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Join a ride on the streetcar with Antonia and Megan! | Campus Tour 2019

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This Tulane University Campus Tour was taken at Cafe Du Monde.

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The street car is one of the main ways that Tulane students without cars navigate throughout the city. There are multiple streetcar lines, but Tulane is conveniently connected directly to downtown by the St. Charles Ave streetcar line, which makes for a 30-45 minute ride depending on business. During parade season, the women's march, and the numerous other parades New Orleans has throughout the year (St. Patty's, Labor Day, Pride, etc), the street car is an absolute life saver. Of course, Ubers are also available, and the distance from TU to Canal by car is about 7-10 minutes. But surge pricing of taxi services can skyrocket, so many just stick with the old faithful $1.25 streetcar ride to and from campus.