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Thinking about Quinnipiac University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Quinnipiac University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Quinnipiac University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Quinnipiac University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Quinnipiac University experience. These Quinnipiac University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I'm currently here with an engine, and I know you're currently working. Do you mind telling them what you do? Yeah. So I work here in microbiology. Lab is a lab assistant. I'm a biology major, and I got this job through a student employment. I was granted. We're study funding within my financial aid package, So I worked here about ten hours a week. I make all types of media and plates and tombs for the microbiology courses and disposed of all their lease. So what's your typical workload in your major? Um, I would say that it's anywhere from heavies to, like, moderately heavy. I don't think that there's any part of the semester that's like super slow or I don't have a substantial amount of work to do so. They're obviously times where it's less work, then others. But for the most part, I'm almost always busy and keeping busy and having to keep up with my courses. So why did you choose to come to you? I chose to come here because I originally wanted to be a physical therapist. So I came here for biology because it was close by my home. And when I came here to visit, I was I was basically dead set on coming here. I really liked the courses. I really The campus was gorgeous. It was just absolutely beautiful. And it was actually my first choice. So once they got the financial aid and everything else, I just I immediately committed. I didn't I didn't even wait for a few others people's. So what do you think about the student body here? I think the student body has a good distribution and she would say of different types of people. You have people highly involved in the Greek wife, like the frats and sororities. But you also have other people that are involved in other things on campus. There's a ton of clubs and things to get involved with. I mean, for the most part, I think the student body meshes well. It's a lot like the Tri state area You get like some international students all in all. Like I think it's a good mix. Yeah, there's plenty of sororities. Fraternities. Teo, involved with plenty of clubs weren't involved. Then there's two more student employment. So what do you think they should know before coming to you? Um, before coming here, I would keep in mind that, like the funds, I guess you would say are evenly distributed. It's not that it's not that the science is don't get as much funding as other parts of this campus, the Mount Carmel campus. But I know they just put millions of dollars into the school of business he had up in the chemistry labs. They're still using equipment from, like, the eighties because they wouldn't fund them Tio, get new computers and buy this off there. So I mean, it's not that the science is air lacking. It's just that just because you see a really beautiful like building and the really beautiful class or when you go on a tour kind of think cast that So do you. So they have better funding. Even I think, well, not only is it is North Haven newer, but I think that's like the majority of North Haven is more geared toward science is like you have a lot of the nursing students, a lot of the medical sonography students, so I just think that they put more money into that because that's heavier concentration of science students. So I think that's what I mean, Like, our classrooms here aren't lacking. But I mean, when you go on a tour, they're going to show you, you know, the brand new school of business. Like that's not how it is when you go to third floor Tater. So it's just what you see is I guess not directly what you get depending on what you're doing. Yeah, I agree. So any final advice, you have her upcoming pressure, I would just say Be prepared if you're one of those people that kind of flew through high school with no issues and, you know, got by really well and so did really Well, I depending on what you go into, I don't think that's how college goes. I was definitely one of those kids in high school, and when I came here is kind of shell shock, like, Oh, no. I have to, like, do through four hours outside of the classes I have and things like that. So, uh, just prepare yourself, understand what it takes to do and whatever. Like Major Field, you want to If you're wondering about our most famous campus destinations, I would say the most famous is probably the Bobcat statue. It is located down the road of the student housing, and it's right near the Bobcat Dan, which is also known as The Rat. When the men Taki team made it to the frozen for that was the destination. Now all the students came out to celebrate. Another campus attraction is a sleeping giant, and this is the mountain that is located right behind our main campus. When you hike the sleeping giant, especially in the fall, when all the trees air really colorful and they're really pretty, the view of our campus from the top is really beautiful. Lastly, another campus attraction is our complex courtyard, which I'm currently in right