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So training is actually and located in City of Hartford and Connecticut's you won't. You don't have a really good view because of the clouds and the fog, but we are actually on top of like Hill on side of City of Hartford, so we can actually get a nice view of the city. And I really like heart because it's not to voyage and it's not too small. And, you know, there's a lot of things you could do around there's University. There's a lot of other universities. One thing that I really like is that way. Have a lot of programs with the City of Hartford connecting all the colleges in the city, including University of Connecticut, Subversives, St Joseph and Junior College. Wait, they actually have labs. It's experience taps in the city itself. So the students come together to tackle problems that the city is actually struggling with. And it's like a team collaboration. So you get to know a lot of lot of So Junior college is actually pretty diverse with student body. There's a lot of international students I am urging from Mongolia. I was born raised there. So I'm the seventy fourth country that's represented junior college. And I'm actually the first student ever in the history of Trinity College to attend from my country. So which is pretty high. That's why you gotta always So welcome right next to the library now, and I actually wanted to take you guys to a really cool place right next to, like, be here. We have the chemistry building, the chemistry department. But it's also a cinema that people like kind of come and, like watch movies. And it's like, really up to date movies, too. And I've heard I've never actually seen a movie inside. Hopefully I'll will this weekend, but apparently is supposed to be super authentic and vintage. And like one of the best cinemas in city of Hartford right now, their future ing the movie Lady Bird. I think they have one show tonight. This's inches of the movies. It's always open right now, And the other cool thing is I actually have, like, a science that right upstairs of this cinema. So I think that's, like, super cool. So this is a typical laboratory area? No. So that's where I have my classes on. This is where I would go and do my research, studies, things like that. Usually there's like, uh, five groups for groups class. Group because they like to or three So. How typical class would look like concentrated, but usually. Ten to twenty cents. That's how big so that it's more attractive questions like Everybody knows everybody. No big class, you say surround like twenty to twenty five students right now. It's. I think I said this, But the student on factory issue is like ninety one. It's a big, big numbers for Trinity. So no, it's whenever you have a problem, a question or anything. You want to do anything worried about our practice with or you want to do on campus, or you wanna do it for yourself? Maybe you don't want to start a new one I have that helps your students have better diet and, like, you know, whatever you want really do kappas. There's always going to be someone who could help you out. And if you guys right what you should do. The Bantam Lake, which is a link between the alumni zing the students is very, very strong. So if you want an internship or like research opportunities on work career, he's been always like Goto, the career development center, and I talkto women eyes, education fairs This is the entrance of the whole campus, and here we have an increment. It was actually given by the former president, please, to Trinity. And there's a tradition that goes on here that says nobody can step on it. And if you do, you won't graduate intact. So urine, commencement, they never walk on a trip. And, uh, yeah, my room is only down there, so I'm actually right on center of the campus next to record. This is where I walk every day because every morning because all the camp classes are actually on this side of the campus here we have the tennis, the soccer field, Baseball football is on the way there. This is the main baseball, and this is the athletic center where actually practice my growing up. So we're going to go onto the quiet See, the main areas were students, like hang out outdoors. But since it's cold out now, there's literally no one around Um, and now it's actually speak. So everybody's probably in class or practice. Uh, but this is a really nice area because it's so like open and you they put blowing like, their balls around. This is what we call it the long walk where no. And you walk from one into the air. Most of the classes are actually in this area in this side of campus. And here there's like, admission office. It's a big chapel. Uh, and then Social house Is that on the other side of the of the campus? Like social. So that's like Greek wife, a bunch of other international house L G B T tree house. I know a lot of residents areas. Some guys. It's throughout here. I'm a junior at Trinity College, studying biochemistry, an environment to science. And I'll be your tour guide today.