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QU Hypnotist Event

This Hypnotist event was hosted on a Thursday night for all Seniors as part of our Senior Experience.

Video Location Quinnipiac University

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Nicolette Kallimanis
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You hear it? Taylor, we're at the hypnotist event. This is one of the three events that all seniors get with our senior experience there serving food. They're serving alcoholic drinks, and usually people go out Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night. So this was one of the events that everyone's gonna come out with two. They do a lot of funny things, and it's also held in Burt Kanis, Furqan Jim. There's plenty events that are usually held in here by authorities, fraternities, clubs, athletics. There's always plenty of events that are going on in this gym in other area, so you'll never find yourself with nothing to do. Please join me in welcoming to the stage Salish way Your booth first human mission to Mars and afraid of flying are now no longer afraid of flying. I didn't count to three you sitting up in your seats. One bread. Push that in T minus twenty seconds and counting. Thumbs up if you already thumbs up, if you already in ten Not eight seven, six, five All of your seats. Inspector scratching, inspector scratching What's your power? Things I don't know. Don't worry, there's gonna be plenty of events in the future.