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Thinking about Tulane University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Tulane University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Tulane University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Tulane University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Tulane University experience. These Tulane University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Right now we're in the PJs on Willow. Jack. Cheerio. Both have class today. Yes, um, work, but it's a really big area. There's all computers that you can log into. And then there's like seeds and booths which these booths earned very high demand come final season. Literally. It's a miracle and you can snag. I'm actually gonna show you outside. Really nice. This whole area has tables and stuff. And then out through here, those are all dorms. And then see that big building right there is actually my dorm, so it's really close to where I live. There's a nice area outside well of peaches. Hi, guys. My name? Sure, Isa and I'ma incoming sophomore at Tulane University. And I am studying Homeland Security and Sociology Day. I'm going to be telling you some college application advice or too late. So first of all, you need to make sure you have extracurriculars on your application to Lane. It is a very competitive school and almost all the students. They have a high G p A and high test scores. So you do need those extracurriculars so you can stand out. Make sure you complete the wide Tulane statement. I know it's optional, but actually take time to do it. This essay. It could be the deciding factor for the admissions committee on whether or not they have met you so even to land is not your first choice or your safety school. Put some effort into that essay and make them think that you belong here and that they cannot miss out on you coming to Tulane out to admissions counselor. I personally, it would reach out to my mission's counsel a lot. I felt like I did annoy him like sending emails a lot, but he knew my name. Whatever you're up to your mission's cancer. You can ask questions regarding test scores and whether or not they're high enough or whether or not you should retake the S A T or T again to get a better school. I don't know your name. And so they remember who you are. And so they know you on, like a personal level. So what you are, it's someone your application gets into. Committee review the Have a good word for you. Another tip I have is be yourself. Even if your grades and test scores on the best, the admissions committee looks at the applications that too late as a holistic review. So they see the testicles, the grade and in the extracurriculars. So just, um, case, you're like test scores or grades are bad. That doesn't mean you're out of consideration for a mission. They will look at that sun as long as you're actually curricular sze. So they are going to see that you have something else to offer other than academics. So that might be newspaper or maybe an athlete, so you might be a good fit for their football team. Tip is because it is Tulane and it is located in New Orleans and New Orleans. Still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Too late has a highly emphasis on community service, which means you should put a lot of effort into doing community service before you come to Chile. Before you apply, make sure you have many service hours. I had over three hundred applying, so I think that had a leverage on me getting in. Just just fyi, make sure you do have the service hours and take them seriously. Don't just signed here at a soup kitchen just to put it down. You actually have to enjoy it and it shouldn't be required and shouldn't be a burden to you to do community service. I hope you found this video helpful and I hold baby, I'LL see you in the hall. This is where you come in. You put the key in the market. I'm a door handle. I keep an umbrella because I got a college in New Orleans and it pours. So I have to remember that over here there's my closet area. So he was just a closet organizer. I'd like tank tops, jammers, shorts, lee and herds of Marco's on the bottom Army shoes and these air sweatshirts. And this is extra, like hair supplies, skin care, anything. Care basically, then my suitcase. And here, my clothes. Now here. This is for the good days are he's all snacks over here way Have my little kitchen area. So here I keep more snacks. Um, those are easy smacks piece or some ice packs. Uh, she seems vitaminwater I love the weight room. Bridge run French too. Probably wondering why I have to. Well, the housing people said I had too much food and best frid, so it wasn't working. So now I get two fridges moving on trash. Here's my trash can back your representation of mood getting people have self love. Right? Right over here. Thank you. Um, I got this one from target was actually really bummed when he got here because there wasn't assembled, and I had to example despite myself. So I was about the builder. But also, I should just read the fine print that's a assembly required. But you know, I don't do it up here. This man humidifier. I want my mind's feeling good, because actually, my hallway stinks. For some reason, it always thinks I have this little rag just cloth thing here. But I let my plates and forks and stuff dry. And here's a sponge that I rushed my plates and forks and spoons for your blunder. This this saves my Kate's, my screens and social. Over here we have some rise. Some sugars and salts, some graham crackers, some