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Tulane faqs answered by lindsay
Academics 4.5
In this video I sum up some information that I've been sporadically including in my other videos. First I talk about the weather! Weather in the Gulf Coast can get pretty weird at times. For example, at the end of summer/beginning of fall, it will be sunny as can be when you're walking to class but by the time you get out of class, there's a thunderstorm happening. But then, by the time you get to your next class, it's sunny again! Also, despite popular belief, in the winter, New Orleans gets to as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit! Bring your puffy coat with you when you come back after Thanksgiving break!! Over all, I adore the weather here because it's always warm and never snows. The second thing I talk about in the video is the city itself. New Orleans (NOLA), is an incredible place to spend your time in college. There is always great food to eat, awesome music to listen to, and interesting people to get to know. My friends and I always talk about how bored we would be if we had gone to other colleges and whenever my friends from home come to visit, they're amazed by all the city has to offer. The third question I answer in this video is about the population size of Tulane. Tulane is considered a medium sized institution with just under 9,000 undergraduate students. This is a very comfortable amount of people for me because I don't see the same faces every day but I never don't feel like I don't know anyone. The last thing I discuss in the video is Tulane's reputation as a party school. At Tulane, we party -- there is no denying that but it's not the only thing we do. On the whole, I would say most of our time is devoted to participating in student organizations. We also prioritize our academics because we are all motivated students who want to do well in school. I have to say that if you're looking for a school where you can skip class and party, then Tulane isn't for you. Here at Tulane, we pride ourselves on our ability to balance school and social stuff and be successful with both.

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