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We're on the sidelines. Just getting there on the hill. Um, it is turf. It's a nice field sometimes. Once we had a movie night, they played the movie Star Wars lasted. I think out here it was rainy, so it was really good. But I think they did play out, too. And for Christmas, Um so it's the multipurpose food, you know, Er it's nice. It's soft. I'm not gonna get on the ground. It's been rainy, so I think it's What? Er, um uh What memories come to mind when you this hanging out with my friends? Wait nights, you know, distance. Late nights. Yeah, just just something. Remember? So you came here during the night and I went out with my friends and just walked on the track? Um, I remember actually, Emily, it was the It was freshman year. It was my, uh, had this girl in my class and I would like him to a football game, and I didn't know anyone, and I was sitting alone, but I was like, Oh, I have a class with that girl. Doesn't know now we're buds, so, uh, yeah, it was cute. We were sitting over there. Uh oh. Way also have concessions. But please, uh, if you value your money, you're not gonna tell done down. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Um, this art box on the same how do you call it? What do you call it? Is the box office, right? I don't know. Box office. It's a theory, but I don't I don't remember what they called it. You know, I used to work in one. Um, and then, uh, I'm going, tio. Jack's charge. Jack's charge. Okay, Jax, Charge. We come out of the tunnel, and then I went into a home game. Obviously, the football players, they come and we they're supported to run after them. And it's It's an experience, I suppose. Uh, but once is enough. You get a free T shirt if you come early enough, but once is enough. Yeah, it's not that you And, yeah, I did it. I did it once, twice, and it was boring. And you can support your organization or No, something just go over just for fun. I mean, it's better with friends. I wouldn't do it alone because I'd be, like, You know how sometimes you get shy when you need to go to the bathroom? So you try to wait. So no one's there or whatever. Um, I think hidden Jim, that's uniforms and state university has Are these bathroom's right behind me? These two. I'm in the post office, which is in the bottom, the basement of the science center. And as you can see, no one's here granted, it's kind of late, but even during the day time, these bathrooms are almost never in use. And if you go in No, I'm not gonna go in, but they smell this smell nice, because no one ever uses them. So if you're ever looking for a quiet place to just get away to breathe for a little bit of the basement, the post office, whatever you want to call it. Right here. It's right here. It's good. It's perfect. I'm on the third floor of the library and this is where group work happened. So that's why it's kind of loud. In here is my friend Mckayla. You come here often? Yes, almost every day. There it is. Are you on the phone for? Like when you talk a little bit. Do you usually on this or why? Like you work better when it's lower. Thank you. And do you come to delivery alive? No. No way. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you. The back of the of the recreational centre. There's volleyball courts, basketball courts. Uh, outside of the wreck. There's tennis courts, but I'm not gonna go over there because I want you guys to see it for yourself. Uh, we also have a pool, and right next to the wrecked we have an H P E, which is the human and physical education. I believe health and physical education, actually. And there's an indoor pool. Oh, yeah, I saw that. I was like, Uh um So it's a nice day, but it's kind of windy. I'm not sure you can hear it because not blowing right now. I think it is, um, but it's a it's a It's a nice campus, and there's a lot of stuff for you to do. Contrary to what some people might say, you just have to get out and do it. Some people like to stay in the room, and if something doesn't fall like in front of them, then they'll be like, There's nothing to do But if you grow out and look for it, you just have to take control of your own destiny, I guess. Make your own choices. You from me. There's always something do. Everywhere you go, there's never nothing you can do. There's always is up to you preaching. The second floor of the student center and back here, where it matters. Just a lot of meeting rooms. And if you look there might be places chill and just study. It goes, I just run up some stairs. I'm sorry. Um, it goes around in a circle. So you, Khun, get to one place? I don't know. You just have to see it for yourself. You got to discovery paying. So here's some more, um, you interested right here. This is, um, orientation programs. And then back here where I'm going to take you guys. There's a lot of stuff these air more like multipurpose rooms. But a lot of events happen in this room, but this one big. So that region sweet, it's very important. And there's directory