. You also have these two things for whatever a shelf. And yet lots of rooms in lots of room in the closets, so that's very good. Um, then we've got this little wall decoration station, Uh, obviously have some produce stuff going on. I got these at the bookstore. These air, like command strips brand shelves with some fun decorations. And then you have my desk. We have three jor drawers here. The bottom is the biggest. I've got some snacks and chords, and they're like, you know, electron ics, um, school supplies in here with plates and what he's even in here. Oh, yes. Um, or school supplies affairs that block you never know. And then this is my cute planner from target Tissue box. Lots of random storage in here. Um, I brought some crafting supplies, just in case for my sorority. Um, got that at the dollar store. Like how inspirational you feel. Me, this and, uh, got that signed at my grad party. Pencil sharpener. Pretty picture with my busty Margaret. Um oh, I should probably make that p show. Cute little jewelry thing or pen thing from my grand party shot up to Ms Molina and the Morris family. Um, then we have got binders, and basically, this is a really great way to look. Hide storage will not hide things. But if you're just getting home and you want your room to look at me and you're like crap, I don't know where to put this like that. Just put it in there. Nobody will really know unless you're on the bed. So yeah, huge stuff and these air, like the notebook holders. But I saw a life hack on YouTube that said, you should turn it the other way. So it looks more organized. And I totally love that chair with towel on it, you know? You know, let me have this sign here, get lost and find yourself at Purdue. Yeah, Yeah. Um, I really love that area. Oh, yeah. There's a garbage can in the corner, too. I have garbage cans here as well. Um, but yeah, I just put that there for when I don't want to get up from my desk. So then we've got the big rug from Target the Ottoman, which is great for shoe storage or whatever. This was a lord D i Y. Thing, which was super affordable. We've got some Polaroids and fake flowers, you know, fun stuff. and polar and pictures along the bedpost with this cute little thing that is hung from this. Plus my bed. Haven't really found a use for this thing yet, though. I know it's gonna be useful. I just took my phone in there at night, but I should definitely put some more stuff up here. Um, yeah, my bad. We've got a little tassel saying up there, lights under the bed with a ah glow in the dark tapestry. Forgot to show you, but oh, dear, my friends, you'll see them. You saw them in the intro. The kind of messed up the pillows. But just so you can get an idea of what the lights look like, it night, you know, just super cool, bud. Nice and cozy. So, yeah, just see. Know what it looks like in both lighting's dreamcatcher? Just because people have tended to hit their head on this. So I thought maybe this would keep them from doing that. Um, we've got the food time with some cute pillows and this really, really cute blanket I got from Lake TJ Maxx. Maybe that may have been I think I'm totally wrong. Whatever. Then we've got this Coca Cola thing and so many people ask O M g Lord, where did you get this? And I found it at Goodwill. Um uh, Yeah. I love the little details on their coke bottles. I think it was just like a very lucky find. So, yeah, we've got a Coca Cola calendar here that I don't think I'm gonna use, cause I already have so many organizer things, but we've got the cure rigged. The cure IG care. So thing the Xbox that I have yet to use, Um, random cups and bowls and some. There's an apple in there. That's fun. We've got some reusable utensils here. And the teen movie don't want you to see my room number, but yeah, TV Microwave. Hopefully, if I do get a roommate, they will offer their bed, and we could put the TV and stuff under their bed. But yeah, I don't know what's gonna happen there, but then we come to the window, and this is like a glass bottle. It's a memory with my friends. And this water is the cactus. We've got this cute little decoration in this scented thing, so yeah, nice view. I like to wave to my dude friends over there. Those are the dude dorms, if you can see. So, yeah, that's fun. And then this is the empty side. Not much to see, but just so you can see like, um, before and after a girl work, you guys. Yes. Okay, hopefully, this was a decent video. I'm not really good at this man. And this kind of shaky I'm sorry, but yes. Um, if you have any questions about per do doors, let me know. I really love my residents Fall. And I can't wait to tell you what it is at the end of the year, so yeah, tots offer No thanks for watching. Please be sure to subscribe by Something else I forgot to mention is right next to the Union Club. That building right over there, connected by the bridge there. That's the credit school of business. Uh, do do you invested a lot of money into that, so it's actually gotten really good. And of the three really big schools appear in Indiana, I think that there's three big ones, like Notre Dame and Indiana University, Purdue. Uh, I know that I used for their business, but you invested so much money into the school that's turned out to be a great success. So their kids come in here just for business instead of engineering flight. So I think that's pretty cool, and it's not really close to the dorms, but the bus stops right in front of it. So if you have class there, if you're a business major, then you could just take the bus there. No big deal. You'll be there in like ten fifteen So this is my friend Anthony's room. There's Anthony right there. I want to introduce yourself. So I'm Anthony. I'm a game designer. Development major at Purdue wants Lafayette. I have a room all to myself this semester only because my roommate was international student. So the room's been decked out for paying out mostly. Yeah, it's kind of a lot bigger over here once you get in, but I kept a bunk bed because it takes less room and we barely got enough room in here as it is. Yeah. Anthony didn't really put up. Well, he did put up a poster, but ladies get up against the walls Are pretty bleak here, but he has pretty much the same amount of space is my dorm room. He just doesn't really have a roommate roommate left so lucky him, right? Yeah. You know, um has a PC to you're definitely allowed to bring, like, peces different types of games. There are, like, certain things you're not allowed to bring. Like Cury eggs are a big no, No, I think no. Curing our minds. A big no, No. Okay, Yeah, but But now open they know. No. Open heater coffee makers. You can't have a fridge bigger than four cubic feet. You can't have a mic wait more than a thousand watts. So that's fun. Yeah. You get to check out the room however we want, as long as you don't put any scratches, holes or anything in the world. Yes, basically, no scratches. So, yeah, This is what his Does, Tom? He's my IRA. He lives across the hall. So, Tom, introduce yourself. Explain why you chose Purdue. I'm Thomas Sullivan. I'm a junior and Converse Engineering Management and an aria carry quad. Uh, like I said, uh, I trust Purdue because one who is close to home to it that's the way I was able to get a lot of financial help. And three has the best academics for the major that I was looking at the time. Cool. You described the student body at pretty. I would say it's, um, pretty diverse in terms of backgrounds. I think it's something like one quarter instate one quarter international and about half, uh, across the U. S. So you get a kind of a mix of everything all across the board. Okay, What's your major and described the academic climate. Your major, uh, construction is nearing. Management is my major. Um, it's very focused on career building, So we have internships every summer. You get a lot of connections, Teo. Businesses, through our director of internship spread in full. Um, it's an engineering major, so it's still pretty hard, but it's a lot more relaxed than a lot of other engineering majors. Uh, what's your favorite and least favorite part about producing? Why? Uh, favorite part would probably have to be the personality of the people. I feel like we're all kind of all understand how hard it is. Um, and we work together. My least favorite part would probably actually be the weather, so All right. Thanks a lot, Tom. One of the next really cool things we have to produce. We have a really big bell tower, like every single college has a bell tower, I think, but that's just what I think. So this is ours. As you can tell, it is very big. And the one thing that you did not do under any circumstances at all, and I mean any circumstances, is you never walk underneath the bell tower because there's a myth that says If you do that, then you will not graduate in four years and everybody in college once