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Thinking about Stevenson University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Stevenson University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Stevenson University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Stevenson University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Stevenson University experience. These Stevenson University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Sarah Broccolino

Maryland, Fashion Merchandising, Class of 2021



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So I am currently in the science wing of the Manning. I could not make center. Um, this is on North campus has three floors and north side and south side. The North Side is basically like science Labs. The Celts that has nursing, um it has heart. Like the human me. Use social sciences a lot. Um, Northside has one yourself. That side has three. So we're just like walking the long hauls of the north side. There's also a greenhouse. Just pretty cool. Oh, and if you come through here, there's this nice, great open space after you get to the no. Captain, we must hang spreads. So it's like grabbing go kind of thing with coffee sandwiches, stuff like that. So there's a really nice open space here. Or even just sit and study. It goes up to porcelain. Um, and we had, like, a couple classrooms. Steps come Epstein wound right here. So it has, like, a printer in and stuff. I am. Well, they're really doing the splits up. We're having a kind of open house if you go down that wing there like math. Yeah. If you go down. This wing this way, Starr say, I wonder what gave it away. Nursing backwards, but you could see it. All right, so we're going to go south side steps. I stand off of my time if we're being honest. So the second floor is mainly art. We have some classrooms, but it's mainly art, so until a bit ago. They're sending up for something else right now. But I've been a little bit ago. They had, like teachers are. This is some teachers are This is also some teacher's heart. This is cool. It's like a shadow in the actual thing. A couple of books over here interactive little thing. So your trace stuff? Good stuff. Video screen. This used to protect something. It wasn't just like a bunch of trees. This is my man's Caleb. That's my art teacher is so great. So like this whole thing is pretty much just like communication design. Black labs. Some, like art, showcases Student Han. It's me. I have to do a trip dick. So, like, I was like baseball. It's like fallacy thing. That's my stuff, great. This is also mine. It's made out of Q tips. What? Um It's not finished. I don't like it. We're going. That's also mine right there. We had to do. Three slept in photos, but anyway and getting off track. So if you go down this whole, it's mostly officers. If you go down this hole right here, it isthe sewing and work spaces for the fashion liars you told. Because there's like all these, like things of the halls. Man, that's super great. Like for men if you go on out here. Next to the creative lounge that I love so much. You have just like something classrooms. Going up the steps. It's pretty cool. Let me show you. It's right. Fine some time. Like I was grateful to the subs I like had an A t m one per unit spring, so I had to wake up. It's six thirty because it takes twenty minutes to come. They're about thirty, you know, like to the shuttle, Like I was so tired and I just left on touches the creative lounge. I woke up five minutes before my anguish crisis, which was at eleven, and I ran up the steps so quick because we had classes with third floor, Thank God. But anyway, so have this. So she was like opening. School classrooms, you know. And then you have the super great resource. You keep walking so that I can show you. It's like a library. If you can actually go to the library, it is the Learning Commons. So this is part of space. So we have these awesome little couches and machines. Tables, more tables like charging stations. See? Oh! Oh, my gosh, These great desks that everyone just let's move a desk. But yeah, So there's this great dust that are everywhere. We'll show you what they look like. It's awesome. They're like these little pods. It's so great. Like this is what they look like. You know, you're sitting pull your dress and, like, charging here, turn on the lamp. Just this lamp work. But Yeah, I can't remember how it works. The Slam doesn't work. But when it does work, you can use the land right. And then they have computers. And they also have a pool learning Commons computer loud. The house will know those from study rooms. Chop. It says, Look at those cute guys I'm made of glass. You can write only draw me a racing gently move me just to a study room, so I think I'm gonna right. Say hello. Can you see that? Yeah. All right. Say hello, two. Campus. Oh, my gosh, It's running out. Well, I was going to rape safe Lord Kim Israel, but apparently national airport every here. Alright, I'm just being such a goof right now. Honey, but I'm so glad I spotted the board because creams made in this area. So this is our library. But she works here and she can help us with, Like, if we need help, like fighting source online or anything like, um, printing using a computer, stuff like that. So we have Oh, this is such a great little area. We have a pretty over here also. Little study room over here. Oh, are you going? Oh, look at that is great. Does a white board and everything all right? I