Stephen F Austin State University Dining & Food

I'm like thirty seconds. This means Tamika's idea. Do you like what you see? Or the war? Yeah. Action. Right there, there. Really good lunch. Dinner has, like amazing breakfast. What? You know exactly what I try to come here to the director's another time over today. I want a good lunch here. We're at the holly, see and say eating. What did you get, Eileen? I think it's a good way. As you can see behind me here at the Holly CMC What did you get, Eileen? I got the guests on the engine and they're super super good. And what did you guys get? I got the award. Dinner. Taco Got Casey, your dinner's on. How do you like it? So good. So good. A lot of people come here, don't you? Yeah. Yeah. This one of the spots. It's Ah, it's a little bit. It's not that far from campus, so it's really convenient. A lot of people come here and it's super super affordable. It's great, it's authentic, so that's nice.