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A Short Tour of my Apartment

I'm giving a short tour of my Claremont Graduate University apartment! Tour of Scripps dorms to come.

Video Location Claremont Graduate University Housing

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Janet Asante
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So we're stepping off the shuttle now, and we're right here. Basically most students don't live off campus, But because I do, I'm going to show you where I live. Then later on in this tour, I'll show you where some of my friends live as well, but so basically, because it's like a unique here where some of us live here. They gave us a common room in the apartments, and they do little events like last night. Just kind of like build community, which is like a big part of scripts. It's really important here, So yeah, And so because scripts is a women's college, Um, this is, like, one of the on ly co living experiences that we have here. So with the light on, this is my kitchen and basically kitchen things, uh, afraid toaster Gotta have your toti knows and you're waffles and everything. Live in this room and me and Holly live in this one. Like, different color string lights like pictures and posters and lots of things going on here. You know, user, like all of the little clothes and things we have thiss poster frank collision, which is my personal favorite, and then, yeah.