now. It's also across from our Larson courtyard, which is right over there. This is where a lot of students come to hang out to study, and there's plenty of events So I'm here with Ange, and she's gonna give us a tour of one of the labs. All right, So this is one of our microbiology laboratories. We have more than one, and we also have to research labs, like, right at the hall. So you have a class, but we're going with you. So over here we have all our Graham seen stations, sinks and stations for the kids to walk out. Um, here is where we store all the powder is used to make place in tubes. They way I also have a call different story. And then we have a chemical closet which restore chemicals and everything's by alphabetical order. We have to organize it. So pain sometimes. But it keeps everything like nice and neat. Three. So this is what, like a typical class sizes As you can see if booth bacteria now we've cultured and booth typical class size, and people work in groups of two to four. So the prep room, this is where we make all the plates to the media for the grass is way. Had a lot of storage back here as well. I have a whole group. We're students get to store all their work or research if they so choose way Have a lot of things have nothing is particularly dangerous were lower level biohazard. Which way keep nothing here. That one passively cause like severe injury. I think one of the most, you know, like so bad things we have here is Mersa and even then, it's It's not. It's not the place. So we have a partial size on a play fast here used to sterilize all the waste medium. Is it? You just hide pressure and find temperature. Ensure everything's sterile, using extremely often one of our best agents here in the lab. Everything gets sterilized, make sure everything is clean and that there is a nice controlled environment so no one gets sick. No one is spreading this kind of stuff around so like area here with hot plates way have a nice political scale where way out offers all our stuff. Wei have all takes two refrigerators and other like tweezers in back for here that we used to you store some viruses, we store our bacterial stocks there. As you can see, everything is labeled biohazard. You cannot have food back here, drinks or anything like that. We have our closet here. Anything that's flammable has to be walked up. So we have that as coded by the public health department that looks over this lab they commit every two years, do an inspection and we pass, usually so even a big scene. And recently, we got a nice machine. Certain classes used enzymes that have to be under a certain temperature. So ways have a dishwasher here that we never use. This is definitely coming in handy. Served that bench where we keep all our media. There's all different types, and they all do different things. We use them a lot for determining unknown bacteria's which all this micro biology students will do at some point in time. So Nick a lot and make a lot of different things as well. They use it and they go through it. So this is a typical lab. This is what you can expect. A lot of our laboratories, uh, nice small classes. Hey, guys. You hear it? Taylor, we're at the hypnotist event. This is one of the three events that all seniors get with our senior experience there serving food. They're serving alcoholic drinks, and usually people go out Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night. And this is currently Thursday night. So this was one of the events that everyone's gonna come out with two. Usually the hypnotist is a really good turnout. They do a lot of funny things, and it's also held in Burt Kanis, Furqan Jim. And there's plenty events that are usually held in here by authorities, fraternities, clubs, athletics. There's always plenty of events that are going on in this gym in other area, so you'll never find yourself with nothing to do. Please join me in welcoming to the stage Salish way Your booth first human mission to Mars and afraid of flying are now no longer afraid of flying. But I didn't count to three you sitting up in your seats. Get ready to ride of your life. Two. Three Sit in your seats and close your eyes. Close your eyes. Make sure your buckle that nice and tight team. Just one minute in the console above you. There are three green buttons. Look them up now. T minus forty seven in front of Yu's. One bread. Push that in T minus twenty seconds and counting. Thumbs up if you already thumbs up, if you already in ten Not eight seven, six, five All of your seats. Three, two, one. Inspector scratching, inspector scratching What's your power? Things I don't know. So the images show was really was really funny. And don't worry, there's gonna be plenty of events in So when I was a freshman, my favorite place to E. On campus was the Bobcat den. But students refer to it as the rat. Now, downstairs of the route, we have Mondo Sze, which serves sandwiches. Subs wraps Now up sirs of the Rat, You got the typical caf where there's chicken fingers, fries, pizza, pasta. You could have burgers. They added a new option when I was a sophomore, which there was a breakfast station that you can get there. Also, there's a smoothie bar, and there's plenty of snack and drink options there Now. This building is located closer to student housing, which is right next to Hill in front of Nu Village in that