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Mallott Dining Hall

A Partial tour of the Dining Hall

Video Location Malott Dining Commons

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Janet Asante
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Okay, So now we're at the Matlock Commons dining hall. There's a downstairs seating area that has, like, a found ten and a pool. I mean, not a poor as a fountain and, yeah, like places to eat in tables outside. That is Ellen Tree lan over there that has, like, all these trees. Basically, like people can sit outside and, like, even talked to their friends. Yeah, so those heir, the giant stairs where we have matriculation and so basically, like all of the scripts, students, all of us, women, we'll go and stand on the stairs and take pictures. So I like him a lot a lot, because it has, like, lots of outdoor seating, like I love the sun. The weather is always like, super nice here, Like right now, it's pretty much the coolest literal ever again. It's like in the fifties, maybe so, yeah, so let's show you the food so coming. It is always like fruit everyday soups and stews everyday. You kind of met her earlier, and so they're like different kinds of pizza.