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Thinking about Saint Edward's University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Saint Edward's University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Saint Edward's University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Saint Edward's University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Saint Edward's University experience. These Saint Edward's University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

so beyond the palm trees is what we at St Ed's call secret Joe's, because it's smaller and hidden. So I'm gonna go inside and get myself a drink. Hi. Can I get a strawberry lemonade, please? A large, please. Yeah. Thank you. So that it's secret, Jos. And then you walk around outside of Jos and see this weird looking tree, which is very unique. And then we're gonna walk a little bit further and come across Premont Hall, which is where a lot of the staff of St Edwards have offices. And you can visit them there. And if you have any concerns, this is where you would go to talk to your teachers and the faculty So one of the greatest places in Austin and my opinion is Barton Springs and I brought the puppy that I was dog sitting over the weekend there. And then I went to call the bogs with my friends. And this place is great percentage students because they accept proper tender, which is part of our meal plan. And on Saturday I went to Wild Basin, which is owned by St Edwards, and I went for a woman to treat that campus Ministry put on. So that was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of beautiful sights to see, so that was So this is our door good old Texas sign that I designed. And that's my roommates. We have a SpongeBob theme this year. So my roommate's name is Grace and I'm Gracie. So they made a spoke Patrick on. Then you come in in the area. A friend brought this little rug to make it a little home here and a pulling mirror. And this is my closet. It's very spacious. It's like all the space I need. Aiken store things up here, and I have this shelf for all my extra folded clothes, and there's lots of room to hang stuff. And then I have my suitcase down here and some shoes lined up. And then this is my room mates closet, and she chose to put her dresser underneath, and she can store stuff up there, too. And then we have our sink area, and there's lots of storage space down here to I will take out the trash. Don't worry. And then I have a jewelry hangar and just all the supplies I need. Here's a mirror and some flowers. Make it whom Here. Little towel hanger there. And then here's the bathroom. It's pretty small, but It's basically all the space you need. Here is some extra storage and a little plant and my room in her robe. And I bought this small mirror just for extra. Muir is extra vanity. Here's a shark er in that I got I love cats, obviously, and then I hang my speaker there, little rug. So I like our bathroom in this hallway area. It's very efficient. So this is my side of the room we have. I have my laundry thing, and then they provide you with this huge desk, which has really been great because you can like Pilo all of your assignments on there once, and I have my calendar here, which you will find it's very, very important. And then extra storage down here to keep my records, my camera, my chargers, my books, my binders, whatever. I got an extra like electrical socket thing, and I really think that's helpful. My two backpacks and then this beautiful rug that my brother got me for Christmas on DH. My guitar. Her name is baby, and then my amp and this is my bed. Everything here, by the way, was super affordable to me. So really just like go on Amazon, find posters and bed sheets and stuff that you like And that's what I suggest, because I think it's kind of ridiculous to spend a ton of money on stuff like that. And then this is my cure. IC here, which has been very helpful, gets me through many more names. And then I chose to put my dresser down under my bed. You can move the beds up when you move in the drawers or really nice. I watched on Netflix I binge watched tidying up with Marie condo, and so I kind of incorporated that in my drawers and in my room because I like to keep things really tidy if you haven't noticed. And luckily, my roomie is pretty clean. So I looked out on that one and then extra shoes. I have a bit of an obsession, so don't judge me extra storage. And then my mom got me these poetry things, so that's there. That was very fun with all of our friends and stuff. Here's my record player. My roommate Grace has a fan, and then just some extra food storage and stuff. This is Grace aside, she's got the troopers hanging up there, and we both decided Teo kind of try to at least somewhat matching color theme, but yeah, I would suggest talking to remain beforehand about that. She has a very cute calendar and space appear. And then this is her desk and some extra storage there, some hands. And so, yeah, that's a room. It's pretty big. I don't feel like I'm cramped over and, yeah, I love it. So that's the dorm. just drag Still dining hall. They have lots of options. Like I talked about in the previous video. They have sandwiches, macaroni bars on the soup, salad and pizza and stuff on the grill, and it's all really good. And these are the two main seating areas and Max Scale, and both dining halls are open till eight. So this is the outside area of Ragsdale, and we're going to be meeting my friend to hear a here. So this is Basil Moreau Hall or, as we call it, being a TSH and have to use my ID card to get into this building and almost every other building just for safety. We have a pool table here and a ping pong table, which are both really popular and a lounge area there with a TV. And we have a little kitchen here, which I use a lot because I love to cook and bake. And here's a birthday board sort of machine. And now we're going to go to the laundry room, and there's tables and chairs here so you can wait for your laundry if you want. Teo, there's dryers and washers, which will definitely come a noose for you and another vending machines stand there, some elevators to get up to the next fourth, and here's the lobby, and then this is a study room, which is great, for if you need a quiet place to study those people way have a SpongeBob theme like I mentioned before. But every floor has a different theme, and as much as I hope you come to our beautiful campus here at St Edward's, where everyone always has a wonderful time, I think that it's really important to remember that no matter where Ugo to just be yourself. I think that that's what helped me adjust best to moving to a different state and going to school where I knew nobody was also the campus here at St Edwards. But it was also just allowing myself to be me. And it helps that St Edwards is so accepting of one another in such a peaceful place. No matter where you go, remember to be true to you. Wait. Thank you all so much for going on this journey with me. I hope that you enjoyed this tour through one of my favorite places in the world, St Edward's University. And I do mean it, though no matter where you go, remember to be true to yourself. That's what really helped me adjust. And if you do that, you'LL have the best four years of your life. So I hope to see you Here's our beautiful library and let's check out what it looks like on the inside. So So this is the Monday library. There's lots of sofas and computers which are accessible. Teo, all students. And there's thie, upstairs portion of the library with chalkboards and a great view of the outside. And lots of people come up here to work and focus and these air some quiet single rooms that you can book for, like a group meeting. And I spent a lot of time here. Here is Thie Digital Media Center, and the writing center is over there. And there's lots of books, obviously, Um, and like I was saying, I spend a lot of time here, probably like two days out of my week, at least, and it stays open really late, so that's really good. And here's another portion of library. This is FLEC Hall, in which I have some of my courses for my major, and you'LL always see students hanging out out here and from the fourth floor. Affleck There was a really, really beautiful view of the skyline. I mean, come on, that's beautiful. So, yeah, you'LL always see students out here just hanging out, having a good time on the side. So let's take a look at some classrooms. This's my woman's history class, which also happens to have a beautiful view. So after class, I'LL walk out a fleck and past the hungry goat, which is one of the food trucks on campus that's very tasty. And then I will rub. Reverend Folks knows it's tradition here for good luck and then come to our very next destination, full of beautiful palm trees.