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QU Freshmen Housing

This video includes everything you would need to know about freshmen housing.

Video Location Quinnipiac University

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Nicolette Kallimanis
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If you're wondering what housing options you have, you have the option of a double a quad or sweet. Dana and Irma there also buildings that are closer to the student center. For the option of a quad. You have either building ledges or commons. If you have the option between one of them, I would choose Commons because Commons is closest to the student center. If you want one of the farthest buildings, then I would choose ledges. Now the option of a sweet either have Larsen or Mountain View Now. Mountain View, I will say, is much better than Larson. It's the furthest building out of all freshmen housing. So if you like walking than I would choose Mountain View Now in these rooms you are given a desk, a dresser and a bed. One of the most important things that you need to bring as a freshman is a fan. Just make sure you bring a fan till everyone in your room to bring a fan.