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What's up, guys? So I am showing you the field really quickly. I can really only get access to it because I don't play sports through the railing. So you're going to see clips from the railing and the kind of outside of the field. But it's kind of right near the entry point of campus. So it's a big focal point for the campus. And then when you passed the soccer field, when you're coming in, the next big focal point you have is Mills Lawn, which is our big lawn, our main lawn All right, guys, so really quickly. I'm going to show you all in library, which is where everything that happens on campus happens. Olin Library has three floors, four floors. The bottom two are talking floors. You collaborate with people and have conversations, and then the top two floors are quiet floors. So when you go out there, you can get some of silent spaces to study and not have to worry about the noise from other people. So it's really great if you need to study. All right, so first off, I want to apologize for the construction that us can most definitely here. But I wanted to pop in with a quick video about the library. There are lots of classes taught in the library on the first and the second floors. The first floor is located down the stairs when you come in the entryway, and it has lots of big classrooms, lets a study rooms as well as the Accessibility Services Office and the Archives. On the second floor has a Mac lab, a PC lab, TJ student, TJ's writing studio and tutoring Center Bookmarked Cafe, as well as plenty of study space, the third floor and the fourth floor quiet floors. So they have individual private study spaces and desks and chairs and comfy spaces for everybody to chill out. They also have a pillow room, which is a giant room covered in a bunch of pillows that's really comfortable for everybody to study in. And then the tower room, which is covered in windows and overlooks the lake and the whole campus and gives you a really nice view. But again, those are quiet floors, so the library is open every day, usually all day, and you can get into the first solar where the library is closed with your our card access. Thie only issue is that you can't talk to people at the circulation desk when the office is closed. So if you do need something from them or if you need to check out anything like a camera, a laptop computer, chargers, anything like that, you'LL have to do that when the library is opened. So any more questions about the library shoot on my way and I'll be happy to answer him in a All right, guys. So right now, I am on my way to career in life planning, which is an office on campus, located in between the wellness center and the bookstore. And what they do is they help you with your resume to help you with your references on all sorts of work stuff. So I'm in this program called the Career Champions Mentor Mentee Program. Um, and I'm a mentee from someone who lives empty seats, and they helped me figure out what I want to do. What that looks like and help me get set up with a good resource is helping you out. So we're gonna go to the CP office and meet with Cassie Burns, who was in charge of my order. All right, So one of these video in one of these videos, I'm supposed to show you my favorite spot on campus. And I think that my favorite secret little place to hang out on campus is right in between all of these buildings. So it's in between the Wilson House and the Sullivan House, and it's this adorable little patio. Hang on, let me show you. It's adorable audio that hasn't quite sunk. I don't know if you can tell and it's a beautiful study on the weekends and like at night time, and it's just a cute little place staying out. And so I like to come here and do my homework or study with friends if I don't want to hang out my room because that's what a true favorite spot on campus is my bedroom. So the album is back. Uh there thinking of going five ticket out. Oh! Those here. There's actually a second floor to our gym. So if you follow me up the stairs, we're going to go and we're gonna look at some of the rooms that they have on the second floor. These include classroom secondary axillary gyms and sports offices. So there's an office right there for sports and P E classes. They're some waiting room chairs, and through this hallway are some auxiliary Jin's and some more classrooms.