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Everyone. We're here at the sophomore year barbecue here's Sean. Where shot? Yeah, meet A and we're in line to get training this third time. So there's a barbecue and fun game that I could be for us to do that the president called Council put on her No. So I'm here with Taylor right now, and we are actually walking to one of the farthest buildings. Its cast, the College of Arts in time building. And in this building, there's average classrooms that can have class is up to the media, studies, psychology, bio medical science classes. Um, these are average classrooms. Ijust have plenty of desks, a whiteboard screen to watch stuff. Uh, when I had a media studies, it was average workload. We had three tests to test during this Mestre. And the final was the exam in the class. It was basic lectures and we would have a group presentation project, so it was enough workload toe keep you busy. There are actually three parts to the College of Arts and science buildings. There's cast one there's cast to cast three, cast one and three are actually the basic average classrooms. And Cast two is actually the Catholic trample that is located inside that you can see whatever you like. Tio. So I would say that this is the third building that's impacted my academic career here at Quinnipiac. I was here pretty often with all the other classes that I have to take, including Communications, Teo all the basic classes that I would need with math, English science, history. So once again, this is the third building that has impacted my academic career. I've had all different classes here that range from media studies, psychology and usually in the spring and summer time. It's a nice area to come. Relax it on the grass, get a nice view of the pond over there, usually for finals. You can reserve classrooms here and casts and all different buildings, and they're nice classrooms to be studying in. Next building that we're gonna be going to that has impacted my academic career. Here at Quinnipiac is the communication and engineering's building. Now in this building, there is an equipment center located there for all communications majors. There's equipment up to cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, Mike's boom mikes, boom poles, extension cords, anything that you would need. Thio film for your phone classes here. Now in this building, there are plenty of classrooms in this building. This is a very big building. There's communications upstairs and there's engineering downstairs. Engineering labs are very nice, and there's plenty of study rules that are around that you can study for your classes or finals or midterms or anything that you would need any study rooms. There was a table. There's a whiteboard. Make sure you bring your own markers and you have to reserve it before using any of the study room's. So in this building, classes had media studies. Classes have had journalism classes on this Workload involved a lot of writing, a lot of writing, a journal, entries reading a lot of journal articles, but they have done new construction, so there is an editing lab in here. There's plenty of computers. If you can't find any computers to edit in the business building, there are plenty computers to use in the communications and engineering building. Another edition they have done to this building is that they added a small cafeteria where you could get water soups, salads, fruit, coffee, anything you need. Also all the way upstairs. There are plenty of classrooms for any English classes and he generic classrooms that you would need. There are plenty of big lecture rooms, and all the way upstairs that usually go to is for Our library here. A qu is one of our most famous attractions. If you're on the quad or on a tour visiting Qu, the library is one of the most famous things that people take pictures off when you walk in the library. There are plenty of computers downstairs that people can use, or there is also a tech center that if you have any problems with computers or even a problem with your personal computer, you can bring that to the tech center, and they will be glad to help you with any of your technical problems Toward the back of the library. There are a bunch of individual cubby units and comfy chairs for people to use when they need to study now. Try not to fall asleep in one of those computers, because, trust me, they're super comfy now. There are also individual team study rooms that are downstairs and also located upstairs for students to use. But don't forget to book them before using them. Now, upstairs is usually more quiet than downstairs. So when you're upstairs, please try not to be disruptive for any students that are trying to study now about those study rooms. They're not soundproof. So if you're being loud inside the study room, trust me. Everyone in the library can hear you. And of course, there are plenty of books and textbooks for students to check out whenever they like. So right now we're on the main campus quad and this quad is used for all students. Suggest. Relax, study, do whatever theywant. When it's spring in summertime, it's a nice time to just come out. Maybe Leia Towel. Do some homework. Relax. It's nice out there's a lot of Frisbees that air usually thrown around. A lot of students like to take the opportunity. Teo. Raise money further. France. Their clubs there. Sororities. There's usually a lot of events that go on. You know, one time there was a carnival. There was a nice bluff slide. There's plenty of events that go around. It was also the involvement there that happens in the beginning of the fall semester. And all clubs sororities, France like Tio set up tables for all freshmen to come out, recruit new members and just have a good time. Also, what happens on the quad is that there was an event called Fresh Check Day, and ten different stations are set up. All the students get to learn about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, how to stay healthy, stay active. It's usually really fun event to come out to also on the quad. There are plenty of opportunities. Teo sea food trucks that are usually parked right over there. There's food trucks that range from Ben and Jerry's to spuds, which is usually everyone's favorite that sells baked potatoes. There are moon rock trucks. There are plenty of opportunities, but sadly, you cannot use meal plan for these food trucks. Over all, the quad is really beautiful. It's a nice time in the summer and the spring in order for plenty of students. Tto play out on the grass and enjoy themselves and study up. But if you ever get a chance to come to Quinnipiac and lay on our beautiful quiet, don't forget to take plenty of pictures of our sleeping giant. And trust me, it's way gorgeous in the fall, with all the pretty colors on the trees. So I'm currently in the athletic center. I'm in one of the studios right now. They're a studio, a studio be. There's a whole new sound system in both studio, so that's really nice to use currently on the dance team. There's plenty of practices in here. There's also a studio up on your kill, and they have their own fitness center there. An athletic