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A peek inside Boggs: the building for science and engineering classes | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Tulane University - School of Science and Engineering.

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Boggs is an academic building that houses a lot of Tulane's science and engineering classes. It mostly consists of lecture rooms and computer labs and offices. It is common for STEM majors to gain key-card access to the building during off-hours to use computer labs, classrooms, and attend student instructor (SI) sessions . The most notoriously challenging courses, namely math and science classes with large professor:student ratios, employ SIs that have had that same professor in years prior. SIs sit in on classes, hold tutoring sessions weekly or bi-weekly, and can answer specific questions concerning the kind of tests and homework that professor may give. This way, students can get more individual support and review to supplement large lecture-based classes.