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Get to know a little bit about your tour ambassador for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville before delving into the videos. Allow this introduction to provide some context on my perspective at the University.

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Hi. My name is Jordan, and I am a student here at Southern Illinois University. I have the privilege of working with campus real as an ambassador to give you the incidents of our university, show you around campus and tell you some information. So you don't necessarily have to come into our campus to get to know us a little bit better. A little bit of background information about me s o that you have some context going into these videos. I am a double major in biology and psychology on a pre med track. I am the vice president of the Honor Student Association and through our honors program, I have a Meridian scholarship. So I am a Meridian scholar, which I can talk about later in this video when I later in a different video. When I talk about financial aid a little bit and talk about the honors program, I also do research at our institution through our undergraduate Research and Creative Activities program, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program which is also known as Rika, offers students with the opportunity to conduct their own research as an ark associate or participate in a faculty mentors research as an assistant. The students have the opportunity to receive a stipend, which I could talk about a little later when I show you around my lab and tell you a little bit about what I do there, uh, through Erica, I also was awarded with the opportunity to travel to San Diego, California, to present my research findings at the experimental biology conference. That's pretty much what I've got going on here. I also work as the online editor for the less TAL, which is our school knows school newspaper. I'm a member of Alpha Fee International fraternity, which is a sorority on campus, and I'm really excited to get Teo to share a little bit about my passions for S a youI and show you're under campus.