really want, Right? Say hello to keep this real. Maybe that one works. They have to daring here, which is awesome. Because, you know, sometimes you have trouble with your classes. I don't need home. And that's fine. So you can go toe academically. You can sketch a little point and you can get to it. Um, that's it for this building. So right now we're in right Cliff Community Centre. It's the student union of Susan, and it's pretty also so, like you can always find people hanging out around here. It's a special day because it's accepting Tuesday. So it's a hub of activity or know about this like it's so crazy. So we have a community kitchen here, a community space where events are held in here. A TV room. Ah ah, TV room Over here, where you can do screenings on Jasmine Cafe is on the other corner, but it's a little too busy to show you that way. All these people, but it has coffee, tea, cookie sandwiches. I just got a coffee and say much from there, and it's a pretty great place. You couldn't have to check it out because it's one of the landmarks of Stevenson, and it's also the place So remember when I said that? Like when you find the Mustang you've got are a bit with your right hand like that? Well, I found one of my committee. I'm currently going to North Campus. You ten, you have two options here. You can walk or you can add the shuttle. I'm gonna walk here and ride the shuttle back because I don't feel like walking both ways. But it isn't may stay out. And I want to show you something. Super pretty, especially during like this graying booth leaves fall and everything. Um, like when you're communing with class, they give you two options. Could they give you, like, three options? Because there's three campuses that we have which we have classes on. We have our own smells campus. If you live on campus, they say, give you give yourself five minutes taking me to class because it's a school of business and leadership. Wei have North campus. This is where a lot of the math science art is. In Owings Mills. We have a lot of computers. Criminal justice. Um, I think like social social workers. And way have greenspring, which is the forest away, and you have to take a car or a shuttle. So they say Five minutes for Owings Mills. Give yourself twenty minutes between classes, so roughly like maybe a half hour between classes instead for a North and thirty minutes. Yeah, thirty, thirty minutes in between classes for Green Spring because the shuttle comes every fifteen minutes for North every thirty minutes. Surname, Spring and you know, walking walking in class. But right now I'm walking toe owing smells north. What shakes about fifteen minutes? I left at. Yeah, I left at eleven. Forty five and it is currently eleven. Fifty one and I just came up on Good morning. L Please excuse my voice. And how crusty am right now? Because I just got out of the shower. And I'm about to show you my morning or James. So I typically wake up two hours before my class because it gives me time to do whenever anyone do, including sleep for another half hour shower or chill. I don't have any glasses, but I'm going to go through my routine as if I did have classes. So rawness. So over years, grab whichever coffee mug. I'm in the mood for today. You really want that one? This one's for weekends. I want this one. This one's my favourite. Want to move to New York? So I think. Park here. Shut the door. Well, it's so hard to do this one handed anyway. So. You know, I just so thank you. I want coffee today or not. And while that's brewing, I'm going legit my makeup because I have time for makeup. Shit. I just wanna grab I want my scarecrow. That's a like who has time for anything else? I mean, she could, like, pause the video for the we're just going to do must carry today because I can't really do what Eleanor one handed. So what is going on? Go through my lashes. I feel like I'm giving you a makeup tutorial, which isn't what you signed up for. I'm so sorry, but Yeah, no, I'm usually a lot more precise than this, you know? Maschera, one hand. Whatever me to me, it's always good to make your breakfast or plant to get breakfast in the morning. I usually have classes on North campus in the morning. So what I do is I give myself thirty minutes. Oh, so that I can get when one of the shuttles it comes every fifteen minutes. Step down there, order a nice breakfast sandwich. It's really awesome. Like also, you can do this what you expected, but yeah, so, like I usually give myself time for breakfast or I've already made breakfast like sometimes on, like overnight oats or like, Oh, do serial. Just sit down and I drink my coffee and I chill. But I don't like these hearings, so I have heard a decision. Coffee's ready. So come on over here. And I only have these. With them later. Wei are about to enter. Well, library. Little reason I'm whispering is because, well, it's a library, so there's like a lot of government kind of books over here, which is pretty cool. They have something for every major. Um, there's these little client desk area and have, like a private place to study. There's group study loans. Yeah, like that. It's is a four hour limit, but you don't look it on the line, which is pretty cool. They even have books for my major him and only suffering. It was criminal evidence. Let anyone so to have come. So far, every major. There's computer rooms. So if you don't have a computer, were if your computer's broke room. If you need a certain where they have it, pierce these comfy