gum, Um, a charger. And I felt ten years I've served Sue pretzels, pasta and chips. Over here is my magic bullet in cups and more gum and mugs down here. I have paper bags, a pan for you, measuring cups, um, sandwich bags, uh, drinkable stuff. That's power aid. Then down here, this is like my cleaning area of garbage bags. Sponges from the show and listen. College is massive, and I'm a chair. I loved this chair was so uncomfortable. Funny story about this chair. Ready? I wrote of this chair, Amazon time I ordered to Ohio. I don't live in Ohio right now, So then I had to order another one for you. I think it looks so here. Totally goes with my being, Uh, OK, some of these worlds. I have pictures of my friends and family up there to laying. See us? L my initials and roll wave in the air. I don't exactly know why I put it up so high. Anyway, I'm sure I have my room back. Love, over here, I have something for my girls, Some more drinks. And this was my late show up here. I'm like this fly fragile. Handle it with prayer. Um, I also have my jewelry up there on this shelf. I have my textbooks and my journals and books and tissues and not here at my printer and my speaker. Some glad freshening spring in mugs that I hold on ly important something over here I have this happy thing. Aboutem Denmark's first year, Actually. Funny story right now. When I'm a film a year ago, I was a little Wow, this's a plant. It's a freak. Succulent. Is it, like succulent? Because it would die if it was real. And this little dude, he's just cute. Like his eyes. Yeah, his eyes going on. Look, uh, Cure guy? Yeah, I put my glasses at night and then here my sunglasses. Okay. And here's me hand sanitizer. Because courage was absolutely discussed thing. People sick here and don't know how to keep germs to themselves. So essential cards essential. Right here. And here is my best friend. My bed. I absolutely doing this thing beautiful. This spoon, it's from Denmark. And this bear, my mom is happening for Valentine's Day. It's my cue. Also, this blanket and the slinky in a lap desk. Because sometimes other homework on my badge. I love that body pillow over here, Miss, Just I don't know like my laundry here. A new me. This cover is Miss Alina. Storage safe hydrants there and my crutches. You don't need to see all that, but something I really wanna show you guys is here. My beak. But, uh, we can't really see your my beets. I caught from Marty Girl. A group of there's a lot of them but they're hanging in my bag. I have this drink. It, um I can still sit on Here is my story on a mountain that I also used to get on the bed. And here are like, They're my camera, like extra sheets And Howard, I don't know important. Here is where I spend most time my desk. He's my book. Stand up, close My book's in here and read them My laptop. A passion plan in the Journal Pence Journal Video show Pence planners say work important stuff. Roasted Newt in a race soon a coaster from my drinks in the lamp that I actually never use. And here's my light board for the week. This is how I plan my weeks. I also have a counter here under here and keep the port a first move by doctors know it's here in this storm. I am extra pence and pencils and erasers and personal and punches and anything you could pass for meat down here. I have my tripod, my other laptop. Here in Washington, the bottom I am no cards and paper, um, line paper and a cup. Also keep me a backpack right here, and here's my card right here is smelling. So lotion, perfume also face mask in here. It's like daily stuff. Um, the hundred moisturizer make up, plus their makeup in here. Retainer. Gasoline making fresh is more. Soak that so it is not so that that's clearly not so that Oh, shit. In this store, I have my pharmacy. Mr. I have more snakes. Thiss your I am hair step, and that's my room. I want to show you over here in these stores. Way Got bras. Underwear sucks. Canty, host time and shirts Hi, guys. My new Suri saloon. See, I am an incoming sophomore at Tulane University, and I'm studying Homeland Security in sociology, and in this video I will be giving you prospective students some of spur to it. So the first thing I'm going to start with is roommates. You will not be best friend if you remain. That's just a fact. Honestly, I don't know anyone who is best friends if they remain. But when you do have a roommate, you will have to learn to share compromise. But you will learn more about yourself in the other person. If you hate your roommate that it's not a reason to leave to do a room switch. But if things get dangerous and you are not personally comfortable with being in your room, then that is a valid reason. The switch. You will also not make your best friends your first year. It might take a while, but you will meet your people. Another piece of advice. X join clubs and activities. There's always something going on around campus to do and to meet new people, so just put yourself out there. I personally joined a couple of clubs like I joined the Black Student Union, so I've met a lot of friends that way. I joined a Christian groups. I've met friends from Chilean and Loyola and I joined a volunteer after school program where we tutored kids after school. So I met. People did that, too. Another word of lice. It don't just sit in your room and talk to your friend's home is okay, too. Catch up with them every once in a while. But don't do that. You need to be social and meet people here. You might follow apart with your high school friends. That's okay. You are having separate lives. We guys have