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Okay. I'll welcome to the office. This is too No, it says on this in here. Since the food to about a bunch of terrorists right here in the walk, in this wall of dreaming. Pickles are here's My fever is a favorite. Some good points. This is, but it's treatable. Over there since seed right here. It makes it action. Every goal I was in Spain for it. It's bad. Best coffee that smack in cheese and then start ginger. Fire. One sounds like basically fresh flavors, sort of. They got it. That's his freshens. They do make your own pizza. They were silent movies also opticals losers. This is while cafe hands down. Over here in the corner, inside kitchens. That's like, Yeah, Ward. No, it's also really smear you. No. Yeah. Tyler shakes. Always open open a little bit later. I just have like, an abbreviation you our losses. This country good behind Valdez. Only he's a relative because is that pulled him over. But this is my favorite spot, sir. Kindness and outside and use of breeding. It's always pretty quiet, like it's named Pocket Park, so it's tucked away. It's a good police. Took up lunch about Costea, and on Tuesdays and Thursday is the office of Sonny Broad, host something called Global Cafe. So they do like office hours to talk about different City five Programmed you come talk with suddenly an advisor who specializes in a certain continent. So I turned to go to the Latin America ones So now I'm walking behind Power Team and Dixon Dixon Sector Performing Arts Building. So I figured I'd take this time while it's quiet to talk well about about, like, getting around campus, eating around the city. Um, I'm from New York City, so I'm used to walking Police is because my neighborhood and Griffin is a very walkable neighborhoods. All have two incidents don't come from neighborhoods like that. So a lot of us rely on like you burn list to get police is like what we want to go down for it to go to blades, pizza or when we want to go two like Maple Street to get hot cheese, which is a great Vietnamese restaurant. We over we left. If you're with me, you will. It is not that far walk, and it's not very dangerous, either. Um, but I'm walking down for at towards the boot and Broadway pizza. It's Ray is a good time take off, because I could be that busy. The boot is, um, the bar that's closest to campus. Uh, and it's eighteen plus. So you confined students in any year? They're obviously you're not anyone. You can't drink there, but It's like of the tokens of Tulane, and you'll probably end up going at least once, and it's not for everybody but my first like it could be a lot of dancing, A lot of fun music also like it because I brought pizza. Take a pizza. It's right next door, and they have probably the best pizza that you'll find near too late. And the pizza that most resembles pizza from New York. My home does the corners and full street. This is Boots stores. That's like a convenient store. They got snacks, ice cream for me, your necessities. Bye bye, Pizza, Great pizza. This is the boot her itself close right now because it's only one thirty on a Monday afternoon, but they'll be open later tonight, probably to auction Monday Night Football. Um, and then this cute little Chuck is part of a great Paula cart, which is this arm restaurant with the blue on it and so actually cool because creates all the cart and also pizza. Take our meal plan Noah box. And so you can get crepes and keep that practically whenever you want, because they're both open most nights. So when you're up late studying and everywhere else is closed. You can always rely. I'm creates all the cards and do pizza to feed you. Hey, guys. Right now we're heading into a rough commons, which is our dining hall. Are only dining. Halt one campus. We're like fresh from band waken. See Oliver items being dumped off. But yeah, breakfast open. Pretty much all day from seven to ten on the week days on DH. There's like plenty of options inside what? See you just scan your ID to get it. I'll give you a tour while they're waiting. So there are a couple of main sections of breath. First one is the comfort food section. There's like a whole bunch of fried food. There's always like fries, burgers, and there's like some kind of like regular meal me prepared, prepared serving line that usually gets you like a like a well balanced meal, like vegetables meat. Stuff like that, and then there's also. Pizza, pasta and tacos line, which is pretty lips. They always have pizza out at all. Times of the day. Any time you gonna come eat, grab some pizza. And then, of course, down the middle, that's we can get all your veggies and your fruit, which they also have out all the time you got, Hey, I just got to pj's my morning coffee. Integrate Nina. It's like basically coffin A doctorate machine. It's awesome. NCIS will it? What? Here, to study feedings. Things like There are four pages on campuses, one here, one in the school, one on the science engineering complex Is the music camp. There's something that you're gonna notice is that we have a ton of these PJ's coffee, um, coffee shops. There's one here in Stern, which is one of the main science buildings on campus. There's one of the B school, which is a school of business, like they have their own building. There's one in the library, and there's one right next to my dorm. In this area that we're coming up one right now is called McAllister Drive. Another really popular place to you. Don't campuses the LBC food court. There's a ton of restaurants in here. Why all of the stuff purchased with wave books, Which is like what you get when you signed up for a meal plan? Yeah, there's a ton of different food like sushi burgers, always different restaurants give shoes, always gets really busy around lunchtime because a lot of people come here instead of growth tickets. This stuff tasty food. It says two might. This is Peter's. Understand? It's closed today, because, uh, fun back about this pizza is it was the first. Please. I never ate on campus and I came for get away. Um so, yeah, under there. Personal stern lot of science there that it's the first building on the quad, which is where we're going, a quality which is the nickname for Gibson. Claude. It's basic. We're all that sorry on the night of time required. This is Boggs. This is the environmental science building.