kind of area, but even easier. If you see the Bobcat statue, it's right next to it. Now The main calf is located in the student center and near the quad. They have station for chicken fingers and fries, burgers, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, a salad station. They have a breakfast station there. They have a smoothie bar. We're not like other colleges that have Wendy's or subway in their caf. Our calf is actually owned by Chart Wells. Personally, it's not my option of choice Teo, eat at Chart Wells, and I don't want to speak for everyone. But most people that I've talked to don't really enjoy eating there as well. You are given a meal plan that you can use at the rat where the calf. But Charles has been increasing the food prices each year. So try not to use your meal plan so quickly unless by the end of the semester you're going to run out of meal plan and not know what to So for freshman, If you're wondering what housing options you have, you have the option of a double a quad or sweet. Now double is usually buildings. Dana and Irma there also buildings that are closer to the student center. So that's kind of a bonus. For the option of a quad. You have either building ledges or commons. If you have the option between one of them, I would choose Commons because Commons is closest to the student center. If you want one of the farthest buildings, then I would choose ledges. Now the option of a sweet either have Larsen or Mountain View Now. Mountain View, I will say, is much better than Larson. But it's the furthest building out of all freshmen housing. So if you like walking than I would choose Mountain View Now in these rooms you are given a desk, a dresser and a bed. But one of the most important things that you need to bring as a freshman is a fan. There is no A C in any of these housings. Just make sure you bring a fan So I want to first start off by giving you a tour of where I'm currently living as a senior. I live on Work Hill and your killer's. A separate campus from Made campus is actually a campus that is meant for juniors and seniors. But we also have a student center that is located in the middle. In the student center, there's a post office or the cafeteria. There's a fitness center upstairs. There's also some study rooms upstairs that you can use for East View In this building. There is five people for our group, and in each room each person has their own single. There's bathroom. There's a common room. There's a kitchen now. Each of these rooms within Crescent and East view on DH. All the freshman and sophomore housings. Each person gets their own dresser, their own desk and their own bed. Now the beds have plenty of space for sort underneath and each of the desktop plenty of room. I made the choice to bring my own unit that is on top of my desk so I can have more space for my books and whatever I need personally, my favorite place in East view. It is the lounge area. Then, luckily for my room, it's right around the corner. And there's plenty of tables were studying. Yeah, with your friends and get a good view from the windows of the campus. Hey, So if you're wondering about junior housing, you have a few options. You have the option between Crescent West View Townhouse and Whitney. Now Crescent West. You and townhouse are all buildings located on your kill campus. Whitney is an off campus housing for juniors. I know I was offered to it as a junior. Currently, I would love to live on Whitney, but as a senior, I'm not able to do that. Whitney was a great experience. You had a full common room kitchen, and the parking for Whitney is really nice. Where you park. It's right near your building now for crescent crescents, like a long stretch of housings for people. Anger to six you each have a double, and inside there are three double. So three doubles six people. You have a small common room and a kitchen. Now the same goes for West View and Townhouse. But Townhouse. Our building's, located behind Crescent and West View, is actually attached to Crescent. Now, if I had the option of living in one of these areas, I would choose Whitney Whitney was really great. So if you're wondering about living on Whitney without a car since it is off campus, don't worry. They're all shuttles that run there, and it's called the Red Bobcat. And if you ever need a shuttle you got to do is call them and they'll send the Hey, guys. So if you saw my video from before, I mentioned our campus destinations that you guys should go check out one of them was actually the sleeping giant mountain that is located right behind our main campus. What I thought would be a good ideas to actually show you a video I made with two of my friends from freshman year of us hiking about halfway up the giant. I know we didn't do the full hike all the way up the giant, but it's still really fun experience and a really nice fact to know when it's really nice out and you hide the giant. I would bring some of your books and homework with you because it's really nice area there to study. So enjoy this video. I'm a freshman here. Hi. So Sophie and Eva are here with me. We're on the shuttle. We just went to stop it. So one of the great things about Jack is that we have a free shuttle service. Yeah, you call them on demand. They also get you, too. All the campuses. So your kill and then, you know, all the parking