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Thinking about Stephen F Austin State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Stephen F Austin State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Stephen F Austin State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Stephen F Austin State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Stephen F Austin State University experience. These Stephen F Austin State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Now we're in the math ability, which you can see me because I just want to show you guys how math class looks like, Um, I'm going to keep it on this with you guys. I took out of remedial math, and I failed it. So nice. Yeti, you found the jackpot. How do we turn this thing on? Whoa, The floor, This is Whoa. This is a lecture lecture hall that you will. Um, I never had a class in here, but I'm pretty sure if your majors more rigorous in mine or like, if you're taking, like, if you're doing science or if your majors math, for example, I'm pretty sure chemistry You're right if you do chemistry than you're probably being here. But I wasn't any house upstairs. But as you can see, we have this big old Now we're leaving the library, and we're going to the East College diner cabinets. Everything way called the, um it's a short little walk. No, this, like very. And we're going to play bass in a couple of freshman dorm's in order to get there. So the first one that we're going to be passing, it's called Lumberjack Landing. It's the most expensive freshman dorm, I believe. Um, but it's also the nicest and the youngest. I believe, um, inside the lumberjack landing, which is this beauty right here they have, um, that's where you would have excised, which is called a supplemental instruction. So it's almost like tutoring, but it's for specific class. Um, and they help you with reviews and and just more information to commute. It's a little bit more one on one if you need it. So that's right there. Um, it's a coed dorm as well. So and, uh, right here, this's called Lumberjack Lodge. And that's upperclassmen, I believe. And that's also Kuwait. That's more It looks like a whole town if you want to go inside and in this one is home. Fourteen. I believe, uh, which is now in all gross dorm last year when I was a freshman, it wasn't. But now it is. So right here is Hall for team. And then in the middle is the cafeteria. And on the other side of the cafeteria there's a cafeteria and on the other side is sixteen, fourteen and sixteen. Look, exactly like, uh, But like I said, fourteen isn't all gross and sixteen, this coed and there are freshmen and I think we'll be able to see it across from the seat Will be steam home. So I'll show you guys I've seen you guys until you guys inside to the sea, Yeah. One thing that's cruel. I don't think so. One thing that's cool about the is that it has this little diner heart which is open a little bit later. Uh, and they serve breakfast to your diner food. So usually when I was a freshman and I was over here all the time, I get home late, and I was basically survival. No, this is steam. It's pretty big. It's those two towers right there. That's Dino happy. I think they're both coed now. Last year, one was a for our boys and I think and the other was all girls. Now I believe they're both cars. I just want to say it's been my pleasure being your Torrey guide. I would like to offer you a little bit more, every bit of advice which is, tio, take advantage of your time and always make informed choices. These two things are important to me because your time here will go by so quickly, so fast and you won't even know where when And by the time you know what? You're going to be a senior and you're gonna be like, what have I done? So I also wanna actually In addition, I want to say that number's on to find you. So just because you have a g p a or degrees aren't where they at just do your best two. Make them higher if that's what you want. But just remember that you're more than a number. You are a human being. So I also like I said, make informed choices, everything you do. Just make sure that you have the right information and that is going to be beneficial towards you. So this is the Cabrera from CNN. Awesome State University, Home of the Lumberjack signing off, wishing Third floor of the education Beauty because I want to show you guys the school honors. So if you decide to become an understood sitting on a contract or any of that stuff, you're gonna have a knife hide out to help you with. So, yeah, there's an honors computer left right here. And then a little. Down area. Relax. But they're quite so They're pretty quiet. It's a study lounge, so that's That's one of the cool things about this. I don't have any question here, and I'm actually not in honors. So I'm only here because my friend and school, so he knows what's up. Do you have any classes here? No, he doesn't have any classes. You know how many forces that before it's four floors? Look, I don't really go in here, so here's some bathrooms and a little table for you. Climb bathroom. That's it from her. Even see lumberjacks living, joining other this's lodge in the corner, which is