brittaney takes you to the LIBRARY!

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Brittaney Skavla

Tour Guide

This is a glimpse at Binghamton University's main library, the Glenn G. Bartle library. When it comes to grinding, there are four floors to choose from, all with different atmospheres to accommodate whatever your ideal study vibe is. The first floor houses the computer pods, where both Mac and PC computers are available for use. The second floor, which is where I am right now, has desks and group tables, and generally has a medium volume level. In the room you can see behind me, however, it's a little different than the main second floor room in that there's a very open, casual, "cafe" vibe (if you're into that). And as you can see, the second floor has outdoor seating! The third floor has a very traditional library atmosphere, with more private-style desks with hutches, as well as some tables for quiet group work. It's generally quiet, and houses the stacks! Lastly, the fourth floor is THE quiet floor, with desks, stacks, as well as private study rooms that you can reserve!