different lives. Now. Another word of advice is go get off campus. You're in New Orleans. There is so much stuff to do. You can go to the French court and get food. You can watch your parade. You can go to a jest fast show. You can do so much in New Orleans. You need to get off the campus because me personally, I didn't leave campus for like a month and a half, and I forgot that I was in New Orleans. But once I got off campus and got on that streetcar and went down to the French Quarter. I'm like, Well, like, this is my city, like I need to take advantage of it. And there are a lot of restaurants that have discounts for college students. So I think that I would tell my high school self is that it is okay to let go of high school friends, not cut them out. But it's okay not to talk to them every day and venture out and meet new people. Another thing that I would have told my high school self is that college is different, so it's going to be different, meaning friends. In my case, I went to the same school for thirteen years, so my friends were kind of I knew everyone at school and, like everyone knew me. So, like, I like saying hi to like twenty people that going in class. But when I got to Julian and people weren't saying hi to me and I didn't know people who say hi to, I was really I was kind of upset. I'm like, Oh my goodness, do I not have friends? But no, that's not the case, because if you had pleaded to somebody over six. It would be rude not to talk to them and like twelfth grade. But here, you don't know everyone. Everyone's unlike a blank slate, so just got to give it some time to make friends. I hope you guys found this video out full, and I hope to see you around. So right now, you guys are looking at the quad a standing for academic because all of these buildings Richardson, which is the architecture building Gibson, which has admissions in it. A lot of teachers, offices and writing classes here and there. Thomas Wells, some math classes. Norman Mayor, which has a lot of the political science classes. Richardson, which has a lot of the chemistry classes. Cell class is one of the larger oh star. That's Edward a Bear. This is Richardson that has some of the larger sorry it's kind of you to get me to a larger lecture classes. Edwardson, a bear actually hasn't the senator economic equity and a couple more political science classes. So, like this whole area is just like surrounded by academic buildings. And, yeah, it's towards the front of campus. Actually, right beyond Gibson is St Charles Avenue, which is where the two lane sign is. Catch the streetcar line, Uh, and the academic area is typically well. It is separated from housing, so dorms air all the way down that way, and then students walk here in the mornings to come to their classes, and it's about a ten minute walk um luckily two lanes. Campus isn't that big. So you're walking. Classes should only take you about ten or fifteen minutes, depending on how quickly you walk. But, yeah, it's a really beautiful area. As you can see those benches all around, I'm sitting on a bench. There's sculptures that's a bee tree. Once again, really beautiful looking. These oak trees like a Hey, everyone, son, back me. Riley, Um, I kind of chose the street because you can see the puddles from during this morning, but you can also see the boost. All right, Now, um, that's really common in New Orleans. Just like southern Louisiana. It rains on DH doesn't rain and sun showers and thunderstorms on the same day towards the end of August and the beginning of September. So that's just part of the weather that we have to do with living in the Gulf Coast. I don't mind it. Everybody here has rain boots, umbrellas, rain jackets, very prepared for everything. Uh, so that's like the weather side of living in New Orleans. So to lean is in New Orleans, The city have been talking about it. The whole tour. It's a really cool city. It's totally unlike any other American city honestly, and it's got, like, a lot of French and Spanish influences because that's who settled it originally fun fact of history. And it's totally just like studying abroad. Like a lot of people say, like, Oh, if you go to school in the wrong hands, it's like sending abroad and like it kind of is it's, Oh, it's like so much old stuff so much a cool new cultural stuff, like jazz is literally all over the city. Skip it Cajun for this, really, or a box of new food, like all the time I tried so much stuff like crawfish and jumbo by, uh and even just like Peruvian food that I've never had Peruvian food until I came here and I went out with my friends and and it was so good, so good. So the food scene in Ryan's is amazing. Um, I'm Promise City, New York, and I knew that I wanted to go to school in the city. And New Orleans is just the perfect city because it's completely different from New York. So there's not even like anything that really like is like copying New York and that sort of sense. So I really like it and the city itself. It's like it's not that big. It's only three hundred thousand people and fun fact. The population of the city triples during Mardi Gras, which is insane. Yeah, um, but, yeah, it's like a pretty like, No, it's really well laid out. It's kind of suburban in this and sell it. There's just a lot of like people places, and that's fairly safe. They can be brought around to really say, If you could look up on to ing your recent Police Department's website, they do like a whole crime run down for perspective, students and then their arms. About seven or eight thousand undergrad