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Thinking about Swarthmore College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Swarthmore College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Swarthmore College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Swarthmore College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Swarthmore College experience. These Swarthmore College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So we are right outside of Sharples tithe next to the tunnel leading to of campus. I I'm about to show you one of my favorite spots. Us. People like to bring their dogs, just play with them. But this He's one of the most beautiful spots on campus to hang out. The swing is big enough for like two or three people, so you can sit with your friends and just relax and it goes really high up. And you could just, like, blast music here and chill or like come here at night like look, att with sky. It's just a really awesome place to be. So right now we're in the villas forthe more students refer to the little suburb of sports. Warm. Um, I'm showing you guys the best places ticket. So right down here, we have the co op, which is kind of a store. It's pretty expensive, but you can use your swap points so you don't actually have to spend money there up and next to it way. Have bamboo beast room, which is the most important place that you need to know about food wise here because it serves really great Chinese, Japanese, Thai food over here way Have Granados occasionally yours. But personally, I think Renato's is the most important out of these two. They served really great Italian food. Pizza, milkshake, Stromboli. Then over here way. Have Hobbs Cafe your home's coffee. Um, which is where you can just get really nice like, Well, bring coffee. They serve really good breakfast there, too. And the ambiance is just really great for students if they want to work. And then right here, of course, we have Baskin and Duncan. Your standard. Get your standard ice cream fix after a long, hard day of work. And right here we have a train station. So if you want to go into Philly, which is about thirty minutes away, get somebody who can. It's cuts right through Chiapas. Hi, everyone on campus, Riel. My name is Tina, and I'm from Georgia. Um, close to Savannah, and I'm going to be your official campus Riel tour guide for Swarthmore College. Um, this is a wonderful place, and I'm super excited to show you everything. That's what has to offer for SWAT, as we call it, um, us being swat ease, Of course. Um, I am a perspective computer science major and possibly also studio art major. But I am only a freshman, so we'll see how that goes, but jacket ready for some sweaty excitement. Hi guys. So this is Warden Thie. Best dorm that's worth four has to offer, as many believe, including myself. I am a resident of this dorm, of course, Um, but yet this is my dorm and about to take you on tour. So this is our hallway and our lounge is down there. We just got new furniture, so it's super nice and comfortable. Fire. Our are a loves us. So she I know lots of cute signs first. Appia. So this is. This is what the term looks like when you first walk in. I live in the quad, so I live with three other girls and the other to live in that door. A typical caught in Morton has two singles and then one big double room. But ours is slightly different because we live on the third floor in this weird corner, so we only have two double spoke. It's a wonderful space, so these are the closets. They get pretty spacious. Think there's a lot of room in there told whatever you need, the dresser's have five shores. They're pretty spacious. We don't really have to worry too much out of George here, and there's three other closet. We have our desks very comfortably outfitted, and that one has a rocking back sort of thing. See? Can kind of relax a little bit. Come, there is the dorm to the second part of our quad. But my one of my roommates is asleep right now, so this is kind of the more bed, spacious area. Um, we get our both of our book shelves here, and it's quite cozy, I think. And the lighting, I think, doesn't I'm good for it, too. We have Our pop is on the best chair ever. We will always fall sleep. If someone said stir, you will instantly fall sick. Um, and then this cozy little nook over here, the windows are super big and Morton some, and it's snowing right now, so it's not too cozy. Um, but And the dorm's air very well heated. I've never had a problem with, like, getting too cold in here. It's only if I left the window open while it was super cold outside. Um, but yeah, for the most part, awesome. It's like the temperature in here feels awesome. And we are allowed to bring bridges. Of course. Hm. And like extra lighting if we want it. A song is you're not reading candles or something, and, um but yeah, so this is weird. So we are walking into the Amphitheatre, which is one of the most beautiful places on campus. It's where students get to graduate. Um, that's where we have our first collection as a student body. Here it is. It's a really great place to relax, to study. Basically, just do whatever you want, as long as the weather is nice, which is today. But so sore. Thor is it's basically in a suburb of Philly. Some people might argue that it's a little too far away, but it's about forty minutes away on train and, like twenty twenty five miles, I'd say with the Amtrak or not that attract the, um the train actually goes right through campus, so it's really easy to get to Philadelphia, and the train comes about every hour. So it's really nice toe livin like such a beautiful place, especially with campus being an arboretum and everything, but also to be so close to the city so that you don't feel too alienated from society. Swarthmore itself is about, I think the student body's about fifteen hundred students, so it's very small. Um, I have classes with, like, four people, ten people. So it's a very intimate environment. Very definitely classes with a lot more people. Them, such as, um, a bio class. I think the very first bio class has, like eighty people or so, but for the most part, classes or smaller, Um, like usually under thirty students, Andi, usually probably above ten. And then as for the weather, so right now it's April and it's gorgeous outside, it's finally warming up. Um, this winter was kind of rough, but most of the time, um, it'll start warming up. As I've heard from around, like, late March. Today, it's like sixty seven um, and then in the once we get towards me, it'll start getting a lot hotter on DH. Fall here is absolutely gorgeous. Um, fall here is especially well known because all of the trees turned really beautiful colors. But the weather Hughes, I'd say fairly temperate. Just the winter can be a little bit rough, especially if you're not used to it. So this is a good lab setting. This is CS. You just finished for the day. Um, and the professor is over there typically how it happens on speed going to the end. Three states, about hour and a half is typically the time. And then we'll have essays which are student assistance, and they help out with the lab. They walk around with the professor and helping your questions. Brief your code. Um, and that's about it for the job. There are a lot of different lives in these rooms. Is you can see here we have all of the different loves that take place here. Um, but yet this is CS Lab. So this is a typical classroom in the science center. Commonly noticed side vile spot, ese. Um, well, this is a bigger classroom. Um, most of the classrooms tend to have just that are more uniforms. But this is one of the more special classrooms. I took a physics class last semester in here. Physics five. Space time in Quantico. You decide to come to smoke. It's a wonderful class. But as you can see, the teachers can plugging their laptops here and project whatever they want into the screen. There a lot of white boards for student interaction and a bunch of these really awesome chairs that's mobile around and, like, every possible direction. Um, but yeah. So this is usually what a classroom will look like inside. Um, you have, like, the buttons over there to be able to control the projector. And Yeah, that is what a psych class room look So here we are in front of the science centre, which is this building right here. And basically this holds most of the science classrooms, including, like bio, some sight classrooms, computer science, math, astronomy, physics, etcetera. And it also holds our esteemed Cornell library. Which most students, I think like I'm a has three levels. And then we have our observatory up here, which is used pretty much like on a weekly basis, both for research and for learning purposes by the suit. Hm. But, yes. So they're probably about two hundred classrooms here. And then there is the large cafe area. Um, yes, you just just like to come here. It's a good spot. It's very quiet, especially the second floor. But then the first floor is a very social area C. Do homework with your friends. Fine. A private room to do homework with, um, um and it's just probably my favorite place on campus to So right now, we're in the inter Cultural Centers courtyard. This is one of the pretty spots on campus, especially when the weather's warm because the flowers will be more in bloom than but basically, um, So this is the Inter Cultural Center, and people have like little events here. Different clubs will star like little parties here, and it's a really like pretty place to sit and, like, do your homework if you want to. When it's warm outside, Yeah, but other than that, like it's a great space just to relax. So we are in Sharples dining home. It's a very small dining all, but we don't have that many students. So it's okay. And you basically come into this made area and you have a few different places to choose from. Every meal's and then dessert is always in this nifty little alcove. We'll have breakfast right now, so we just