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So you know how I said the quad was under construction? Well, one part of it just opened up, and it's so great. I have to take a little detour from my club, meaning because of this. Okay. What? All right, Lookit. Isn't this great? It's so great. Ignore that patch of no grass and crumpet isn't so great. I'm just so excited. They were right. We really didn't need this green space. So we don't really have a main quad on campus. Well, we never did. Until now. Um, like so we had the freshman quad and the apartment, claude the freshman. Quite a small. But there's a couple activities for, like the freshman to enjoy. Like, i think, austria a puts on waffling and stuff like that. And it's just like they have, like, court home on little booth set up. And i know they had an outdoor movie here. What's which was pretty cool? Um, in the apartment card. It's a lot bigger, and they have a lot more mints. So when it's nice out, they set for stuff like cookouts. Parties like, i know they're setting up for a phone party right now, which is awesome. We had a paint party and the beginning of the year. No my guess is all these things are probably gonna be in our main quad where they can finish constructing it. I'll show you how they're setting up right now, so that, you know, it's not a mess when the phone gets everywhere. It's pretty cool all you like. They're free for the most part. Like usually for these things planned out by map, which is like our student activities planner. They get huge budget, so it's usually right. Um, so they're setting up a tent right now in the apartment quote, and this is what it looks like. Yeah, they sort of the same time during accepted students day some open houses where they have food there. And like the prospect of students come and stay like, you know, eating chill. And they have low these benches and stuff. It's the same one. Also in the freshman quad. We have a beach volleyball court right there. We have a couple of need to volleyball court's down the way too, but, yeah. That's pretty cool. You'll see some people like doing beach volley. Public work squad turns into pacific coast academy from so you want a blind. When it gets more route, you'll see people like sunbathing and throwing a football or a frisbee and playing volleyball. And it's just so wild. I liked to sit on mentions and draw because i'm So you've come across something that you're gonna want to take a picture with. If you come here the school Mustang. Now our school mascot is less than and this is probably the greatest sculpture we have of it in all time. You'll see, like, all this people posting like pictures once they accept to college like standing caroling that they took to the open house. And we have a superstition that if you like, come across one sense on campus, grab it with your right hand and you'll have good luck. So remember when I said that? Like when you find the Mustang you've got are a bit with your right hand like that? Well, I found one of my committee. I'm currently going to North Campus. You ten, you have two options here. You can walk or you can add the shuttle. I'm gonna walk here and ride the shuttle back because I don't feel like walking both ways. But it isn't may stay out. And I want to show you something. Super pretty, especially during like this graying booth leaves fall and everything. Um, like when you're communing with class, they give you two options. Could they give you, like, three options? Because there's three campuses that we have which we have classes on. We have our own smells campus. If you live on campus, they say, give you give yourself five minutes taking me to class because it's a school of business and leadership. Wei have North campus. This is where a lot of the math science art is. In Owings Mills. We have a lot of computers. Criminal justice. Um, I think like social social workers. And way have greenspring, which is the forest away, and you have to take a car or a shuttle. So they say Five minutes for Owings Mills. Give yourself twenty minutes between classes, so roughly like maybe a half hour between classes instead for a North and thirty minutes. Yeah, thirty, thirty minutes in between classes for Green Spring because the shuttle comes every fifteen minutes for North every thirty minutes. Surname, Spring and you know, walking walking in class. But right now I'm walking toe owing smells north. What shakes about fifteen minutes? I left at. Yeah, I left at eleven. Forty five and it is currently eleven. Fifty one and I just came up on What is going on? My name is Sarah Broccolino, and I'm your host for the tourist Stevens in university. But allow me to tell you a bit about myself before I tell you anything about campus. So I'm a freshman fashion in my major with a minor in fashion merchandising. I'm on three clubs and in the e board of one that since we're executive board and I'm the PR for next year. Anyway, um, I live on campus, but I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, which is about twenty minutes out. That's the closest city, too this campus. But that's all right, because it's pretty cool right earlier, So this is good bye. Um, I just wanted to say a couple things. I am so grateful for you guys coming along with me on the starting. I've had so much fun, like showing you the campus and everything and where people hang out and what people d'oh, um and I'm very like I wanted to say that just no why you're here. If you have a reason for coming here, no it and stick with it. Also follow your gut it and be prepared because college doesn't seem hard and it's not hard if you're on top of your work. But it it can be very taxing on your emotions sometimes. And I just want you to know that, Oh, as an art student, I spent a lot of time indoors, like so much and you become. And Stevenson, you become very close with your other art students because you guys are on the same schedule and you're no everything, like, you know everything about each other because you're always together or you're like on Lee talking to each other because everyone else is like they can bring their stuff with them. They can study and socialize with other people. You have to stay in your room home