students, most of whom live on campus freshmen sophomores are required to live on campus. And I really like the medium size university because it's not so big that I don't know anybody. It's not so tiny where, like I'm seeing the same faces all the time, getting tired of people. But there's always like new people that I'm seeing every day, and people in my class is getting to know a lot of people also moving in this year. Toho completely different dorm getting the fuel for like all of those new potential friends I could be making. And I think it's really neat because also a lot of healing classes don't really get above three hundred students, Which is cool, because there's always, um, attention from professors. If you look for it, and if you ask for that sort of help, so all in all those air like the ethic use of two and, uh, one more thing. We have, like a common reputation for being a party school, and we kind of are. But we also kind of warrant, and it's definitely not all. We do it, too, and we do a lot of studying here, but we also do go out a lot. It's not like a big state school where we have huge, like Raiders every other weekend. Uh, we most the time or like it's not like everybody goes on parties twice a month. It's more like a few groups of people party every weekend. But it's not like religiously going out every single like Thursday, Friday, Saturday night. Not even like every week day. Like we do do a lot of work here, but we do also know how to have fun, but we know how to manage your time as well. So that's like a frequently asked questions as well. Or not as wild as we seem. It, too. And we actually really like we're academics that we like things far because we are one of the top universities in the nation. Um, so yeah, also that's Riley behind me. I think I mentioned that before. Uh, about that answered some of the questions that might be in your brain about too. Hey, guys. Right now we're heading into a rough commons, which is our dining hall. Are only dining. Halt one campus. We're like fresh from band waken. See Oliver items being dumped off. But yeah, breakfast open. Pretty much all day from seven to ten on the week days on DH. There's like plenty of options inside what? See you just scan your ID to get it. I'll give you a tour while they're waiting. So there are a couple of main sections of breath. First one is the comfort food section. There's like a whole bunch of fried food. There's always like fries, burgers, and there's like some kind of like regular meal me prepared, prepared serving line that usually gets you like a like a well balanced meal, like vegetables meat. Stuff like that, and then there's also. Pizza, pasta and tacos line, which is pretty lips. They always have pizza out at all. Times of the day. Any time you gonna come eat, grab some pizza. And then, of course, down the middle, that's we can get all your veggies and your fruit, which they also have out all the time you got, This is McAllister Drive. This is where, if you come to two and most of your travel is going to be a lot of people use it. So you spread. We just had us G elections, which is student government. A lot of people like spread information about like, open mic nights. Um, brushing with fraternities and sororities on guy was kind of windy out. You guys will hear me, um, events like there's a charity run coming up front for the fallen. Here's the B school. Like I said, School of business. If you're taking finance or majoring in business or doing any of that stuff, you're gonna get this beautiful, gorgeous building which actually just finished being I'm renovated. Uh, it's a really great idea, like all of this is windows and there's a ton of naturally. And then over here on the left is the L B C. The L B C is really like the heart of student life. There's a ton of study spaces. There's rooms for, um, like meetings and more like formal parties and stuff like that. There's also the bookstore in there, too. In bookstore recon purchase like to a merchandise. If you're coming. Visit. You might wanna visit there to get yourself a sweatshirt yourselves into an swag. Um, and then there's also a food court which has really great food, has sushi. It has you say? Yeah, it has Mexican food, but, like, really fresh, like thousand smoothies. Wow, Chicken. All of which are wishes. And my goodness. Like computers, azaleas, Oliver campus are blooming because of the springtime. Here's obviously quad, a really popular spot for students to weigh out blankets. Then over here, we have, um, back there. We have student dorms. So like now we're entering into more like populated area of campus, like all of them back here in dormitories. Right here on the right is Pastor Auditorium. We have a lot of speakers come to campus. We actually had a, uh I think her name was Dana Quick, one of the stars on once the new black. We also had Tim Wise speak. Who is No, is it? Wei have a lot of like, really famous people come to campus, and it's like an honor, like be able to hear them speak. Kimberly Crenshaw, the woman who coined the term intersectionality, came and spoke a really great opportunity to here. A lot of people come over here is breath dining hall, and then all towards the back, we just have more dorms. So that's McAllister drive the most populated part of campus, especially during the day when people are traveling back and forth from their rooms to class. Um, getting food going, study. I just really like main Hey, uh, more back a maroon super study As you can go Super hot love New Orleans community. Um, So this is my room and