little Stuckey chairs, too. We have several games you can run, They also have movies. And then we have the Mac computers. So when the max, you have a lot of the AI software and you also have the adobes. So. Let me have a boost. I'm talking here. Bye. People up here talk. People were looking at me like I was crazy, but it's honey. So if you go in there, you have a bunch of computer rooms and, like computers, have access to enter the study rooms, fans, My favorite place, the one that spent a lot of time there it is the Mack lab that you just saw. It has the whole adobe sleep on it. So way you need to use a W. You can go there without having to pay for it. Comes with your tuition, basically and It's really great. It's a really great place to study anyway, Let's go Hi. How are you? I'm doing just fine. Yeah. Okay, So we are in Rockland. This is the main dining hall. We have some awesome options, depending on how you are. So we have the grill. It usually has Burgers, fries, chicken, that kind of stuff. Girl's cheese. We have hometown, which is like, you know your hometown options. We have the vegetarian option. These are usually hit and miss. Let's see what's on it today because I am definitely vegetarian. Wait. Okay, So we have made to order Deli, so it's like the subway bill better. Wei have homemade soups, pastas, pizza over here. I'm not feeling that pizza again. That's kind of hit or miss if we're being honest. Probably the favorite part, though, is the dessert station is like we have this guy named Walter. He makes the best cookies. We'll just, like, hand them out. Fresh usually way. Have these chains, um, during lunch hours we have a waffle bar way. Have a toaster with a bunch of kinds of bread. Wei have apple butter, butter, cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, peanut butter. We'll bury jelly. You think? Grape jelly, different times and milk cereal. What's up? I'm have a video project Todo, so that's why. Yeah, um, but, um, salad, yogurt, quote unquote healthier oceans or the community girl. So today we have chicken, um, cremate salad, gluten free. Some healthier options. And then over here we have the saute station. So you grab it, please. You make your food. They have great options for everyone, So Stevenson University is in Baltimore County, Maryland. Owens Mills, actually. So it's a suburban community, which is fine, because it doesn't really affect my learning that much. I guess it's quieter out here, but I'm used to, but that's cool, you know, Um, now it's a little over four thousand students, so I guess it's considered a medium school, but it's really small, and that definitely affect you learning. You get maybe twenty people in your class maximum, and that means that your teacher really gets to know you and they like, really focus on, you know, um the weather here. Let's talk about the weather here. It's pretty wild, as you'll learn growing up in Baltimore. I've learned this for my entire life. The weather here is a little crazy. Um, you can go from winter to summer. Just like that. Which we had an experience like that during Fall way. Didn't have, like, any fault, little. It was like summer until September. And then it just became winter. Did you hear that? Loud bang in the background, though? All that noise, They're making us new quad. It looks pretty good, right? Anyway, we're walking to the school of business and leadership where we're going into the You see, this is what I'm talking about with the weather, like it was forty degrees yesterday. Now it's seven. I was wearing a down jacket. Were a crop top like, what is with that? But you know how I said that Stevenson is in the suburbs, right? Well, like lemons, that we have strip malls instead of, like places in the city to go so like way have this thing called Cape strip down the hill and just pull the restaurants and stuff like that. And I'm gonna take you to show you like all the places that take flex. I am, like where you can have a little fun and stuff. So, like, we have five guys, it doesn't take flecks. That's part of your hell plain and freshman year like, so it's like money that you can spend other places there's like a hair salon over here. A kebab place. I don't think they take flex though. Like I've never eaten there. Me, no taco, which also does not take flex. We're getting to the places that do, though. So Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins, they take flex. It's awesome. They're together. They're right here. They have a drive thru to which is great and then? We have bombed Fresco. It's like a sandwich place, right? And it also takes flex. They have great sandwiches, like super gracious sandwiches and soups and stuff like that, like, And their prices aren't bad either. Oh, I'm good. Thank you. Um hey, it's off. Yeah, Across the street. Safe. Hey. So Hey, what is this video project thing like? Okay, well, um Oh, no, you're fine. You're fine. It's cool. America. America. Oh, my guy. I want to be famous. How you do it on television or you're gonna be on me. So using you. How's your day going, man? This weather sensation has is making my mood, you know, not there lifting. I know I was so bad. The weather is with us on a man the best in the lower right hand. Again, we'll right back to where it was yesterday. Exactly. That's what I thought of Mother Nature. Tell you what project is that for, Little Miss? Not for class. It's ho website campus. Real safe. Eight of them gave it up. My name is Winston and I have upcoming YouTube