BLUU Dining

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Lauren Rasmussen

Tour Guide

TCU has an awesome dining area called the BLUU which has about 8 different stations ranging from home-cooked meals to healthy offerings, a smoothie bar, constant salad and sandwich bar, flatbread bar, and cereal bar along with more! TCU even provides berries! I love eating at the BLUU because they always try to change it up and cater to a bunch of different tastes. This semester we had a Mardi-Gras lunch which was amazing! And if you want a break from the BLUU which is where most students eat, you can choose among other options: Chick-fil-a, Caliente (like chipotle), Magnolias (free from the 7 major allergens), and our cafes which have poke bowls and sushi in them as well! Freshmen also get unlimited swipes to the BLUU which is a huge plus!