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All right, guys, So I tried to do in the middle of all this. So basically, we have soccer field right now. The girls are having the women's soccer team is having practice right now on. They're not having a game, which I was hoping they were academic building way have Mobile hall, which is more One of our more are prick osman arms. They have more, um, they have more singles. Sodas, uh, O'Leary right here. Those air, the more people who want to have singles, accommodation, stuff like that. So we're about to swing around some freshman dorm and another upperclassman Norm. And this is we're going to show you the freshmen Norma actually stayed in my freshman year, Hi. My name is Elation, Cleveland. I'm a Junior Prial science major, and I'm from Dayton, Ohio. Um, I'm part of the dance team right now, and I am Captain Arlie show. Can you tell me about the academic climate here in Spring Hill? I'm back in a comic. They make it very challenging for us, but they want us to succeed, so they make it where we challenge ourselves. But we strive for the greatest and sorry. All right, so we're going to drive to the CAF. Hopefully, these speed bumps do not knock down my camera. It's crazy. This campus is really small, but we have twenty two speed bumps. I don't understand. Like, what do we need them people for? Anyway, you kind of just get used to the speed bones. So But how? Probably hold my camera, too, but I'm to answer a little some questions about this campus. It is a small campuses about um I think fifteen to sixteen hundred students give or take some way have all the athletics, we have drama programmes. We have produce anything a big university has, but just in a smaller size, we have a lot of students that come from up north. You would think being like deep in the South that way wouldn't have a lot. We have a lot of people from Chicago. We have people coming here from everywhere. We have people from even overseas. We actually have a girl on my my basketball team from France. Um, so that's really cool. Unless you ready girl from Spain. What is good? What is beyond my name is Angel Vince, and not be your tour guide for this campus. Riel Teo So thankful to get this opportunity. And today I'm going to give you a little, too. Where of Spring Hill College, located in Mobile, Alabama, which is one of the oldest college institutions in the state on Obama. And a little bit about me from Huntsville. Alabama? Yep, Of north in Alabama. I'm majoring in sia's with a minor in math, and I'm also on the women's basketball team. That's a little about a little bit about me, so let's go ahead and get this to our pop in, My name is Randy Lee. I'm a sophomore year spring. You my major is health care man. Okay, Brandy, can you tell me your least favorite part about Spring Hill? My favorite part of us here were probably the who've been given that I'm on the women's basketball team. Least favorite part about spring. He'll probably be the weather and have the same long So we're walking up right now to the Avenue of Oaks. Right house. And basically, when you come here for your freshman thing, you see this street right here. They blocked this whole street off, and I will show you the end of the street because it goes pretty far down. And you basically walk all the way into here. And this is where graduation takes place. So when graduation comes around, you literally seen ah, lot of white chairs just out here because they're having the ceremony. So this is the White House. So basically, this is where you start an injured journey at Spring Hill College. So you have the house? What? The White House. Right here. It has been renovated. So that's what it looks like. Um, I'm about to walk you down the avenue, not the whole Avenue Oaks published a little bit, because it is kind of, you know, kind of a long walk. So this is the avenue of oaks right here. And as you can see, the beautiful oak trees in they the beautiful oak trees that line this area right here. So if you Quincy, that oak trees on this area, we have some beach volleyball courts, I hear. And that was the math building I showed you. So this is one of his story points on this campus of Spring Hill College is gonna kind of hot out here, But I know that lighting is hitting me good. Anyway, so here's the front of the house, So Yeah, um, I'm probably gonna drive around here and show Hey. All right, So we're in front of the church right now. Um, and I'm about to go in, but I'm not going to say anything because even if they're having service argument or not, I would be really quiet. And I'm just gonna show you all how pretty the inside of the searches and me. I'm not Catholic, but I don't want to this charge, but it is very pretty. And you come in here when you do have a freshman seminar. But I am not Catholic. I still come to the school because I love it. So let's go in. Hi. My name is Lord Tyler. Stop here. It's for you. I'm majoring in coming on, you know, from Roswell, Georgia. Okay. Can you tell me why you chose Spring Hill College? I told sprinkle college because it's very open and very friendly. Everybody had heard about his community based. There's so much to do in the community, and that's when you as a whole. And they're very original, right? All right. So this is Vera. This is a freshman dorm. I say in this storm, actually, last year. This is the back of it, actually. Right now, sir, about it. That's a walk up the stairs. I never walk upstairs. No. All right, So here's the middle of it. And over there is a upperclassmen dorm called skips. We could walk over there, actually. This is where I say that last year. Very nice home with Oh, jeez. As you can see. No, Vera.