fourteen and easily in dying and then six. So that's the freshman side. I thought This is where I'll be all the way over there. And this is a little partner for faculty, I think, but it's about to be the weekend. So what? Do you use this? Do you use the study lounge after Neary? As an honest, I didn't do as an honor, said. I do use to study a lot to print out all my free stuff. Oh, because for printing free printing, I do use it to print off anything I need to and then I end up using it, she said. We're going like homework and stuff. It's really quiet, so it's really easy to work on. It is also the lounge area that has like couches and Sub two. We're not really working on stuff. If you are. You want more comfortable. That's a better place to go. You can take a nap and is also a group work table in a different room. That makes it a lot easier but doesn't go in a different number. You don't be quiet in there. One of the most important things to a lumberjack. The fountain. This is a circumstance because with the name, think of our of our school, Stephen F. Austin. And it's just a really nice. It's really nice to have. So this is actually the middle of the campus. So, um, right here we have our education duty and over here. No. We have We have our business ability. And then behind, sir, Conceived we have the library and directly in front of surfing. Steve is our citizens. Um, so pretty. Oh, and this is our liberal arts building. Right here. Over here. Fine. So this is really the center of campus. This is what, and a little further down is what's known as the quad. People come to hang out or the yard. What if you want to call it? That's where people hang out. Um, and it's a nice days, but it's a little late, is usually do throughout the day that people just come out here and just relax before classes or in between classes. Now we're in the first four of the library because there's something to show you. This is our little we are. I think it's fairly new I had to do has come in, sign it, they'll hook you up. So these virtual reality games way have these virtual reality rooms, too. And a little thing awesome. We have to free D. I thought one of them was broken, but I guess not. I guess they fix it, but I think that's frieze running free. In the end, it was free, too. So that's a critical. I think that you're interested in virtual reality. I think sometimes they might offer you a job. R mine. Just become your best friends. This is our field. This the Homer Brice Stadium? I think so. I don't know. Uh, what is the car? We just passed a sign, but Homer Brice Stadium, I think with the checks name is the Pleasure garden. Fletcher Garner. Let your gun here. People come obviously to play that. But obviously we're not in season with this cheque, so, Oh, track season. Um, so people come to exercise open to the public. I think, uh It's very nice, Actually, this screen is fairly new. I think it's too years old. Oh, so it's Yeah, it's a big, big screen and here we're actually on the home side. But our students, excellent is over there. So it's game season. You see this worthy opponents, and so the idea is for us to be louder than the opponents. But that doesn't really happen because everyone sits on this because it's where everyone goes. My name is Gabriela. I am a sophomore, uh, from San Antonio, Texas. And I'm currently living in Nacogdoches because I'm going to one of the greatest schools in the East Texas. Steven, if also State University, home of the Lumberjacks, Axum. I'm currently in Griffith home, and I'm not going to show you my room because it's dirty and I didn't clean it. So judge me if you want, but I'm just here to tell you that, uh, I will be the tour guide, and I will be showing you around a season of awesome state. And I just hope that you guys bear with me because I'm a little boring. I'm just getting try not to be, and I'll try to keep it enthusiastic, and I'll keep it one hundred with you guys. Um, yeah. Ah, a couple of things to know are our colors are purple in white. It's a pretty small school as faras area. But there's a there's like thirteen thousand students. I go here more or less are. Our football team is not that our basketball team is better, but our football team they try, so that's good. That's good. Um, there's nothing. I am not going to really talk about that much because as freshman, you guys really won't be over here because it's on a different side of the campus. But I will show you guys things like like sixteen, which is one of the freshmen dorms, and I will show you the students in here, which is where everyone's going to go. I'll show you a couple of classes on Di show you ah, couple things that I find nice so I can't wait to start with the guys. Now I'm here at Ha sixteen with my friend Isaac. Uh, thank you for letting me use your room, by the way, here you go. Yeah, no problem. So this is mine Door. That's not the biggest dorm with fancies, but and it gets me by. It's got plenty of space. Has got a nice bed. That's adjustable. You could make it all the way of the ground. You could raise it all the way up like me. You could have lots of space underneath. You could put your dresser down here. You put all your