Stephen F Austin State University Dining & Food

I'm like thirty seconds. This means Tamika's idea. Do you like what you see? Or the war? Yeah. Action. Right there, there. Really good lunch. Dinner has, like amazing breakfast. What? You know exactly what I try to come here to the director's another time over today. I want a good lunch here. Hello. I'm here with my French to me. Uh, Patricia and my friend Jerry. Look at them. They go by. I just wanted to ask you a couple questions. No. First of all introduced. Yeah. Patricia again. My name is Jerry. I'm a sophomore. And why'd you guys choose this specific? I chose this face because they sent the prettiest acceptance letter, and I also got a really good grant. I chose this place because I actually enjoyed the campus environments. Nice. I'm in a lot of people. I chose it as a baby. So they have my degree, Mr Degree. Pretty occupational therapy held signs. I'm studying accounting. I'm studying environmental science. Howdy, people like the student body. I feel like the student body's pretty diverse so far on It's like everyone's pretty friendly. Overall, everyone's nice. I think everyone super friendly and I love you. Um, You guys tell us about your major. Like how hard it is it that you recommended. Anyone, No comment. My major is pretty decent and requires a minor, but I'm also kind of harder. But I enjoyed it. My major, it's difficult, but I'm gonna hold it together, stay focused. They're determined to make it through. My major is also afraid. She said, you know, working out, it's gone. Is that what you're gonna do, though? Well, I'm actually gonna switch schools to go do departments engineering. So that's me now. Like I said, I think it through. So what's your favorite thing? And least everything about this or just a minute? Just returned. What My favorite thing is the community kind of deal with your friends here on campus is pretty small, often along and my least everything. If I mean the food here, that's funny, because that way, yeah. You. Okay? Everything about that. I feel like there's a lot of opportunities, every foreigner. So if you're looking for a job, as soon as you're trying to corner, there's gonna be someone. Hey, from the wide for this, my least favorite thing. It's really nothing. To be honest, maybe the rain. My favorite thing is the connections and the networking opportunities. At least favorite thing is the food, but I need We're at the holly, see and say eating. What did you get, Eileen? I think it's a good way. As you can see behind me here at the Holly CMC What did you get, Eileen? I got the guests on the engine and they're super super good. And what did you guys get? I got the award. Dinner. Taco Got Casey, your dinner's on. How do you like it? So good. So good. A lot of people come here, don't you? Yeah. Yeah. This one of the spots. It's Ah, it's a little bit. It's not that far from campus, so it's really convenient. A lot of people come here and it's super super affordable. It's great, it's authentic, so that's nice.