center. There's a track upstairs. There's the gym downstairs. There's plenty of basketball courts to be used downstairs if you want to use them. There was also a variety of machines to be used. Exercise equipment. There's a weight room downstairs as well. Around the corner. There's also another gym called Berke Khan. And there's plenty of events that are hosted in there by sororities, fraternities, any clubs. And there's also plenty of other sports that host events. There wait. Hi, everyone. So we're on the quad. So Claude has all of our academic buildings surrounding it, so it's super funded, too easy to get all your causes, and it's improvised to walk around with it when the weather's nice. So when the weather is nice and it's really high time, people like to down for bringing like Kanji play. And I don't know if you can hear my headphones. But Arnold, our library is singing his Now for sophomores, there's about five options that you can do for housing. There's New Village, Old Village, Pearl Rock, the complex area and hill for New Village and old villagers, about six people in each. Sweet. You have a common area. Each room is about a double. I know from my experience we had actually eight people, and there were two doubles. That we're a force triple is a very big possibility that that could happen. But the difference between New Village, an old village, because they're about the same type of sweet but new village has a much bigger common room. So that's why that was our first choice for housing. Paro is about the same thing as Larsen, So you have a suite, a small common room coming bathroom for the complex area. There's a bunch of different buildings and complex. There is roughly about six people in each. Sweet. Different about this one is that there's a kitchen and a common room in these buildings. Hill is usually people's first choice. It's located on a hill, and there's roughly about six or seven people in these sweets. But the difference is that there's a kitchen. Ah, common room, and there's a C in this building. When choosing rooms as sophomores, juniors and seniors, each person gets their own individual number. Now this number means that whoever has the smallest number gets to pick housing for your entire suite. For example, if you have number one and you are the luckiest person, you had to pick first for your entire higher student body class. But, for example, if you have number, let's say one o nine. You got to pick for your group. That is the smallest number within your entire suite. You on ly get to pick for the time given for a number one o nine. Another option for sophomore housing is actually true, which is located right behind me. And this is just like Larsen. So you out Pearl Roth. Our troops, if you wanna have a small common room of room of typically six So the main arena we have, which is located on are your Kill campus, which I'm on right now is the Peoples United Center, which was formerly known as the TT Center. Now on the left side, we have the basketball arena, and the right side we have is our hockey arena inside their stations that you conveyed by Quinnipiac apparel, toe food, snacks, whatever you would want during the games. If you're wondering how to get tickets as a student, the school will send you an email which has all the games listed for the current week, and all these games are basketball games and hockey games, anything that would be located in this arena. When you get the email, you click on the link. You go on the website and it lists all the games and you just click on which everyone you want and it will say Generate ticket and every student ticket is free. But it is only one free ticket per student, and there are plenty of basketball games and hockey games that will be going on throughout the whole year. One of our most popular events is the male hockey team against Yale. Now this game because it's our most popular. There is one specific date and time that they will send an email to all students where you can go online and try to generate your own ticket. But most likely, this game is going to be sold out. So prepare yourself when trying to get this ticket. Our men's hockey game one year was actually fortunate to go to the frozen for which was a really cool experience for our school. So once again, the Peoples United Center is located on your kill, which whereabout right now. And it's right near all the student housing, which is also located on this campus. If you're wondering as a freshman, how are you supposed to get to this campus without a car? Don't worry. There's always shuttles that go between main campus New York Hill, and they're always running. So Quinnipiac is actually a D one school and fun fact. The women's frozen for will actually be taking place So right now, we're heading to the North Haven campus and North Haven is one of Quinnipiac's campuses for the School of Education, Health, Science and Medicine, majors, a law school and the medical school. And it is located about ten minutes away from winning the X main campus. Now this campus doesn't have a quiet, but I can tell you what this campus does have to offer. Currently I am out north, even campus. There's plenty of room in the center. There's a lovely cafeteria that I'm currently located in. There's a giant courtroom that benefits all the law students. There's a variety of labs local here, first students majoring in health science programs, and there are plenty of practical. You have ranged from diagnostic imaging to physical therapy. Overall, North Haven is a beautiful campus, and I wish some of my classes were located here, But I'm a film major, so my classes remain on campus. Hey, so I thought this would be a good time to tell you guys about what's around in town. So currently I'm in North Haven. North Haven is a town located next to hand in, which is where Quinnipiac dislocated and north. Even there's a target. There's a buffalo, Wild wings or the best by There is a big lots. There is all of garden McDonald's. Wendy's. Michael's. Here is also TJ Maxx. Home Depot. There's everything that you need that's in this town in Hamden. There's a WalMart. Friday's shop, right stop and shop everything where you can get all your groceries there, literally my favorite place in North Haven. I usually come here to go target. We just came from Olive Garden, which is really good to have in this town. Target is one of my favorite places that come to in this town. I always come here for my groceries, but if I need a place to go to, that's closer to Quinnipiac. To get my groceries. I usually go to shop right and stop and shop, which is in Hamden. If you're wondering how to get here without a car as a freshman, don't worry. There's a shuttle that comes this area and it stops right in front of target. That shuttle is called The North Haven shopper is also a shuttle that goes to New Haven is called Newhaven Town and Train, and you get to see the city walk around and have fun with your friends. But most importantly, my favorite thing is going to set a mark. Theatres. The best thing about that theater is that you can bring your cue idea and get a student discount there. And there's great movies, great seats.