food items and everything else. Basically making a second closet. This closet over here. You have your own closet that you only have the key to that. You could lock up with your room key. And it's not funny space. It's also got a really put things You have multiple drawers were quick. Close other items. You have a personal mirror. You've got a personal light for your personal mirrors. Got the same thing over on your desk, which also comes with its own share. But you could change it up. I put myself a nice little pleather lounge chair. So do I have to do. It was actually Maxwell chair is under here. Oh, wow. Because my remains doesn't use the room as much as I do. So the cool thing about sex scene is that it comes with some microwave and a fridge. So because I, for example, in Griffin's where I live, it doesn't come with you. You're not included. Yeah, the cure. It's not. Include, there's a couple of restrictions. For example, you can't have, like, lights. And no, please, no Christmas lights, no hot plates, no untold of pets. That on service animals, no candles. Basically nothing flammable. Anything that could catch on fire. So, no, another thing that's cool about sixteen is that it has carb it. I love it on day. Provide vacuum cleaners. So protest they do. Yeah. And how do you feel about environment that you like? How far is that people in other? Um it was a little strange to get used to efforts, to be honest. Otherwise, it's really nice. You get to know your neighbors, you more or less run into them every single day. Everybody's cool. Nobody's to wilder, crazier, rude or anything, but we all just get along. So it's all good, I think was convenient about the freshmen dorms, is that it's located close to where all the classes are. I think that's why they're over here, because they're all in one little section. We're right next to the dining hall, and then we have the football stadium not but three hundred yards away. And then we got the library just down the street. Ferguson business, etcetera. It's all just a couple minutes. So good. Um, what's your favorite part in your least favorite part about this specifically in sixty. My favorite part least favorite part. Um, my favorite part, I have to say is that a lot of my friends are here. Honestly, like a lot of people that I hang out with are around here, or some of them are even the same hallway. Least favorite part on thing I say is walls are a little thin. So you're gonna hear somebody talking late at night or burp in somewhere. But it's honestly not too hard to get used to it. Cool. Thank you. Now at the normal level of the Cincinnati. This is the dining room, so that's where you would go. Eat. Wei have two main engines, is which is? This one with steel, Um that that door leads to other place. Like music building and the fine arts building. Things like that since dinner, there's a lot of things in it, like restaurants and Wei have three teams right here. There and then way have also little convenience store. We call it The Sea Story. There's also a movie theater, which is two bucks for students. We have some, but the thing about the movie theaters that it. They? So movies that are kind of old, they might have came out like, a year ago, so they're kind of leave, but it still works. I just um so this is I don't know what this is, but it's out here. It's a nice place to relax. Talk to your friends were right by urban bricks. Um, where squeaky pizza. You want some bourbon? Bricks is right next to American's greatest cookies, which is right here. And then it's also next Marble Slab Creamery where you get your ice cream. We're also having Chick fil a that newly renovated. Um, at first, they only sort of couple of things. But now they're so alive. This are convenient. Store see story. Okay. Still, in the city center, we have a couple of restaurants Like which which Panda Express, and we have so. So CAS is check next. I believe soon, if you like that, I hope I've heard a rumor that they're setting it down. And I just hope that's true because I don't like it, um, out of all of them, because I don't like cheerfully either. I know, persecuting, but I prefer which which I goto which which all the time. This is our bookstore. As you can see, it's close. It's Barnes Noble. Over there. You could get shirts, mugs, shirt mouth, your books. You get your books, obviously. From there, you Khun on ly, use your card, cash and financial aid, but they don't take dining dollars. Everything. These take dining dollars you can express which which focus and Starbucks, which we'll show you a little bit. And all the other restaurants I mentioned. They are chicks. You're dining dollars. Depending on which plan you have, you have a certain amount. For example, I have, um, the most basic one, the cheapest one and with that comes one hundred twenty five dollars. As of right now, I have like thirty something they roll over for the semester, but not the year. For example, if you you have one hundred twenty five at the beginning of fall semester, and then you don't use all of them. You're still gonna have those for your spring, but spring semester after that, you need to use all of them because they're not going to