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Lacey, WA

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Lee sees an overall great town to come to school in because it's very there's stuff to Dio, but it's also very close net, and you feel like you can really get to know the people in the community. And there's a lot of resources for students to take advantage of theirs. Movie theaters Just five minutes away. Fred Myers with just a grocery store and also there is the legislative building where there's a lot of state offices. I feel like everything is in close proximity of each other, but I'm never bored. There's always something to do. There's downtown Olympia, which has beautiful sights to see. There's museums, coffee shops, their stores. And then there's also nightlife with this restaurant's. Washington is a great place for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, which I personally love to do. On the weekends. There's going to the beach, so recently a group of friends and I, we went to the ape caves, which is about two hours away. People can walk through and explore those lava tubes, which is pretty cool. Students can take advantage of the public transportation system offered in the way C Olympia area with our student i d s. So as long as we have ah, current semester sticker on not soon, I d. We can use a bus transportation system wherever way would like someone's really feel safe to me because they just got a new lighting system around campus. So all the streets are fully illuminated now, and we are situated right between the fire department and the Lacy police department as well. So I feel incredibly safe. Lacey is a great area to be in because it's before resin home buildings. We have Parsons, Spangler, Baron and Burton apartments. In every building that we have on campus, there's some type of community space you know. There's a flat screen TV. There's an open kitchen. There's a fireplace for seems to study. There's also the laundry room. We also have a small exercise room. There's always an IRA on call as well as our residents directors. Our own call campus Life is organized in the Entrapment Union Building, also known as the Tub Host comedy Nice and Bingo Nights and the even hosted spring fast with Superfund. So there was like carnival games. And like cotton candy, community is the biggest value that we try to include in everything we do. We're very diverse and race and religion and disability or ability. And there's just such a mixture of ideas and backgrounds, definitely living on campus. It's definitely helped me meet students flesh around the world. On a given night, I'll have my door open and we just have different residents walked by. I think having a diverse campus next, one Oh, the way of the world now 11 and good. It gets bad, keeps again. Closer the end. It's just a game then Life is getting a lot of our dance again right here and then God, I'll even learn and to Comcast Kicked them all after done. Wanna try common? Tell me what you waiting for. Go on, tell your life is over Loathe Welcome Main down though and other music I will writhe Wait. My name is Jordan Kitchen. Um, I'm a senior at St Martin's University. My grades in high school were not get it all, and I used that as the reason why I wasn't succeeding then and I wasn't going to succeed. And, well, I didn't really know it at the time, But I had dyslexia since I figured that out that I was dyslexic. I kind of like, pushed myself and my mom helped me a lot and and I've been ableto work around those skills. And so when I figured out St Martin's was a small school and they have a lot of resource is to help my high school like told me that, Hey, St Martin's is a great place for you to go, and we really think that you have a ton of success there. Andy for Ennis. I graduated in 2005 and I chose St Martin's University because of the people I met of just looking at the college Brad Cooper, being number one, that it just made me feel comfortable. I remember meeting Joey Petrol. He was an assistant coach here, and he offered me a full scholarship to St Martin's. But my Mom told me that we needed that. Help him. I just thought about that and all the options I could have gone And just say moms, I'm Kaylie Prentiss. I graduated in the class of 2008 when I applied to St Martin's. I received the valedictorian scholarship, which was a four year full tuition scholarship, taking that burden off of myself for future loans, taking it off of my parents for worrying about how they're gonna pay for college. Waas. Incredible. It made the end of my senior year of high school seem like a breeze because I knew I had four years of college paid for So during my time at St Martin's, um, initially I had a little trouble adapting to, um, call A July actually went on academic probation. I think I had about a 2.9 g p a. But actually, after the spring, uh, freshman year, then I found a niche of something I could hold onto. Um, was track and then great started going up quite a bit. And then, as I developed through school and found my major being business administration, the courses seemed to click a lot more. The biggest thing from my four years has been my advisor Genet bureau guy gets like That was a huge turning point in my college career and just in life in general, her helping me to find the right degree to graduate in and to do it in four years, I didn't have to get accommodated with computer science. There's no like dyslexia showing up in the code or any that I didn't have that problem so kind of stuck with that. And if it made me feel normal, I think being in a smaller community where you are able to be heard easier, where people know who you are at value, your input on things gives you the confidence to I have ideas and pursue things you might not normally pursue. One of the big takeaway Cem from college was specifically to give back. I was given abundance through school through this community and trying to give back and serve however I can. When we think about giving a scholarship and making an impact in one person's life and changing potentially that person's life going forward and all the other people that could be affected by that, it's really profound tow us to be able Thio to make that contribution to make that change. I hope that scholarship is that tipping point point that really gives them the opportunity to do the change that you know we're given. And God has given us two d'oh donors. They they're giving more than money.