channel. Guys, check it out, guys, there's no progress. No one is getting their All right. Well, how about this? You told me your major, my major, is fashion merchandising by I'm a miner and fashion his eye and I'm going to switch back body. You got that? But Okay, Well, I don't know where you're going, but you're making it too. I hope to be saved. You. I hope you're safe too. Yes, I have pepper spray doesn't think you're a little crazy. So, uh, Teo by campus story. Um All right. So we got I hope here. They also do not take flex, unfortunately, but Hungary was very, um so like, All right, so we got Boulevard circle. Well, this is all Boulevard circle play. And right here, we got five. So that's five, right there. They take Lex. But that was like an example of Hold on. Let me just stop for a second, like you saw him, right? That was an example of, like, you run into so many people that, you know, just walking around and miss, And it's so great because, like, it's like a really small school, so everybody knows everybody. So it's like, you always have friends, You're always running into them. And there was saying, hey, in on your day of it. But he wants a green like, bright sunshine thing. But anyway, here we have some way. Um, they take flexes well, and then we have, like, a nail salon here. They don't take flex because why wouldn't nail salon take flacks? That's for food now. My favorite, please, is the smoothie place. Tropical Spoon Cafe, and they take flex. They have, like, flatbreads on DH salads and stuff like that. And they also sweepings. Of course. We have a sushi place cold, gentlemen, and like, pretty late business hours to like, open toe like ten or eleven. And they take flex like a baby. We have liquor store over here. So, you know, if you're over twenty one, you couldn't get it right here. I bet you they make bank here, and then we ever canvas or like our campus stories. Pretty convenient, though. It like has, like, twenty paper and paper towels and stuff like that. It's like you're feeling that you can get it. So if you want to see a man, there's always activities going on and you check the ESU activity calendar and I want to give you a sneak peek of the total party we're having right now. It's super gross out right now. It's like super windy like, and it was like, really foggy earlier. You couldn't see anything. It's kind of misting right now, but that means that I get to stay inside and show you my dorm, so we're gonna get started with that. So, Miss Stephenson, we have sweet style living. That means we have in a room. Which is my room. A P room. I have two suitemates in there and the bathroom in the bathroom. We have a toilet. We have these two things this great here with great lading. Looks like really good lighting and this shower. Some of the showers with a curtain, that sort of a door. But let's go. It always comes with a micro mini french. Um, it's included in the cost of room and board. So it has a freezer bridge and my boy. And we're back here in my dorm. My roommate has to clean her room or my sweet mate has to clean our room, so we're going to check that later. But while we have time, I want to show you my space. I'm very lucky. I don't have a roommate and pardon the slight muscle before I just got a huge project. Play essentially of room usually comes with two desks, two dressers, two beds and to these little nightstand thing. The beds are totally adjustable by height, and you can also bunk them, but you cannot loft the desk underneath the bed. But that's fine because, like there's so many ways to rearrange the room that it's not really. It doesn't really matter. I used all of the space under my bed like I have, like my makeup under here, a bunch of like boxes that I used to recycle things. My art supplies. There's like so many art supplies underneath here, Auto Man. And like you can use every square inch of awesome. Now my favorite part of my room is definitely my coffee station. Look at it. It's so cute. So I have my four favorite mugs on top of here. K cups in here, honey done. T have a lot of green tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, more mugs under here. And my so great I also have a blender. Um, the rest of the wonder is over here on the shelf, every desk comes with the shelf, which is super useful. I have so many things that I just store. They're like my books and my sketchbook, then my binders and all that kind of stuff you're allowed to have any appliance like as long there hasn't went off switch. There's a couple of prohibited things, but both of mine an on off switch. So we're good. I've seen people with rice cookers, leg pressure cookers, all that kind of stuff. Probably not a toaster. You can't have a toaster, right? But that's when the prohibited list, anyway. So my second Hayward space, though, is definitely my deposit. That's super spacious. Like I still have to unpack my lodger. That's clean, I promise you. But anyway, um, like soldiers, all this space in the closet, you can have enough room for your shoes. Guten put like also, if you have a hanger there, it's super great. I have, like the spare desk in front of, like, the spare closet, because if you use the room or if you use that those parts of the room, you have to pay for those parts of the room. So you don't want to do that. You know, I also have her dresser and there and her little nightstand thing to keep everything clean. And that's it for this part of the room tour and like, I hope you'll enjoy the next part, and