and do it also, if you find your roommates. Talk to them about the whole a room B room thing, because the rooms do get bigger with everything, like when you become a sophomore and junior and senior year. But in freshman year, maybe find another art student to room with on Facebook. I joined the group chats, and the message is in the social media and stuff like that because you will find bonds last forever there and just find an art roomy and like negotiate like two or non art suite needs and be like, We have all this stuff and we would not have room for in the B room. Come. So let's get a room, you know, and we're like, find people that, like, really wouldn't mind, you know? That's my advice. But I hope you guys had a cz much fun with me as I did with you. I'LL see you or you'll see me. You know what? That doesn't even matter. I hope you guys have a good life. If you don't go toe clipper. You really even a student? This is what it looks like. And it's pretty much the center of our campus. It's where all of the shuttle's come off, and it has just was camping and a bunch of Lake Hangout spots in there. It's totally a landmark because everyone needs at Radcliffe. Hey, what's up? Uh, videos. I know. Hi. What's up? Kind of crazy. No, no, you don't look crazy. This is our stadium, Jim. It's the main one of Stevenson. Hey, Cassie. You We have a bunch of dumbbells, barbells called way equipment, strength equipment. You know, stuff like that. Um, we have, like, Matz, which are pretty great because, like, you know, that you could do, like, cardio and stuff like that too. It's cardio machines. So we have, like, um, treadmills, bikes, stair step ellipticals. And then we, like, also have classes that you consent for, which are pretty cool ink. We have yoga classes and stuff like that. Wei have, like hit classes. I prefer to do my hair at the gym, but yeah. All right. So, Cassie, what are you doing? I'm sending for squad. How often do you go to the gym? And they're open pretty late, right? Yes. There have been some night real business. Then there's two other guns on campus. Okay, so I just came off the shuttle. I mean, like, it's not really coming to class. Basically. What, you d'Oh you walk from your dorm? Mine is over there. You walk to the shuttle over Iraq, you get in the shuttle, you get off. Um and you go to your class. So right behind me is where the quad starts. It's probably the least completed part. Um And right next to me is Rockland. It has candy news attached to it. Rocklin. Kkamini's are too mean dining options on Main campus. So Rocklin is open during traditional ours from I think, like seven to nine for extended dining. And then candy means is usually open until twelve except her on the weekends. Um, they also have an upstairs portion of Rockland that has, like activities is well, like in the winner. If there's like a dance being held or something, typically it'll be in Rockland conference room. So we're coming up on one of the more completed parts. I'm very excited to show you it, but as we come up, all those parts I want to show you. Yeah, um, Garrison North wishes where you'll have, like, freshmen advising. It's right here. Um, and I think there's also computer rooms next to their and tutoring. Yeah, so look at that. Isn't it so cool? We've never had this much green space here. It looked kind of like a I don't know, like a business park before, but not to bash Stevenson. Now they're doing really good progress on this part. Okay, I'm running, and I most We're coming up on years in south, which is another thing. They've kind of reconstructs. There's gaming rooms here. And like a little recreational gym, which I'll show you as I walked past them because, like, you got to swipe into get Not that it costs anything, but okay, look at that. Isn't that awesome? And then it should be done by me. And then that's like the preview, okay? So can you see that? So there's only one thing, Mike. Yeah. So they supercomputers on, like, ultrasound sets And, like, there's, like a little place to hang out here with, like, vending machines, if you can see it. Yeah, you could see the shares from the vending machines. A man, the gym. Well, that's more like a little. Has, like a couple weighted ropes on DH like cardio machines and that kind of stuff there, but I'll give them their privacy. Some people are sensitive when we were now, but yeah. We're coming up on a super important time right now with school of business and leadership. This is the one building where we have class on campus other than caves. So I'll show you that before So the bridge is something that you have to have to see land like you come to campus, even if you don't live or, like, go to school or north, we just have to walk the bridge. It just opened this year, and it walks through a supernatural part because we have wetlands right next to campus. And it takes if you take your time, like five minutesto, uh, e I want to see if, like my project still here. Because my crazy, our teacher had us, like doing its projects were again through the woods. And we had to, like, make a structure out of, like, natural things. Yeah, So we built a little thing out, rocks, but, um But we're coming up Poland like something that's usually a pretty nice view. It's not really right now because it's cold, gross and even those April spring hasn't come yet. But Oh, my gosh, it's still there, you know. All right? It was like out. All right, so you see that little thing like right? Right there. That is our structure. It's like this pyramid with sticks and it's still there. Right now we are on a north campus. This is my home away from home because it's the building where all of the art and design or the campus where all the art design people go, where the science is go and the match. So I want to take you to my favorite place to chill and study. It's really awesome because called the creative way, all right, But, uh, yeah, So it's the creative lounge, and right now it's like a gallery space for this photography students. We have these super awesome chairs and a bunch of books for all of the resource is that way. Have a sociology, typography, design and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, so that's like, literally my