Tasty treats, Starbucks Coffee and Events at Lake Effect Cafe!

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Virtual Tours by Students


Carla Aquino

Tour Guide

The Lake Effect Cafe is located in the library. They served Starbucks coffee, tasty goodies ( such as cookies, danish, etc.) and they do fun events for the students to do such as the Open Mic Night (every Thursday). The Open Mic Night is when students can show off their talents or hidden talents, recite poetry or do a stand up comedy. It is really fun and I enjoy it every time I go. Open Mic Night is one of our tradition here at SUNY Oswego. I used to be part of the Peer Educator last semester and we are incharge of the Open Mic Nights and other events going on in campus. I had a blast and definitely made me more involve. Also, not only its a fun place to chill at, students can study here too.