so you might get lost, but you'll get it eventually. So this is actually just been renovated. They took all last semester to finish it, and now they did it. And it looks really nice, So I'm proud of them. So here, we're passing some more rooms. Right now. This is the twilight bar room. So when you come to orientation, you might. You're going to see you're going to see this later. I don't know where the light switch. Bye. But this is a problem. Maybe we can collect, um and then, Yeah. This is the Grand Ballroom. This's words. I had orientation. They might change it or whatever, but I'm just gonna Peking because they're cleaning. I guess so. So there's a stage and there's people like that. So and lastly, I'm gonna take you guys two. I think I got everything. So I think there's only Starbucks and there's a lot of people, so but we do have a Starbucks and which also got renovated. But I think it was the year I came, so it's a little bit over. Oh. Back here. All right, here's our movie theater index concessions. They have it Thursday, Friday and Sunday. This is our Starbucks. I think they're the only ones that's a gift card. And there's another media room back I'm about to go on my first class, but I'm leaving. So that's that's how I sort of my days. Only, of course, um, passing the other morning, right? Partof. Right now, there's a draft. Sorry. Baker students. Which many different things inside? Look, my friend. What's going on. But my friend Carrie No, I'm late. Oh, that's impaired dodgeball. Say hi, Jerry. I'm making a hold him down. This is just a little bit of folklore. It's not fairly important, but this is the still and the Baker Patillo students in it. The legend says that if you walk on it, then you will not graduate. So it's very, very frequently that you see people going around this leave intern ability. Some people don't care, which you know is admirable, and some people just respect it because it's a nice start. Actually, I appreciate it personally, so I always try to go. I think, to be honest, I think I went on it once, so fingers crossed that I grabbed you. What for? For so Wait, Wait. I'm in the bottom of Cincinnati again. This is the post office, so everyone gets the post office spots. Unless you don't want one, the fee is a their seven or ten dollars. Um switching to one eight four seven minds fourteen eight forces and it's empty. Of course it is great. I never get any mail. So the post office, the bottom of the soon senator so it's The thing is, though, you don't get service down here sometimes I'm not quite sure of the hours, but they're posted everywhere. Not here, I guess You you can buy stamps here. You, Khun, get boxes. I'm sorry. Right now. I'm going to show you guys the library. Are you? I think it's four floors. We also have this institution called the Art. What is the Ark? Stand for this, My friend Melinda, Since for academic, it's a resource in there. You can also get coffee and bagels from Einstein's brothers. There's a lot of computers and stuff to help you out. Here's the are they to you? There's math tables and science tables anything you need. So this is the second floor right now, and they haven't exhibit going on. It's for design or something. And so usually this stuff isn't Indian, but like this. But other stuff that's usually is in here just look like this because the second floor's home to our native East Texas Research Center. So I have a little exit this for you to look at and enjoy. Over after third. Another million office didn't engage program appear. There's to be free printing and scan Trans, but now they don't Sorry about that. Um, I have another meeting. This kind of thing is the leadership in service program office. We also have the Greek lane office, the Greek life office. I don't know because I don't go there. Sydney engagement programs is also their biggest a sherry. And then we have the Purple Haze Association Purple haze. They go to games, and they kind of just hype everyone. So that's their job. And then we have seen Activities Association, which is one of the biggest organizations on campus. They're right here. Um, they do. They do a lot of stuff, so you'll definitely see them around. So the third places, mostly for if you're involved in organization. And I'm ninety eight percent sure that you're going to get involved your freshman year. So one a mother to take you to the office amount of cultural affairs, which is home, too. A different organizations, but it's part of one office. Um, so And they're over here on the third floor, too. I'm part of Organization of Latin Americans. Um And so they also have African to an association, which they're the mark of the month. So they've done a lot of things. I guess. So it's It's close right now because they have hours. It's right here, and so you can come in there to just hang out into bye. There's also driving Jax. There's also driving Jax and student orientation and weeks of welcome. You guys are going to get to know weeks of welcome as first mate, so there's also a hidden