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Typical Lecture and Lab

Classes at SIUE are filled with diversity. Our classroom structure is fairly relaxed. Expect to have larger lecture halls for general education requirements! As you continue moving forward in your education, classes will get smaller. The video explains what the typical classroom and lab setup is.

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Jordyn Nimmer
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So today I'm going to take you long to see some of the typical classrooms and labs at S i e. R faculty to student ratio is really good, with about nineteen students to everyone. If you're taking general classes, which are, the clashes will be taking your freshman year and perhaps your software here. The classes can be a bit larger, but fifty percent of the classes have less than twenty students, which is really nice. A lot of the classes have seminar style discussions. Uh, there are a lot of lectures in the more general classes, but as you work your way up into becoming an upperclassman, that's where you start to get more seminar Student led classes. So today I'll be showing you some footage from my organic chemistry class, which I have at nine a. M. In the morning and then from my physics lab, which I have at eleven. We have two three hour labs per week, six hours total. It's really not that bad. You get your work done pretty quickly and get out early in a lot of the labs. You just This is just something that you have money. Workload at S o U E can be difficult turning on your major for premed specifically, which is what I am. You'll have to study a lot, but that goes with any institution. Definitely have to figure out study habits early on, and that'll help you a lot more when she work your way up to more difficult classes. Ah, as an upperclassman since I showed you a little bit of class footage from my organic chemistry class, I want to talk a little bit about relationships with faculty. So specifically with Dr Miller, who's one of the organic chemistry teachers. She is incredible about office hours and helping students. Soon's tow walk in for my cell and molecular biology class. Doctor Darren Lissy opens up his office hours for you to come talk on ask questions. I didn't really do that my freshman year, but I really regret that the faculty are really accommodating and always willing to help. It really does enhance your learning as well as attending supplemental instructions sessions so that students who have excelled in the class before will come and teach you a little bit about each unit they offer session each week s so I go every week for most of my classes so that I can learn the material, but better outside of the classroom.