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DORM TOUR! | elizabeth hall triple

Elizabeth hall is currently being transitioned into the biggest freshman hall on campus. The rooms will house mostly triples, which I show you in this video. Leave comments for what other kinds of dorms you want to see and I will do my best! Watch to learn some of the most important aspects of your future living space!

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Olivia Llanio
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Elizabeth Hall was formerly the biggest upperclassmen hall on campus and was full of double in triple rooms. They're converting it into a freshman hall for the incoming class. So a lot of these rooms are gonna be triples and double still. So let's go inside and see what it really looks like. Then when you get through this store, there's a little alcove with bathrooms and these two rooms articles that's not going to be a poor around your room. Now, a lot of you guys who are gonna be living in Elizabeth Hall are gonna be living in doubles Infect were converted into triples. So it's gonna actually be way more helpful for you to look at the triple room door video that it would be for you to look at a double one. Um, the only doubles that will be open, I believe, are supposed to be in the lake side project that will supposedly be open in the fall. So if you get signed up in those residents hauls, you might get doubles or maybe even a single. That dorm hall has lots of different kinds of rooms in it, and it has a pool, its own gym in a cafe and a bunch of others and a bunch of other amenities. So even though you're goingto participate in a lot of this construction, it's not going to be for you until you're a junior senior. In the future, I likely won't be here, but that is the skinny on the lakeside project and the most of the construction that has to do with where you're living and what your dorms we're gonna look like again. You're mostly likely going to be in a triple or in a room with four people. If you're living in some apartment, it really just depends. Even many doubles for students on campus this upcoming fall.