place man. There used to be chairs so you could come here to study. But I guess you can study on the floor, and it gives you a nice little view of the campus. You can see outside on this. This is Rusk duty and the science Building, so that gives you an idea where we are so that's that's the third floor. So this disincentive. And you're going to come in here a lot, even even if you're just going to classes? Or if you're just getting out of planets, is. Or if you're going to hang out or if you're gonna go to the movies, you're going to be here We're at the beginning of the Arboretum. We're right by sixteen and a little bit from the library, and we're intramural fields over here, so we're just gonna take a little walk. I'm not gonna go too deep into it because I don't want to spoil it so But I just want to show you guys that there is beauty over here and Magadan sexes. Stephen, a fossil. There's also, uh, garden. I don't know where this food goes, but I don't know if it's just vegetables or if it's plans. I don't know, but it's really cool, actually, are forestry people are really strong here. We have a whole college dedicated to forestry in things like that. There's our Lily Ruth Williams and Color Garden over here. Thank you for the birds to have a little found since I don't know No, Huh? There it is. My friend Patricia. So I think we have a couple of green. I've never actually been in the greenhouse. Oh, it's locked back. I don't know what they do there. It's nice to take pictures. I think people come out here to take their graduation pictures and just get your stuffs in like Patricia. Just a nice little hike or not, even it's not even aah hike! It's more just a little. A little walk. Which one's more intense? A trick or a walk? I mean a hike. Coop. Hey, So it be a trip? Oh, then it's makes over there, huh? So, over here we have I'm not sure consumed, but this is our intramural fields over there. They play soccer. That's actually our soccer field. We only have a legit girls soccer scene. But we have clubs sports as well. So that's where they play. And they played their kickball. I think baseball's over here and soccer. No. We have an ultimate Frisbee. I believe in. They play over here as well. We just went down some steps, okay? And so there's a lot of them. Nature walks out here as well. But like I said, I'm not going to go deep into it. Allow and there's little aren't things if the state garden you have cardinals flying around. You have paths crisscrossing each way. It's the happy. Let's forget it. It's a sculpture stop. Bye, Luke sides from Oak Point, Texas, That's all. They also says, Please do not touch your climb on the sculpture. In case you really had their roots. It's really nice, and I'm pretty sure you can find that hung over the little area. So when you come over here, just don't be a free cause it is to me. Actually, it is a little bit scary, but don't give Behind me is the financial aid office. So yes, I am in the bottom the awesome beauty. Right here's residents like so. Going great here. Financial aid and watch me look out two. I'm going back. You guys, This is important. This is important. Financially, they pretty hopeful you get a financial advisor eventually. Here it is. I'm out here often. Yeah, Every now and then. Every now and then. What do you like about it? Um, like the atmosphere, the environment is very common, relaxing, And I just put my headphones in and just walk around. Are you an outside person? Yeah. I'm not that person when the weather is good. So, uh, so what? Like, do you like the code or the hot? I preferred a warn the warm like this, Like right now. Yeah. So, like, sixty. Seventy seven? Yes. Oh, great. How do you feel about all the art? Don't you see It's amazing what people can think up in her head to get creative. Decent. It was moving up there. I don't know. Um, I I agree. I think that, uh sometimes I wish I could do that. I know. I can't. Exactly. I cannot. Uh as you guys can see, we have our color changing. That looks like fun. I don't know. This stuff looks more like spring to me. And then we have the true story of sunshine. Hit my face if feels good. I'm here with my friend Patricia. We are at the pond eyes their name for the pot, the egg on the ag con here. People come to relax. I think some people even say this. I don't know that there's there's two girls. There's water, found guns, minutes right by our Homer, Bryce State. It's really nice, and it's such a nice day. So people come here. Like I said to relax, people have it. We have kids running around and I'm about I'm about to say you guys into Hall sixteen, which is conveniently located right next to are these college dining hall. It's coed. Last time I checked the first two floors, word for boys in the top two were for girls, so What I do know about sixteen is that it's coed. You said everything was community way. Have this community kitchen right here and the bathroom's air community as well. So that means that's your toilet and your sour are and a different room.