a weather head. It's a double. It's also sweet. Made a lot of TV. Super clutch. Love her. Um, not that she's got the window. Um, our view is out Northwest ish. We could see the health center. Uh, this is all my pictures. My desk was under my bed just because I'm the type of person who can do work in her own bedroom. So I just talked to it away because I don't want to take up space. Because even in the room is bigger than my room was last year. It's still kind of tiny kind of crowded. Um, so you got the bathroom shared with my seat? Me, um, there's a shower. There's a toilet. Uh, but yeah, just a little know about housing is that you can go random your freshman year. You can't go around yourself more year. Um, freshman sophomore year. You're required to stay on campus. Um, I picked out my roommate for a freshman year, and she was fantastic. She's one of my best friends. I love her to death, but she's abroad right now, so I couldn't live with her again this year. So I want random. And I love my roommate. She is so cool. She is somebody who is from New Orleans, where she went to high school in New Orleans. And so she kind of, like, know Cem, like, behind the scenes spots. That's really cool. And she's just like it's a great person and you don't have to be afraid to go. Randolph, you'll be able to make some really cool front like that. And then, on another note, sent my chair. You can't see me on my stool so you can as a freshman and sometimes as a sophomore, you Khun opt toe live and what's called an R L C presidential learning community. So, um, I think there's almost a dozen of them now. They're located in different dorms around campus, and we each focused on something different. So I lived in health Wave are all C last year, and it was super fun. The main focus of it Wass, um, like mental health and physical health and taking care of yourself. And it was kind of catered towards public health majors, which I am not. Um, but it was really cool because we got to do like, we had the campus dietician come. And then we had some professors come and speak about it, obesity and how it's a problem in the United States and talk about, like, just anything really related to health. And it was really cool because living with people who share um and interest with you is really great because, like, that's already that something as a basis to make friends. And it was also illegal living and helpless because we most rushing like fitness knots. Like we always had a gym buddy to go with, like, what are my best friends? And I like we just became friends because we could just go to the gym together a lot. Um, I'll take go up to Riley and a few, um, Riley is the student rec center. It's amazing everything there is free for students. I'm not so cool. There's like treadmills, ellipticals and stare Stopper is my favorite thing. Um, and group workout crosses and Riley's just like it's my happy place I'd love going, Riley, the stuff. They're super nice All the workout instructors are amazing and it's just like it's really great place to be So yeah, I covered a lot of things on this video housing and preview of the rocks. Enter my room. Shout out to him, Bob. Hello A second year in five years. You're late. Yeah, I'm more doing five minute collection here, man. To talk about why To lean on what you like about North Reason I chose Tulane was basically when I visit, it was college visits way. Have anything to compare it to. But I how happy everyone help once. And it was like a weird mix. Everyone was academically in front. Very work for him too. Everyone. I really just doing for the art program here? But I think a lot of three slices before our picture really translated. You're really gets on your actions building community. Yeah, East do design bills in your fourth year reaction going out in the community, really, for non profit organisations? Are you new to school? He actually experience. It's very much based like learning how to draw all the basics before you touch computers. And I really appreciated as well comes like talk to a teacher getting down top top part of my theory. And it's also waited. A lot of Parker's could really be like their own ivory towers, like apart from every other part of the school. But it's too late. It's a lot more intermixed with everyone else. They really encouraged disciplinary study here, and I think a lot things like now that I'm here, I couldn't necessarily like them. What I was staging your high school looking called just now. I really appreciate that fact that if I wanted to, like, I could just take like theater's broke or like insurance mines, the Mayan language, the only thing stopping me would be much space in my skull. You know, there's no like story of a little strip. Come like you just come in. Trucker impact here. The public service department was something I was like. Okay, like I'll just do that. Answers one of Mr When you hear, like your friends talking about what they're doing through the public service, Carmine. Like they're going out again into the community working with I'm sorry. Like where he was. Children working things that may be explored. Career may be there, there's not. But again, it's like hands on. Interdisciplinary thing. I think it's I will like one engineering, but I was also a little present. So going here, they said, are accepted to the hole university, not just one specific school within it, and that made me feel really good. It really encourages double majors, which I really, really like because our mom offense about everything so Thank you guys. That's great.